Wife of Hunger Strike Dad Arrested in Kansas While Protesting to Have Kidnapped Children Returned

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Just before 11:30 am on Saturday morning, police arrested Amelia Schwab, wife of Raymond Schwab, who is the Navy veteran dad who went on a 17 day hunger strike at the Kansas state capitol in an effort to get their children free from child protective services custody. The strike ended only as a federal lawsuit was filed against Kansas DCF (Department for Children and Families).

Kansas Dad Ends Hunger Strike – Federal Lawsuit Filed To Return His Children 

Raymond and Amelia and some of their supporters have been spending time at a local cafe which has wi-fi access. Amelia had just left from there when police pulled her over to arrest her. Raymond speculates that they may have been trying to see if there was any marijuana in the car. (There wasn’t.)

Health Impact News called the police department, which confirmed that Amelia Schwab has been arrested on a bench warrant for a battery charge, dated May 11, 2015. Her bond is $674.

Interestingly, the police appear to have learned about the bench warrant from an anonymous tip, according to Raymond Schwab.

When we spoke with Raymond, he said that this was around the same time as the bogus charges that he was arrested for recently. No charges were ever actually filed against him, and he was released on his own recognizance after spending a brutal night in jail on March 24. He sees the arrest of his wife as further harassment and intimidation, and the trumping up of bogus charges.


Veteran Dad on Hunger Strike Arrested with No Charges – Kept Naked in Dirty Cell

Schwab arrested

Source: Schwab family.

Raymond and Amelia have been camping out on the capitol steps for weeks. He questions the timing of her arrest. If they actually had a valid reason to arrest her,

why wait until now?

The DailyHaze.com posted a video of her arrest.

According to the DailyHaze, there was a ruling in Wednesday’s permanency hearing that Raymond Schwab would be permitted to use medical marijuana to treat his PTSD from his time served in the military, as long as he does not do so in the state of Kansas. In his home state of Colorado, it is legal.


Today’s trial was a cruel reminder of the intimidation tactics used against parents in this situation. DCF had just over two dozen people allowed to go in the courtroom while the Schwab’s were not even allowed Jennifer Winn, who is Raymond’s power of attorney.

The trial did not bring the Schwab’s any closer to getting their children back, but it was a step forward for their visitation. The trial also did not change any of the current circumstances. The Schwab’s will continue to live on the capitol steps, and the chance of intervention from the Native Americans is a real possibility.

The one thing that is known, the Schwab’s do not plan on stepping down from this fight against the State of Kansas.

Read the full story at DailyHaze.com.

Raymond and Amelia Schwab are loving parents who just want to get their children back home. DCF seized custody of their children in April 2015 on false allegations. By June 2015, all allegations against them were found to be “unsubstantiated.” However, DCF did not return their children.

Schwab family all together

The Schwab family before DCF. Source: Free the Schwab Children Facebook page.

In fact, in a shocking statement, DCF spokesperson Theresa Freed boasted that substantiation of allegations was really not necessary for the state to remove children from their families and keep them in state custody, saying that only 4% of removals of children in Kansas were based on substantiated allegations.

See the original story on the kidnapping of the Schwab children:

Navy Dad Goes on Hunger Strike in Kansas Until State-Kidnapped Children are Returned or He Starves to Death

The Schwabs’ 5 year old little girl has been sexually assaulted in state care, and 2 of the Schwab’s have been abused, while under the “protection” of Kansas Child Protective Services under DCF. Unlike the allegations against the parents, those allegations of abuse have been substantiated.

Their 13 year old son is currently being held against his and his family’s wishes in a mental health facility, where he was recently punched in the face. In a letter to the parents who are fighting with all they have to get their children free, DCF told the parents not to worry because the state would replace the glasses broken in the assault. There was no apology or compassion for the fact that the child had been assaulted.

The protest against Kansas DCF is growing, and corruption within the system is daily being exposed. One has to wonder if that is what Amelia Schwab’s arrest is really about. Her husband knows of no valid reason that his wife could have charges against her.

Schwab Press Conference

Press conference for the Schwab family. People are rallying around the family to expose DCF. Source: YouTube video of rally.

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