Why Hillary Clinton Needs Donald Trump to Stay Out of Prison

Is he riding into the 2016 election on a white or a Trojan Horse?

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

When we were young, our mothers changed our diapers and tried to meet every need. When we went to school, most of our teachers tried their best to help us learn and grow. When we skinned our knees, the school nurse was there to wash out the wound and put a Band-Aid on it. Most Americans love the idea that there is some benevolent figure out there who will ride in on his white horse and save the day. How many white horses do you see outside the White House, or Congress? There are no white horses out there that are going swoop in at the midnight hour and save the day.

Donald Trump Rides In On His White Horse?

Donald Trump wants to build a bigger border fence. He says he wants to make government responsible to the middle class! (Excuse me, Mr. Trump, what middle class or you talking about?). Trump is making all the rude comments, to the other presidential candidates, that most of us wish we could say if we had access. John McCain has been the frequent target of Trump’s tirades and I must admit I have enjoyed every moment of every unkind word uttered about McCain. McCain is the reason that yours truly is in the Independent Media as 13 years ago, McCain and his globalist lackeys tried to steal my house and the houses of 2,000 of my neighbors in rural Arizona. So, I freely admit, that Mr. Trump went to the head of the class on my hit parade when he took on McCain. And in particular Mr. Trump has been excoriating Hillary Clinton. Clinton is in Trumps cross-hairs and it looks like nothing will save her. If there is a more unlikeable and treacherous candidate for the office of the President than Hillary Clinton, I would be at a loss to tell you who that is.

However, when Trump’s rhetoric fades away and Common Sense prevails, Trump’s so-called Presidential run must be looked at with suspicion.

White Horse or Trojan Horse?

Friend or Foe?
Friend or Foe?

There is only one thing worse than the Obama Presidency and that would be for it to be followed with a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Corruption, scandal and untimely deaths follow her wherever she goes.

Trump has a long association with the Clinton family that extends beyond the professional to even the personal.

Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump’s 2005 wedding to current wife in Florida. Hillary Clinton had front-pew seating at the event. Even Bill Clinton, not a person known for respecting the sanctity of marriage, showed up for the reception.

Trump has been generous in towards the Clinton’s in the past as he has donated over $100,000 to the Clinton’s foundation. And as a former Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton has responded in kind as she left many of the Trump real estate deals alone when she could have a negative impact.

Trump’s Trojan Horse Strategy

There’s little doubt that Hillary’s private email usage related to classified and top secret material has hurt her campaign. Five months after reports that she’d used the private email, Hillary is need of a great distraction and Donald Trump is providing that interference. Yes, Trump has called out Clinton, but his main efforts have been to focus on “rogue” Republicans such as John McCain. As the primary race unfolds, Trump will almost exclusively focus on destroying all other Republican candidates. And the strategy is working. The Pew Poll shows that Trump has a double digit lead among the Republican front runners.

Even Joe Biden is carrying out his role as he is providing the most unattractive candidate that Democrats could muster which is the goal. Hillary’s campaign cannot stand any legitimate competition given the current political climate.

You Don’t Matter

The office of the President is beyond the reach of the American people. It will take an estimated one billion dollars to run for President in 2016. The middle class will not be providing the bulk of these donations.

Just who does control the Presidency?

Since the “financial depression of 2008, the most powerful rich people have only gotten more powerful. A 2013 Oxfam report found that 80 people had as much wealth as 50% of humanity, and a few months later, Forbes said the number had dropped to 67.  Sixty seven people have as much wealth as 3.6 billion people on the wealth. That is your answer as to who controls the presidency of this country. These 67 people control the bulk of what you read, see and hear. The masses will learn nothing new from a Trump candidacy. He is the modern day Ross Perot. He will split the Republican vote and Hillary can make emailgate go away, she will the next President as a result of this strategy.


If Donald Trump was sincere about helping the American people, he would be talking about the dangers of the TPP every single day. He would be promising reform in our food system and ridding the country of cancer-causing GMO’s. Trump has done little more than attack the safe political issues. The masses of Americans who are still living in the matrix, will be none the wiser from listening to Donald Trump.

When the elite decide that Hillary Clinton will be President, she will be President. By allowing the media to expose Hillary’s treasonous email indiscretions, she is easily controllable by the elite. And if the elite decide that Hillary’s scandals are serving to wake up too many people with regard to the tyranny that has overtaken this country, Hillary will go to prison.

In either case, Donald Trump will not be the President. And even if he were a legitimate candidate, he would not become President because he would end up like Bobby Kennedy.

For Hillary, she is either going to be the next president, or she will have done to her what Richard Nixon should have happened, she will go to prison. Donald may not be sincere about his Presidential run, but he is a good friend. And right now, he is the only friend that matters to Hillary Clinton.


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