Why is it Important to Support Your Organic Farmers?


By: Lynnette Pate

This is the question of the day. Lots of people tell me they support their local farmers markets, so why should they be concerned if the farmer is organic or not?

Some of you may say to these people – duh, what are you talking about? However, the truth of the matter is that people really have no clue about what they are supporting and really think that if they buy from a local farmer then they are doing a good deed.   The sad truth is that even your ‘local’ farmers have no clue of the havoc they are wreaking on the land and what their chemicals are actually doing to destroy other farms of clean grown foods.  How can this be, you ask?

Well, for instance if your local farmer/ gardener has grown their food from their back yards, yet they have used miracle grow to enhance the production of the plant, or round up to kill the so-called weeds around the garden and lastly sprayed pesticides all over the garden to keep the unwanted bugs away, then they are NO better than the huge agri-farmers out there with mass chemicals in their fields.  You see, you are still eating the chemicals even if you are buying from your local farmer/ gardener…you are just eating LOCAL chemicals!  These local chemicals wreak the same havoc on our ecosystem as any other farmer/gardener.  It all still goes back into the soil and then into the water supply, therefore leaching out further and further into the soil of the lands.


While some of these farmers really have no clue what detriment they are bringing to society, other farmers are well aware; but they just do not care and only care about the dollar being made.  I have gone to many farmers markets all across the nation.  I point blank ask them why they would use such chemicals to grow their garden. They always answer, “Well we could not produce the abundance of food we have, and we could never control the bug infestation or we would not have the largeness of the foods we produce.”

You see the truth of the matter is, that you absolutely CAN produce much more vibrant and quality foods with organic methods, plus you absolutely can control the bug infestation by using other GOOD bugs to rid those predators, plus you can feed tons more with crop rotation.  However, these farmers always want the FAST & EASY route so they can do less work.

Keep in mind we are NOT looking for farmers to be USDA certified.  We are simply looking for those farmers who practice natural means of farming and use the ‘back to the nature’ way of growing foods.

The science is finally coming back to us to prove the detriments of all the chemicals used on our earth.  It’s like continually pouring oil down the sink drain. Yes it goes through and there’s no stoppage in the beginning, but eventually it is going to clog up and stop your water flow.  You can put only so much synthetic, harsh chemicals in the soil. Eventually the soil is going to STOP producing the fruits of the land as it once did hen you have to completely renovate your soils and crops and go back to the beginning to create the foods you once produced.

So by supporting your organic farmers/ gardeners, you are supporting and securing the future of the food supply, you are securing the future of your grandchildren’s quality of life.  Every time you make that purchase, make it ORGANIC. Make your DOLLARS count.  When you vote with your dollar, you ARE making a difference or NOT.  What do you choose?  Do your own research.  Then I invite you to pour yourself a concoction of round up, bleach, pesticide and miracle grow…will you drink it?


Lynnette Pate

BIO: Lynnette Marie, Organic Guru, is a student of natural & holistic health care and nutrition and was named a ‘Patient Expert’ by Dr. Ramah Wagner, national speaker and chiropractor. She is the author of international best sellers, “Fuel for the Body” and “Lose Weight the Pate Weigh”.

In 2014, she will publish “What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health” and “Where There Is Life There Is Hope….Never Mind What the Main Stream Tells You.” She travels the world with health information to various health expositions across the country and Mexico. She and her staff created the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval – to help others find toxic-free products.

She and her husband, Tommy, created the Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis, named after their son who suffered from this illness and is now alive, well and a successful chef at age 24. Lynette was recently named Regional Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute. She has also been asked to work as Regional Ambassador for the Gerson Treatment Clinic in Baja, Mexico.

Lynette can be heard on radio shows such as Natural News, Home Grown Health, Freedomizer Radio, USA Prepares, Health Conspiracy Radio and The Liberty Beacon (We the People) She can also be found on bicycle tours across the country as she spreads her health message, entitled Fuel for the Body bike T.O.U.R. (Total Organic Understand Ride) She is the spokeswoman for a company called PHresh Products and also been named as Ambassador for America’s Outstanding Mom.


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