Wisconsin Mother’s Children Kidnapped by the State on False Allegations of Drug Abuse

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Sara Ambrosini’s story spans many years, two sets of children, and several different case plans. Sara started out believing that the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families’ Child Protective Services (CPS) was a benevolent agency whose intentions were to truly help families in need, but came to realize that CPS and the Juvenile Court system was an adversary that could not be trusted.  She never imagined that she would eventually lose all her children to the system that she initially trusted for help.

Although she was under a doctor’s care for methadone treatment to detox from a prescription painkiller, the methadone treatment would become a constant subject of “drug abuse” allegations made against Sara to CPS.

Believing that no one “inside” the system could be trusted, Sara began researching and learning all she could about the law to equip her in the long legal battle ahead.  Sara is still fighting the courts to bring her youngest two children home.  She has a final hearing on April 4th, and then Judge Jude is retiring the next day.

Here is Sara’s story.

Drug Abuse Allegations

In 2010 when Sara broke her foot, she was prescribed Percocet, an opioid pain medication that can be habit-forming, even at regular doses.  After 4 refills, Sara experienced withdrawals from the Percocet and the doctor then said she needed to start on a methadone program to safely wean off Percocet.

When most people think of methadone treatment, they think of recovering heroine addicts, but it is used to treat all opioid addictions, not just heroine. Another myth commonly believed by people is that methadone is just trading one addiction for another, but this not true, according to the Medical Assisted Treatment of America:

Methadone is prescribed as in maintenance therapy, acts as a normalizer rather than a narcotic. The patient is able to function in every physical, emotional, and intellectual capacity without impairment.  It is orally effective and does not produce mood swings, tranquilization or narcotic effects. Methadone patients can obtain college educations, perform all types of intellectual and physical skills, marry and raise families.  Methadone does not produce dependency as so [sic] other medications prescribed.

Regardless, methadone would become the basis for multiple allegations of drug abuse, eventually resulting in the removal of all four of her children.

CPS Involved in Custody Dispute

2 older boys

Sara’s two older boys, Dakota and Joshua before she lost custody. Image provided by Sara.

In  2011 Sara filed CPS charges against her ex, during a custody battle. In 2012, Sara’s ex retaliated and opened a CPS case against her, alleging that Sara was a drug addict due to the methadone treatment, and that Jeremy, her new boyfriend and father of her third child, Ashton, was physically abusive.

Dakota and Joshua, the two older boys were given to their father (Sara’s ex), and Sara’s 4-month old son Ashton was put in foster care.  Ashton’s father, Jeremy, was not even considered as placement.  In fact, CPS required that Jeremy move out of Sara’s home during the CPS “investigation,” and he was not even allowed to be a part of the CPS case.

Sara complied with all services, believing that if she did so, CPS would return her children:

  • Sara was made to take multiple UAs (urine analysis). All Sara’s UAs came back negative.
  • Sara was made to participate in AODA therapies (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse). Each time the evaluator said that Sara was not an addict, CPS made her take another AODA.  By the 3rd evaluation, CPS had to admit that Sara was not an addict.
  • Sara was made to take domestic violence and parenting classes.

The methadone treatment was done under strict doctor’s care and with regular counseling sessions at a clinic. When Sara and Jeremy found out they were pregnant with Ashton, Sara wanted to immediately stop the methadone treatment, but was told by the doctor that she could not as it would be extremely harmful to the fetus.  Instead, she was made to increase the methadone dosage due to the pregnancy, or he would report her to CPS for medical neglect for the unborn baby!

In November of 2012, Sarah and Jeremy had another child, a girl named Lexi. Because Sara was doing so well in her case plan, her newborn Lexi was never removed from her care, and in December of 2012, after 9 months in foster care, Ashton was returned to Sara’s care, for “trial reunification.”

1.31.13 Social Worker report

1.31.13 – Report from Sara’s caseworkers indicating how well she was doing. Image supplied by Sara.

Dakota and Joshua were never returned to Sara’s custody. Sara now regrets ever involving CPS in her life and making that first call against her ex, mournfully recalling:

“My ex eventually got full custody of the children after he retaliated and opened a CPS case against me. In the end, I got no visits with my oldest boys. I haven’t seen them in years.”

My 4 beautiful Children! Love you! 11-28-12

“Happy day when Lexi was born, but now my older two don’t get to see my younger two. ” Image provided by Sara.

Drug Allegations Increase in Women’s Abuse Housing

Even though Ashton and Lexi were home with Sara, their father Jeremy was still not allowed to live with them. In order to have her CPS case closed, Sara claims that CPS required her to move into Bethany Apartments, a non-profit transitional housing for women and children who have suffered domestic abuse.

Sara claims that living at Bethany became a life of hell for her instead of the “sanctuary and strength for victims of domestic abuse” that it should have been.

In November of 2013, Sara was given an apartment at Bethany, but the new director allegedly tried to retract the lease, according to Sara. Sara appealed, and the board allowed Sara to move in, a decision that reportedly did not make the new director happy.

In March of 2014, Sara’s CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection and/or Services) case was successfully closed, and almost immediately the staff at Bethany began calling CPS and the city of Racine police in an effort to open a new CPS case. Sara says that the director was prejudiced towards her due to the methadone treatment, and claims that the director would constantly accuse her of being a “drug addict.”

According to one report, CPS investigated the “drug abuse” allegations made by the director, finding them untrue:

Worker then called Sara’s therapist at QAM who advised that she sees Sara 3x per month, all drug screenings have been clean and everything has been going well.  She advised that Sara is doing very well.  Sara is tapering down on her methadone so she can ultimately get off it.

Sara goes to her 1 hr. therapy session with Angie 3x a month and Angie advised that Sara takes advantage of the sessions. Angie advised she has spoken with Sara’s CM at Bethany Apartments and they just don’t understand methadone.  They think Sara should just stop taking it immediately, but that can’t happen.  They say she is high on methadone, but Angie advised, no she is not, Sara is doing just fine. They just think methadone is a drug and want her to detox off it right away.

Ongoing Alleged Harassment at Bethany Apartments

According to Sara, Bethany staff made 15 false and unsubstantiated allegations against her to CPS.

15 False Allegations

Ashton and Lexi. Image from Facebook.

Sara reports that Bethany staff violated her civil rights by making false allegations to CPS, repeatedly belittling her during required Bethany counseling sessions about things like cutting her hair, quitting the methadone treatment, her children crying, and even her back child support to her older two boys.

Bethany was supposed to provide services like emergency money for laundry or gas, but Sara says she was always denied, and that even when Santa was there to bring presents, she and her children were not allowed to attend.  Sara also reported she was forced to march in a street protest against sexual abuse, even though she had never been sexually abused, and despite the fact that her children had strep throat at the time.

Sara voluntarily participated in Birth to Three (developmental services, education, therapy, and other supportive services to disabled or delayed infants and toddlers, from birth to age three, and their families) through Racine County Opportunity Center (RCOC), but  eventually stopped the services because she said that Bethany staff wanted to be present and would not stop harassing her during the services.

Illegal Entry Violating Lease, 4th Amendment Rights

Sara alleges that Bethany staff entered her apartment on multiple occasions without the required 12-hour notice, and even told police that Bethany had the authority to enter apartments at any time. The below report dated April 24, 2013, confirms that Sara’s apartment was entered when she was not home and that CPS was called for what amounts to “housekeeping” issues.

4.24.14 Bethany Report_Illegal Entry

4.24.14 – Bethany report showing they entered Sara’s apartment without notice. Image provided by Sara.

When CPS arrived the next day, Sara was out on an errand.  Without Sara’s consent, the director took CPS through Sara’s home. Sara filed a police report after Bethany staff illegally entered her apartment:

4.24.14 Sara reports illegal entry of Bethany staff to police

4.24.14 – Illegal entry of Bethany staff to police. Image provided by Sara.

Sara contends that Bethany staff obstructed justice by withholding the lease information from the police, falsely claiming that they had the right to enter the premises at any time.  According to excerpts from Sara’s lease below, Bethany must give a 12-hour notice for repairs and inspections, unless there is a health or safety emergency.

Bethany Apartments may enter the premises at reasonable times with or without the Resident’s permission to inspect the premises, make repairs, or to comply with any applicable laws or regulations after first giving a twelve-hour notice.  No advance notice is required for entry in a health or safety emergency or where entry is necessary to preserve and protect the premises from damage in Resident’s absence.

Apartment inspections are held on a monthly basis.  All residents will be given a 12-hour notice before apartment inspections.  All apartments will be inspected after a 12-hour notice, whether or not the resident is on the premise.

The excerpt below, from the CPS visit on April 25, 2014, clearly shows that the CPS investigators did not agree with any of the allegations made by the director at Bethany:

IAW Harmann and IAW Peterson went to Bethany apartments to meet with Sara Ambrosini. The director of Bethany apartments walked us to Sara’s apartment. She advised that Sara yells profanities at her children, is using drugs, doesn’t clean her home, to the point where it is filthy. She advised, there was a horrendous odor in the apartment as well.

When workers knocked on the door, a woman, not identified as Sara opened the door. She stated she is a neighbor and she is just watching the kids while Sara dropped some paperwork off at Workforce.

Workers asked Director if she could allow us into the home, she stated, that she could. Worker entered the home, accompanied by the director, who advised she did not want to approve Sara to live here but the board ultimately agreed to let Sara move in. She advised she was told by other tenants that Sara is using drugs again. Worker asked how did she know about the yelling, the uncleanness and the drugs. She stated that she was told this by other residents.

Upon entering the apartment, worker did not note any type of smell. Worker saw a boy running around the house, who was very hyper. He was identified as Ashton by the babysitter and Lexi was napping on the couch. Worker walked through the apartment. There was food. There was a full fridge, cabinets and pantry full of food to eat. When worker opened the pantry, there was a garbage can in there, the director made a sour face as though she smelled something acrid, however, this worker and IAW Peterson were unable to smell anything and were confused as to what she was smelling. Worker noted there were clean clothes folded all over the table. The home was not unkept.

The director then said that the children were left in soiled diapers and she was given a 3 bedroom for her and the two children, but she only uses the one room. She advised that Sara has both children sleeping in the same room with her. Workers then walk back into Sara’s room where a crib was pushed up against the wall and a toddler bed was next to Sara’s bed. Worker then went into the other bedrooms and they were basically toy rooms for the children and had T.V.’s in them as well.

The director advised due to Sara’s volatility that no one is coming to the home, like B-3 or RCOC anymore because they can’t work in those conditions.

At this time worker did not note any concerns noted in the referral.

When Sara arrived home, she clarified that she did not use “heroin” as accused, but was on methadone treatment.  Sara signed a release for CPS to speak with her counselor and receive her drug screens from QAM. The CPS report ends with these words:

IAW Harmann received drug screens for Sara from QAM. All drug screens were clean, there was no heroin present in drug screens.

More Proof Of Ongoing Harassment

Allegations were made, but CPS did not open a case, “as the allegations in the referral were found not to be true.”

6.9.14 Allegations Not True CPS

CPS report from 6.19.14. Image supplied by Sara.

Bethany made complaints, but CPS took no action:

10.20.14 No Action from Complaint

Image supplied by Sara.

1.12.15 CPs No Further Action

Image supplied by Sara.

More complaints unfounded by the Racine police:

Police report 11.17.14

Police Report 11.17.14. Image provided by Sara.


Police report 11.18.14

Police Report 11.18.14. Image provided by Sara.

On October 28, 2014, Sara received a Notice of Termination, stating that she did not participate in mental health treatment, despite her ongoing counseling at the methadone center:

10.28.14 Notice of Termination of service at Bethany

10.28.14 Notice of Termination. Image supplied by Sara.

On November 24, 2014, Sara’s home was again entered into by Bethany staff and police while she was home sleeping with her children at 10:30pm:

11.24.14 Illegal entry by police and Bethany

11.24.14 Illegal entry by police and Bethany. Image supplied by Sara.

Children “Kidnapped” by CPS on the Day Sara is Moving

On January 29, 2015 Sara was served with a 48-hour eviction notice and she immediately started preparing to move. On the same day, the director of Bethany made another call to CPS, claiming that Sara threw Ashton into a stroller, hitting his head. CPS coded it as “No Impending Threats” and did not immediately investigate:

1.29.15 allegation.

1.29.15 – No Impending Threat. Image supplied by Sara.

When CPS coded it a 5-day response, the director called the police to investigate, who also noted the allegation as “Unfounded.”

Police report 1.29.15

Police Report 1.29.15. Image Provided by Sara.

Yet the very next day, the director again called the police and CPS to Sara’s apartment.  Sara had put the children down for a nap and fell asleep with them, and during their nap, the director used a locksmith to enter Sara’s apartment, with police and CPS.

This time, Sara’s apartment was a bit disheveled, since Sara was packing and moving that day. Lexi had used her potty chair before the nap, which  Sara planned to empty after the nap. Ashton had dumped instant potato flakes onto the floor, which were carefully worded in the report as a “unknown white powdery substance,” alluding to drugs, even though Sara says she told them they were just potato flakes.

1.30.15 - Day of moving. Illegal Entry while napping, and Kidnapping of children.

1.30.15 – Day of moving. Illegal entry while napping, and kidnapping of children. Image supplied by Sara.

On January 30, 2015, the day Sara was moving out of Bethany, the director finally succeeded in getting CPS to kidnap Sara’s children. In defense, Sara exclaims:

A messy house especially the day you are moving is not neglect!!!

No Case Plan, No Visits – Children Labeled Abandoned

This time, Sara decided to fight for her children in court, refusing to sign any CPS paperwork, knowing that signing is considered an admission of guilt, allowing CPS to force case plans upon you which must be completed before your children are returned. However, by not signing , Sara was considered “non-compliant” and was not allowed regular visits.

Sara exclaims:

it’s me begging and them not allowing it unless I sign their paperwork which we ABSOLUTELY Refuse because WE DO NOT CONSENT!! And did nothing wrong and signature is signing into a contract so ABSOLUTELY NOT.

10.21.15, Last visitwith children. Jeremy and Lexi going down big slide, with Ashton following. Image from Facebook.

10.21.15. Last visit with Lexi and Ashton because we refused to sign paperwork. Image from Facebook.

Sara and Jeremy were only allowed a handful of visitations, and threatened with arrest if she showed up at birthdays or holidays.

Ashton-Lexi collage. Christmas 2015 - without my babies!

Christmas 2015 – without my babies! We have been kept from our children this whole year and threatened with arrest if we showed up to their birthdays. Image of Ashton and Lexi from Facebook.

Mother Denied Finishing Jury Trial After Being Rushed to E.R.

After two court-appointed attorneys that refused to help her, or put anything on record, Sara was finally permitted to represent herself pro se. However, Sara was instructed not say anything that had to do with the best interest of the children, or mention her completion of parenting classes, letters of commendation, or any of the prior false allegations made by Bethany staff.

On December 9, 2015, at the jury trial, Sara told Judge Jude that she could not medically continue, and that she was having difficulty breathing and chest pains. The Judge made her continue, answering medical questions about the methadone treatment, until the ambulance arrived. While Sara was in the E.R., Judge Jude made findings that the children were in need of protection and services, and they should proceed to adoption.

Judge Jude

Judge Jude. Image from Facebook.

The judge claimed that Sara had abandoned the children because she did not have regular visits with them. The next day when Sara returned to court, she discovered that the jury had been dismissed and the trial was never finished. Sara never got to put any proof on record at the trial.

As Pro Se counsel, Sara Fights to Bring Ashton and Lexi Home

Sara discovered that the jurisdiction papers were not even filled out until 11 months after the children were removed, and when she challenged jurisdiction, the paperwork was altered. For the recent March 1, 2016 hearing, Sara filed many forms alleging corruption in the court, including:

  • Notice of Demand to Vacate Unlawful Entry: stating that court does not have Jurisdiction, the children were removed without warrants, and that Sara and Jeremy are appearing under duress, coercion, & threat, while their children are held hostage.
  • Rightful & Lawful Notice and Sworn Affidavit: stating that she is the rightful & lawful owner of herself and her children, and that the legal name SARA AMBROSINI, ASHTON KEEGAN and LEXI KEEGAN, are merely fiction!
  • Petition to return of Private Property & Habeas Corpus: to return Ashton and Princess Lexi
  • Violation Warning – Denial of Rights Under Color of Law : filed against Judge Jude for the continued violation of due process, both parents rights, and children rights.

The March 1 hearing was adjourned until April 4, 2016, the day before Judge Jude retires.

Sara also sent a letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who replied that he referred her concerns:

Reply from Paul Ryan.

Reply from Paul Ryan. Image from Sara.

Sara Pleads for Judge to “Do the Right Thing” before Retiring

Sara alleges she discovered a “friendship” between Judge Jude and the former director of Bethany Apartments, the one who made 15 false allegations against Sara when she was a resident there. Sara alleges that her “accuser’s” family endorsed John Jude when he ran for Judge, and that he was her attorney for 10 years. Sara believes that the Judge is carrying out a favor for his long-time friend, colluding with her to permanently remove Sara’s children, but Sara pleads for him to do the right thing and return her children as his last judicious act before he retires on April 5, 2016.

Sara continues to advocate and share what she is learning, pleading with the public to become aware:

I think I should educate those who aren’t aware of the corruption in family courts and with CPS. I continually update on my own page these statistics and such as well as hundreds to thousands of parents I talk to daily that have had their children removed usually illegally, like my situation, but always CPS, and everyone in the courts use conspiracy, corruption, falsified documents, perjury, etc. to take these children away.

Most children have NEVER been abused or neglected at all, and are not even at risk of being abused. No parents are safe.

This is an epidemic, mainstream media will not take our stories. People have to stop turning the other cheek, so what happens in the dark so to speak will come to the light.

My children have been illegally removed by the county CPS and Judge Jude and everyone else who is a government official is allowing this injustice, misconduct, inhumane acts against me and my family to happen, as well as trying to punish me for standing up, speaking out and not giving in to the greed. $$$ is what drives them to do this to innocent children and happy families. It is bigger than you can imagine, it must be stopped.

We must all speak out for what is right! There needs to be justice and fairness and the government officials are not above the law. They take an oath, they are trusted to do what is right!


Facebook Page

“Visit Bring Ashton and Lexi Keegan home on Facebook for crimes committed against us and updates to our story.” – Sara.

Contact Judge Jude:

By phone: 262- 636-3804

or by mail:

Honorable Judge John Jude

Racine Clerk of Courts

717 Wisconsin Ave

Racine, WI 53403

Contact Sara’s Congressmen:

Senator Robert W. Wirch here: [email protected]

Representative Cory Mason here: [email protected]


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