When Outlaws Rule Serfs


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

American, you need to learn to fight smart.  America’s latest distraction had millions of citizens posting to Facebook, hundreds joining a  caravan to an ‘event’ — and nobody addressing our systemic problem, D.C. organized crime.

Bundy Circus is in Town

In April 2014, the Bundy circus came to America.  For two days, tens of millions watched another three-ring drama in the nightmare that never ends.  The heartland becomes more weary and dispirited every week.

As zombies in an alien land, citizens make posters and attend mob rallies.  What the hell is that supposed to accomplish?

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was forcing Mr. Bundy to remove his cattle from Nevada’s public lands, contending that the rancher refused for 25 years to pay the grazing lease fee.  Bundy counterclaims, “we have been using this land for generations” — a position that didn’t work for the American Indian.  Even granting the feds’ premise, they were still the outlaws in the Bundy circus; another in a parade of distractions that keep We The People from living as sovereigns.

Meat Comes From the Grocery Store

First, the background.  Public grazing rights is an ancient, acrimonious debate between stockmen and other residents in western states.  On one side are folks trying to make a living providing beef, mutton, milk, wool, etc to the marketplace.  On the other side, urban-dwellers who think nobody should have grazing rights, even with a lease fee, because “meat comes from the grocery store”.

Enter the Sheriffs

Former sheriff Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) and several western sheriffs attended the Bundy show.  I thought this was ironic, because county sheriffs used to be the bad guys, filling the same thug role as the BLM plays on our public lands today.

In feudal England, the kingdom was divided into shires overseen by earls.  The shire reeve was the thug who collected the king’s tribute from all the serfs.  The term ‘shire reeve’ soon became ‘sheriff’.

The common man could not own land; that hereditary privilege was restricted to nobility (as it still is in much of the world).  Commoners could only rent from the earl, and were required to call him ‘my lord’ (thus today’s term ‘landlord’).  After the Norman invasion, earls became counts and oversaw counties.  Earls and counts lived in opulent estates, but the crown actually owned all lands and estates.  Meanwhile, the common man lived in worse conditions than today’s house pets.

For over a decade, Sheriff Mack has asserted that the county sheriff is the highest constitutional authority in such matters as these.  That is not true, though AmericaAgain! has always supported CSPOA as the last line of defense until We The People revive our Citizen Militias.

What the U.S.Constitution Stipulates as to Law Enforcement

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution do We The People grant the power for BLM (or any alphabet agency) to exist; its existence is a violation of our highest law.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 leaves no doubt about the law-enforcement power: Citizen Militia is to “execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions”. Whatever gun-grabbers may think of Militia, every Nevada citizen who belongs to organized or unorganized Militia was duty-bound to “execute the laws of the Union” during the Bundy bungle, because Nevada Citizen Militia is the highest constitutional power on the scene (contrary to Sheriff Mack’s assertion).

Nevada Citizen Militia didn’t do anything, because We The People have abdicated our duty for Citizen Militias.  So it’s our own fault that if it comes to a contest of firepower, we know who wins that match.  Ask any Afghan or Iraqi citizen, as you could have asked any American in the Southern States during Lincoln’s shock-and-awe: you defend your home and community against federal U.S. troops, you become an ‘insurgent’.

What the U.S. Constitution Stipulates as to Land

We The People in Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 give Congress the power to legislate ONLY in that area “not exceeding ten Miles square” (Washington, D.C.) and “all Places purchased by the consent of the Legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings”.

In other words, the only places on earth that We The People authorize our federal servants to control are the District of Columbia, and military bases purchased from States.  Any other land or resource claims by feds, are violations of our highest law.  Whatever our rogue servants may say (including the U.S. Supreme Court, but especially the inferior federal courts, which exist only at the pleasure of Congress), this is the supreme Law of the Land, and these criminal servants violate it every day, across America.

How the Circus Ended

Government troops from IRS, FBI, CIA, BATF, DHS, BLM and on down to state troopers, county sheriffs on some occasions — and very often in the case of local police — are now often as unlawful as Mexican narcoterrorists.  Just as fearsome, and even better-armed.

Meanwhile, We The People are stuck on stupid; apparently under God’s judgment because we refuse to act responsibly. Too many of us just want an ‘event’ — bread and circuses.  Bundy’s debacle was nothing new; he had been fighting those lease fees for decades.  But let the social media get a whiff of cotton candy and popcorn, and boy howdy…

So for three days, America’s attention is off of our enemy’s moves.  BLM outlaws held American serfs at bay, and then they left.  What a pointless circus — and it never promised to be anything but that.

Each time we play children’s games instead of acting as responsible sovereigns, citizens become more cynical, irrational, angry, frustrated, hopeless — less willing to do our duty as sovereigns.

Next Month in D.C. — Hoooooo RAH!

Next comes Operation American Spring, the planned ‘coup’ in Washington D.C. beginning May 16.  Unless Colonel Riley changes the stated objective of the shindig, it will be sillier than Bundy’s situation.  Wasted time and expense for hundreds or thousands — tens of thousands? — of Americans.

On the phone last week, I offered to present AmericaAgain! at OAS so that attendees will have a rational plan of action.  AmericaAgain! is a practical, peaceful, powerful, perpetual solution; the FAQ page is here.

The Remnant’s Duty

Popular sovereignty is not an event, but a responsible way of life for every sovereign.  Reacting to every tyrannical action after the fact will accomplish nothing.  Federal bureaucracies are just the visible aspect; behind the scenes, cartels have controlled Washington D.C. for 150 years, as explained in this article.

To stop them (and defund the countless illegal agencies, programs, and regulations), a tactical remnant of Americans have to cut off our enemies’ control mechanism.  As law enforcement rather than electoral politics, AmericaAgain! will not require majorities; half of 1% of the population will be more than adequate. AmericaAgain! was seven years in development and refinement; it is very different from anything you have ever seen.

For our Chief Counsel, we hope to recruit Congressman Trey Gowdy, a statesman with 16 years’ criminal prosecutor experience.  Our Chief Counsel will field the R&D team to launch the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.  Including security team, the mission will require about 180,000 members at $29 annual dues.

The Solution is in YOUR Hands

To field a law enforcement team to end our nightmare, we must stop falling for distractions; stop burning $500-$1000 of gas, motel, and travel expenses for every ‘event’ and begin putting our time and money to better purposes.

Leave the posters and Molotov cocktails to Libyans, Egyptians and Ukrainians.  Sovereign Americans need to go on offense, now.  Right from your own home, today.  Not in the Nevada desert; not in a D.C. caravan.

We have the Constitution; we have all lawful authority; now, We The People have a long-term plan of action.

To get our first round draft pick Trey Gowdy on our team, please help our action plan go viral: click on SHARE and then join us.  Just donate $1 or $5 and recruit a few friends to do the same.

Bundy has most of his cows back; now let’s take our lives back.  Leave your circus seat, fellow sovereign, and LET’S ROLL.

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