When The World Blows UP in a Pro-Vaxers Face

Vaccine pollBy: Roger Landry (TLB)

I’m not sure how far this has spread or how pertinent it is to many people. But since it is the first TLB has heard or seen of it, we feel it pertinent that we make it available to you …

Ever had a day when everything you do and say, seems wrong?

Where everything you try to communicate … blows up in your face?

Where even what you strongly believe to be true, suddenly becomes false?

Well this seems to be the case in a huge fashion for this Pro Vaccine blogger! His rhetoric is in line with the false paradigm spouted by so many ignorant or bought vaccine shills or trolls. His short article is pretty well written (if a bit crass) even if based totally on lies and misconceptions (check out the active links). But the responses he gets in his comments, and his expected results of the article, are I’m sure, totally different than he counted on!

So what is the big hoopla …

This is a ProVax blog running an active (still ongoing) poll.

Now I’m about to do something I never thought I would do … Ask you to visit this site and take this poll. I ask you to participate in this poll because this is the only way you can see the results. And I will state with NO RESERVATIONS you really do want to see the results of this poll !!!

This has almost (sorta, maybe) been enough to make me feel sorry for this individual … again almost!

When you have finished with the poll please take the time to read through the comments as they are almost as entertaining as the results of the poll itself. In the comments this individual comes across as crass, disrespectful and arrogant beyond belief, when by all rights, with his stated stance on vaccines, he is both ignorant of even the most basic of facts and any type of social interaction.

But I digress … So here is the link, and please comment below (both here and on the site you visit) on your thoughts. Lets see if TLB can handle them with slightly more decorum and respect and Certainly a lot less Hostility!

UPDATE: This poll has stood for days with the scenario going like this, approximately 83 – 85% stating “No I wont get a flu shot it is dangerous” and the other approximately 15% spread out over the remaining choices. This is what prompted me to write this article in the first place (I watched it over a 2 day period). But almost immediately after I published this article I looked in to see a very rapid shift had begun in what seemed like a dead poll (read the authors comment history on the site to see this). In less than 2 hours the numbers have shifted to about 56% (and dropping very rapidly) saying “No” and the “Absolutely” selection is ramping up (just as quickly) … all of a sudden … after no substantial shift for days …  and I can literally watch this happening in real time at high speed. Poll numbers don’t normally shift this fast … REALLY ??? I will make no concrete accusations (because I cannot prove them) but there is a smell of something rotten drifting in from Denmark!

Maybe we need to make our votes count …

Please go here: Did you get your flu vaccination?–2014 version

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