Who Killed Terry Yeakey – The First Responding Oath Keeper


By: Robert Hase, John Oetken and Johnny Cirucci, Oathkeepers.

My fellow Americans,

This man is Terry Yeakey.

His death was a noble lie.

His story needs to he told.

He was the first officer on the scene of the Oklahoma City Bombing. He clawed four people out of the rubble with his bare hands. He was murdered a year later, for being a witness to what he wasn’t supposed to see.

He had called his wife and told her this: “It’s not what they’re saying, it didn’t happen the way they are saying!” He was crying. He was killed on the way to his storage facility to keep what evidence he had safe. He was on the phone with a friend when they were following him. His last words were, “I’ve got the Feds on me, I’ve got to shake them.”

I will provide this following information on him:


So supposedly, Terry slashed himself eleven times on both forearms before cutting his own throat twice near the jugular vein. Then, apparently seeking even a more private place to die, he crawled another mile of rough terrain away from his car and climbed a fence, before shooting himself in the head with a small caliber revolver. What appeared to be rope burns on his neck, handcuff bruises to his wrists, and muddy grass imbedded in his slash wounds strongly indicated that he had some help in traversing this.

http://www.johnnycirucci.com/_mgxroot/page_columns_eric_holderthe_teflon_gatekeeper.html https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyCirucci?ref=ts&fref=ts

Ask yourself these questions:

WHO murdered Terry Yeakey?

WHAT happened to the two middle eastern men seen by witnesses at the scene of the crime?

WHEN did ’20/20′ do a segment about the prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing?

WHERE did Terry Yeakey’s evidence against the feds go?

WHY were there no ATF agents in the Alfred P. Murrah building that morning?

HOW was this false flag orchestrated?

R.I.P. Terry Yeakey. You were the first Oath Keeper.

In liberty, Robert Hase John Oetken Johnny Cirucci


Side note:

To all of you who claim my post is conspiracy bunk, and that the U.S. Government would never kill it’s own citizens. Read this:

MAYBE, you should research Operation Northwoods?! I will provide a link for all of you, from ABC news. So now you have a trusted source. And for a short summary of the said link. It was a plot by the Pentagon and CIA to kill American citizens on U.S. soil, and blame it one the Cuban government. To draw us into war with them. It was stopped by President Kennedy, and we all know the rest of that story.

Okay, are you ready?! Here is the link: http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=92662 —->ABC News<—- ^^^^vetted source!!!!! — Admin Robert Hase

TLB highly recommends you read more great/pertinent articles and information at www.oathkeepers.org


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