Will World War III Plans Backfire?


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

It appears that the more than $3.5 trillion that American taxpayers have paid to the war industry since 9/11 is not enough.  Reading the Ukraine news lately, we see the age-old pattern: a tiny cohort of insanely wealthy men is attempting to spark World War III using the same tactics they used to spark the first two.

As commentator Frank Brady posted yesterday on The Common Sense Show:

The hypocrisy of the U.S. government and its propaganda organs is astonishing.

The usual suspects are ranting that the U.S. should “do something” about the “invasion” of the Ukraine. Indeed, the U.S. should “do something” about this situation. For starters, it should revoke the National Endowment for Democracy’s charter, put an end to any funding for it, and permanently halt U.S. meddling in the foreign affairs of other nations under the NED’s so-called “NGO” cover. Since its formation in 1983, NED has been directly involved in the overthrow and attempted overthrow of governments in Serbia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran and, most recently, the Ukraine (this is the second time around for the Ukraine).

The U.S. should pull the passport of the execrable John McCain who serves as “President” of the “International Republican Institute” (an NED adjunct) and charge him with complicity in the deaths of the many people who have died over the years as a result of this cockroach’s subversive and vile interference in the internal affairs of other foreign nations. This criminal went to Kiev on December 13 to help personally light the fires of violence there.  Don’t believe the propaganda.

In advance of each industry feeding event that is pushed on America, the cartels put their propaganda operation into high gear with geopolitical gamesmanship and terror-mongering.  They deploy the mainstream press (and today, some alternative media) as a python attracts its next pig for a major feeding event.

Robert Higgs wrote this article twelve years ago, when George W. Bush was conning us all into war against ‘terror’.  When their puppeteers want us in a war, American presidents have always lied to us to get the windfall they seek.

Later on, Bush failed in his administration’s attempts to spark world war by attacking Iran.  But the cartels worked overtime to fuel the Libyan and Ukrainian fire with the same goal in mind: billions in profits.

This is NOT who we are, fellow Americans.  But this is what the war industry is.  In this video, learn more about the latest tranche of CIA-orchestrated ‘uprisings’ around the world.  As you watch, remember: this all egregiously violates the U.S. Constitution.  It is not only murderous, it is illegal.

Americans go berserk when they think of Russians or Chinese doing something like this in our neighboring countries, right?  So why is plunder of sovereign countries okay for the U.S. war industry to do, and attach all of our names to it?

Military-Oil-Banking-Media Propaganda

War has always been big, ruthless business, as we were warned by two prominent military men, Major General Smedley Butler in the 1930s, and General (President) Dwight Eisenhower in the early 1960s.  Unfortunately, the wisdom of experienced generals is drowned out by millions of ‘warrior moms’, teary-eyed VFW members, and flag-waving GOP acolytes cheering for their team’s world bragging rights.

This well-meaning horde makes it very unpopular to expose the beloved Leviathan.  But in the name of Christ our Lord, and truth, we are determined to restore the U.S. Constitution, even at the risk of great unpopularity among selectively emotional folk.

See how emotionally powerful the military/media propaganda machine can be, in this recent tear-jerker put out by CBS ‘News’. Emotional programming overcomes thousands of foreigners killed in their own homes and neighborhoods on behalf of lower oil extraction costs and record oil company profits.

Death Throes of Dinosaurs

The war industry has usually attracted new feeding events almost at will, so clearly the unsuccessful attempt to spark war with Iran indicates a fly in the ointment.  Despite the elite’s ability to craft events and ‘news’ reporting, the Internet is transforming human relations.  While bureaucratic nation-states are stumbling dinosaurs, liberty-loving citizens are growing in tech prowess and can move more quickly than the cartels can.

Of course, the majority still does nothing but complain and grow cynical.  Even when they correctly assess the problem and opportunity, they refuse to take action.

In his recent essay, Reversal of Fortune: Why the Power Elite Will Lose Power, classical economist and investment advisor Gary North has the TEA Party and conspiracy theorists dead to rights:

The conspirators are not God. They do not predestinate the world. They are temporary possessors of influence, power, and money because they have adopted a particular view of economic intervention which the general public also believes. They believe the state is the Savior in history. The state is the healer. They believe that the state is the closest thing there is to God walking on earth.

So do most of the voters. The voters also believe that the state can intervene to protect them. They are beginning to lose this faith, for good reason, but this is what they still believe. This is what they have been taught in public schools for over 100 years. Why should we expect and believe anything different?

The conspirators and the masses hold the same view of civil government. This view is incorrect. It is going to blow up in the conspirators’ faces, and it is going to blow up in the masses’ faces. It is a false religion, and it will ultimately produce enormous losses for those who believe in it.

…They have laid the foundations of this crisis. But they have done so in the Keynesian faith that there will be no crisis. The fact that they have caused past crises does not mean that they planned them.

I hope you understand this. I fear that not many Tea Party supporters do.

Then what is to be done?  …The correct goal is to shrink the state to where it won’t matter much who controls it.  Shrink the power of the power elite by shrinking the establishment’s lever: the state. Any other program is a waste of effort.

Mr. North’s assessment is accurate, but theory without action is also ‘a waste of effort’.  Writing books or talking for hours each day on a radio show does not improve matters.  America needs men of action – and ironically, some of the most courageous, able ones are pledged to the very beast that holds us hostage.

First Things First

Before taking on the domestic enemies of our republic, all of us must begin with our personal domestic enemy — sin.  Of course we will never be sinless while we remain on this earth.  But we can certainly repent of having allowed our minds, eyes, and ears to dwell on the seven deadly sins rather than the fruits of the Spirit.  If we’re unwilling to face God in the way we live every day, no further plan of action is necessary.  It will avail nothing.  Personal repentance is Job One.

We The People Must Now Change the Game

In this recent series of blog articles, first we expose the extent of our enemy – ancient cartels that control Washington D.C. yet are invisible to, and out of the control of, the sovereign citizens.  We then assess nine solutions proposed over the past 150 years, explaining why they cannot beat the cartels.  Finally, we introduce AmericaAgain! and explain why it is a lawful, peaceful, practical, perpetual solution.

We must not be led into another mega-trillion-dollar windfall for the banking, oil, and war cartels!  Instead, we will prepare house by house as we await the inevitable Great Depression II. As the beast falls of its own profound stupidity, most Americans will run for the hills or for their neighbors’ pantries; throughout history most people have been followers.  In transforming events, God has always used a remnant and that is always enough.  Let us pray we are worthy to be in that number.

When the cataclysm hits, AmericaAgain! members will not be distracted by fabricated wars and other events designed to pull us off target, as we have seen for 150 years.  We will tactically embark on a new way of life as responsible sovereigns, superintending justice at last using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.  In this way, through our State criminal courts, We The People will directly superintend the cartels’ key puppets – the U.S. Congress – by which they have ruthlessly ruled earth for a century.

By God’s grace, we will not merely shrink the cartels’ control over our lives — we will utterly destroy it.

If God should bless America with such a boon, we must give Him thanks and praise.  In light of the terrible distractions in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere — if publicly giving thanks to God embarrasses us, then that is the true root of America’s accelerating collapse.

TLB Highly recommends you visit David at AmericaAgain! for more great/pertinent articles and information.

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  1. Dave,I have to congratulate you on this article. Superb advocation of Reason. Nice to see you are one of those who stays above th econfusion. Gonna post this on the TLB UK site. Warmest regards

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