When the Shoe Is On the Other Foot: Police Chief’s Home Mistakenly Raided … OOPs!

Home Raided 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

How many stories have we seen, heard or read concerning police raids of the wrong home? And how many of these scenarios have gone horribly wrong, with property destroyed, pets killed, or innocent citizens (including children) harmed or killed. This happens often enough to make it a serious issue in the minds of those who push back against an ever encroaching police state. Warrant-less searches, ignored Constitutional rights and overwhelming and inappropriate military style force are now the norm We The People have been conditioned to accept as some sense of normal.

But what if the shoe was suddenly on the other foot?

Home Mistakenly raided. After receiving an anonymous tip from a (supposed) concerned citizen on social media, eleven armed and very determined men raided the location of a thought to be fugitive wanted for interstate armed robbery. The scenario unwinds for yet another massive raid on the wrong home. But this time it turned ugly quick, because this was the home of the Phoenix, Arizona Chief of Police!

PAZ Police Chief

According to local news outlets.Tuesday night August 4th, Phoenix police Chief Joseph Yahner and his wife were rudely awakened in the night at their home by eleven members of two bond recovery service companies searching for an interstate felon.

Obviously incensed by the rude and imposing infringement on his private property by a large armed contingent intent on capturing a wanted felon, Yahner allegedly notified them that the individual they were seeking was not, and had never been at his residence, and surely ordered the men to leave his property.

But if say police are the ones raiding the home in a full blown show of paramilitary force, it would be safe to assume that they wouldn’t be even slightly hindered by someone telling them to “get off of my property” and would proceed with their task using all means, up to and including, deadly force if they felt it required.

Get the task done and we will sort out the details later.

I would not wish to be the Bond companies at the other end of a Police Chiefs anger. But imagine the swiftness of justice he must have extracted!

If this were a police scenario (instead of bondsmen), as an average citizen (not rich or well connected) you may have to wait months or even years for your day in court, to see justice for the mistakes of an ever increasing overreaching police mentality … YOU Can’t Expedite Justice … But a Reining Police Chief of one of the largest cites in America CAN!

Phoenix police immediately arrested the owner of North Star Fugitive Recovery, and he was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. It must be nice to be connected …

My question here is …

Will Phoenix now have a Police Chief with a new appreciation for the plight of citizens who suffer this type of scenario, gained by his personal experience.

One can only hope so because in the cases of increasing number of mistaken police raids,  these are supposed to be peace keepers and are a part of their community, paid by the citizens it is their duty to protect. They are not an extended tool of an over reaching federal government … and as we have all witnessed … this seems to be long forgotten.

Please watch the attached video and truly comprehend that …

Phoenix Arizona has one PISSED OFF Police Chief !

See original video here:


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