Witch Hunter Warner’s Own Russia Collusion Exposed…

Witch Hunter Warner’s Own Russia Collusion Exposed, Rescue RINO Helps Cover Up

by Rick Wells

Sen Mark Warner (D-VA) is effectively the co-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, along with RINO Richard Burr (R-NC). He’s hiding his own little Russia collusion and…

It should surprise no one that Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), often the de facto co-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee inquisition into President Trump, is joining with his fellow never-Trumper, RINO Sen Richard Burr (R-NC), in the attempt to remove President Trump from office.

Warner is following the Democrat play book as part of the Trump witch hunt, accusing the President of doing what we now learn Warner was doing himself. Democrats have a double standard and their hypocrisy on their side, never shy about accusing their opponents of misconduct they are themselves engaged in. In this case, evidence has surfaced that Warner attempted to collude with Russians.

Ed Henry reports that Warner “had extensive contact last year with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch who offered him access, yes, to Christopher Steele. Now Warner texted he would ‘rather not have a paper trail,’” says Henry, “in case he could not seal an agreement with the former British spy. Steele has still not agreed to an interview with the panel.”

Henry reports that Warner began texting with the lobbyist, Adam Waldman, in 2017, about brokering a deal with the Justice Department to get Julian Assange to the US to “potentially face criminal charges.” Warner’s office told Henry that he turned over whatever information he obtained in that matter to the FBI, as if that is somehow an honorable thing these days. It could have very well and probably was simply turning the information over to his accomplices in the corrupt deep state DOJ.   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Henry notes, “Warner and Waldman also exchanged dozens of texts about possible testimony from Waldman’s primary client, the Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska, who had his visa revoked in ’06 because of charges he has organized crime ties, which he denies.” So the guy investigating Trump is the caricature of the phony witch hunt, with an investigation into his own behavior, and that of his accomplice and cover man, RINO Sen Richard Burr, now seemingly appropriate.

Henry points out that “Warner was intent on connecting directly with Christopher Steele, without anyone else being in the loop, at least initially.” He says that an aide for the complicit Burr has made a partial admission, saying, “he was aware of the contact that Warner made, but adds that ‘I don’t believe he [Burr] was aware of the content of these messages.’”

Henry reads one text exchange, with Warner saying, “We have so much to discuss u need to be careful but we can help our country,” presumably by framing or otherwise taking down President Trump. Waldman, whose firm is tied to Hillary Clinton, replied, “I’m in.”

Henry also points out some other efforts to keep his contact with sought after contact with Steele a secret, texting, “Hey can’t we do brief (off the record) call today before letter so I can frame letter,” to which Waldman agreed, with an expression of a concern over leaks.

Warner then again referenced his wanting to keep everything quiet, texting to Waldman, “We want to do this right private in London don’t want to send letter yet cuz if we can’t get agreement wud rather not have paper trail.”

In attempting to make the whole thing go away so that they can get back to framing President Trump, Warner and his RINO accomplice, Richard Burr, issued a joint statement. In it they said, “From the beginning of our investigation we have taken each step in a bipartisan [establishment never-Trump] way, and we intend to continue to do so…Leaks of incomplete information out of context by anyone, inside or outside…our committee [exposing their duplicity and corruption] are unacceptable.”

They continued with the “this is old news, nothing to see here” spin, saying, “The Senate Intelligence Committee has been in possession of this material for several months…The full committee has had access to the material and been briefed.” There we go, it’s nothing, forget about it. If it had been President Trump who had done what Warner did, Burr and Warner would be calling for impeachment. But since it involves on of the witch hunters, it was, as Al Sharpton would say, “taken out of context.”

Just why did the Virginia Senator need to leave the country for this meeting? What type of involvement with the Russians and this dirty DNC dossier did Warner have and what is he trying to cover up, both then and now?


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