World Governments Adopt the ‘Vaccinate Your Child or Else’ Policy

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By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

Who is actually in favor of mandatory vaccinations, other than the pharmaceutical industry and world governments? Very few of us, it appears, and yet, despite various petitions, public outcry and proof of adverse reactions, more and more governments from around the world are making their position very clear: vaccinate your child, or else!

After extensive research, it appears that various governments, including the US, Australia, Israel, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria, are either in the process of introducing mandatory vaccination as part of their health policy or already have one or more vaccinations that are compulsory.

This is what I have discovered on the topic during my extensive investigation.

The US Government

As many of you will be aware, SB 277 is a bill recommending that all children must be vaccinated in the state of California, with or without their parents’ permission. Any child who has not been vaccinated with all state-mandated vaccines will be denied the right to a public education.

Many parents, caregivers, and professionals are against the bill and are making their feelings on the subject very clear.

One mother, Caitlan Sullivan, has become so concerned about her rights as a parent being taken away that she has made her views on the subject abundantly clear in a letter she wrote to California Governor Jerry Brown:

“Governor Brown, I’m sure you recognize that children today are subject to no less than 3 times as many vaccines as the previous generation. Parents today are facing a much more significant question about vaccines than parents 30 years ago were facing.

Something is broken, Governor Brown. Our children have never been sicker, and our requirement for vaccines has never been higher. I understand correlation doesn’t equal causation, but please point me to a study that shows the benefit of heavy metal exposure on the human body. Children in the U.S. are fraught with auto-immune diseases, deadly allergies, asthma, eczema, perpetual ear infections, and childhood cancers. Autism rates are staggeringly high (1 in 68).

According to the CDC, our infant mortality rate is higher than any of the other 27 first world countries! This wasn’t the case 30 years ago. Don’t you think we should figure out what is happening to our babies? I personally know four people that have lost their baby to SIDS. Is that normal?” (sic)

Ms. Sullivan is one mother that is certainly not afraid to speak her mind and her letter to the governor is crammed full of facts, figures and meticulous research. She completed her extremely long and detailed letter by appealing to his better nature, stating:

“Please ask yourself before casting your deciding vote, am I sacrificing the people’s liberty for a real threat? Do you really know better than me what is best for my child? There is no reason for us to be blindly supportive of the vaccine initiative.

I understand that this is a tough position for you to be in, but that doesn’t waive your responsibility to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, to which you swore an oath. You are in a position to make a unique and lasting change to protect our children, and the way to do this is to demand answers, not force these unsafe, untested, pharmaceutical drugs on our children.

We are all worried about making the right decisions for the protection of our children. Governor Brown, you were always the champion of a women’s right to choose. There should be NO disconnect on this issue. Women should not only have the right to choose, we should have the right to protect our children once they are born!

My understanding is that the Democratic Party is the party that champions itself as being a protector of individual rights and liberty. I ask you to look at this issue through those eyes. Removing the philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccines is akin to declaring martial law. Do you really want to be imposing a medical police state over cold and flu-like symptoms?

I know you are a highly educated, and thoughtful man. Please think about this! Again, I truly appreciate you taking the time to write me on behalf of this issue and welcome any response.” (sic)

It will be interesting to see if her time, effort and opinions are deemed worthy enough of a reply from Governor Brown or if she will receive the usual standard reply of “Thank you for your letter, your points have been duly noted.”

Ms. Sullivan was not the only person to have written to Governor Brown regarding the issue of mandatory vaccinations. The Californian Coalition for Health Choice also wrote a letter to the governor. In a very succinct letter, they wrote:

“We urge you to withhold your support of SB277 and SB792. These are bad bills with major financial repercussions and implementation issues that have as of yet, not been addressed.

The issues enveloped in these bills fall into the categories of personal & parental rights, medical choice, religious choice, FAPE, constitutional precedence for parental rights and forced vaccines, medical exemption challenges, vaccine injury, and the lack of liability for pharmaceutical companies with respect to vaccine hot lots, injury, and damage.

This bill impacts your community. We are mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, educators, daycare providers, physicians, attorneys, small business owners, clergy, scientists, and people of faith that span all race, income, and political party.

We respectfully request your opposition of these bills. Vaccine medicine is not ready for a mandate. Neither is California or your constituents.


The California Coalition for Health Choice”

Their letter is strong and to the point and their views and opinions are being mirrored throughout the state of California.

Yet More Evidence Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations

Both of these letters are powerful examples of public opinion and it appears that these writers are not the only ones to oppose mandatory vaccinations. Another website making a stance against the SB 277 bill is the Californian Coalition for Vaccine Choice. They state in bold letters at the top of their page …

“If there is a risk, there must be a choice, NO ON SB 277.”

They continued their position by listing four extremely powerful reasons why they believe that the SB 277 bill should not be passed, pointing out the fact that children in the US receive 69 doses of vaccines for 16 different viral and bacterial illnesses. They stated:

“A vaccine exemption is filed regardless of whether the exemption is for one dose or all doses. Those supporting forced vaccination are being dishonest by not acknowledging the exploding vaccine schedule while misrepresenting the true percentage of personal belief exemptions and implying that a child who is behind on one booster shot is unvaccinated.”

Read the bill in full

I agree with their views and feel that they outlined a well-thought out argument to support their stance. It appears that the list of people opposing the bill keeps growing by the day. Imagine my surprise when I was given a YouTube video clip of a Merck representative stating that she, too, is against mandatory vaccination. She stated:

“I work as a sales rep with Merck and I oppose this bill. I am the mother of a four year-old vax-free, healthy child.”

Nurses too, are against the mandatory vaccinations, it appears, and on the Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations website, they make their feelings very clear. They stated:

“NAMV is NOT anti-vaccine. We are simply against forced medical procedures. All patients, all ages, all sex, and we believe that all patients, including healthcare workers, have the right to refuse medical procedures that they do not want or feel that they need. We wish to bring awareness to this.”

They are careful to point out that they are not anti-vaccination but are pro-choice. Interestingly, they outlined a total of nine other professional organizations that agree with their stance against forced vaccination in the workplace.

Whilst I fully appreciate that the SB 277 does not target the adult population or the medical profession per se, there is no guarantee that these groups will not be targeted in the future.

Australia Introduce Mandatory Vaccinations Through the Backdoor

Australia is currently in the process of introducing what they call a no jab no pay’ policy, which means that any parent who chooses not to vaccinate their children will miss out on government benefits worth as much as $15,000 per child a year as punishment for not vaccinating.

According to News NN, who reported on the story, under current laws families with children who are not immunised can still receive annual childcare rebates and other benefits if they have a personal, philosophical or religious objection to vaccination. However, all of this is about to change, as current rules will be tightened in such a way that very few people will be able to opt out.

News NN reported that:

“Social Services Minister Scott Morrison said he only expected a very small number of families to be exempted from the Government’s new policy.

Mr. Morrison said parents seeking a religious exception would need to be registered with their church or similar organisation.

“That’s the only basis upon which you can have a religious exception, and there are no mainstream religions that have such objections registered so this would apply to a very, very small proportion of people,”

he said.

“It’d be lucky to be in the thousands, if that.”

“The choice made by families not to immunise their children is not supported by public policy or medical research, nor should such action be supported by taxpayers in the form of childcare payments,” Mr. Abbott added in a joint statement with Mr. Morrison.”

However, who really suffers: is it the parents or is it their children? By taking away the parent’s right to choose, parents are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they choose to go ahead and have their children vaccinated, they are potentially putting their child at risk from adverse reactions. However, if they choose not to vaccinate their children, then they will not receive benefits, which could put their children at risk from malnutrition if they cannot afford to feed them and potentially miss out on having the benefits of child-care facilities.

Australia is Not Alone, as Israel Has Already Adopted the No Jab, No Pay Policy

In Israel, the No jab, No pay’ policy already exists. According to the Jewish Journal, families who refuse to vaccinate their child cannot receive child allowances. This was put into place in April 2015 after a clause was added to a coalition agreement and signed by the Likud Party and the Haredi Orthodox United Torah Judaism Party. The Jewish Journal reported that:

“Those who support the clause say it’s a necessary public health measure, aimed at forcing the hand of those who refuse to vaccinate their children.”

They continued:

“The clause is the latest in a string of government attempts to use child subsidies to influence citizens’ behaviors and shape the contours of Israeli society.”

However, whilst many support the clause, others do not, as they believe it is being used to blackmail parents into vaccinating their children and say that many could be put at risk. In an email written to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Yizhak Kadman, Executive Director of the Israel National Council for the Child, wrote:

“We cannot agree to a precedent that hurts children due to actions of their parents that the state does not like. Cutting the child subsidies will unnecessarily hurt poor families and weak populations that are sometimes excluded from health services.”

It remains unclear as to whether or not the clause will be added to next year’s coalition agreement.

Mandatory Vaccinations Already in Force Throughout the EU

Interestingly, it appears that mandatory vaccinations are commonplace in the European Union (EU). On May 5, 2015, author Anna Watson, writing for the Ecologist, stated that:

“We all have the human right to freedom of informed medical consent. However this right is violated in 40% of EU countries which impose mandatory vaccination under threat of fines or imprisonment. Now health campaigners are petitioning the EU to protect and promote citizens’ right to make their own informed medical choices.”

She wrote:

“More recently there have been protests in Poland, Serbia and other European countries where childhood vaccination is mandatory: in March in Belgrade, Serbia, and this month demonstrations are planned for the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

In fact just under 40% of EU member countries have some vaccines mandated, from only Polio in Belgium, to 17 doses against 10 diseases in Hungary and 22 doses against 10 diseases in Serbia (non-EU member).

For example, parents in Belgium face jail if they refuse to vaccinate their children with polio. In Serbia parents who refuse vaccination are fined around a month’s wages or face losing their children after a court hearing.”

If all of this information were not shocking enough, she continued by stating that:

“In some countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and others), medical or religious exemptions do not even apply. The parents there are also seeing vaccine damage but they do not even have reporting systems, let alone a damage fund as we do in the UK.”

In other words, children are being force-vaccinated by their government, and if they should become vaccine-damaged in the process, their parents have no way of reporting their child’s injury! If parents refuse to vaccinate they could face fines, imprisonment or face losing their child as a consequence.


It appears that more governments worldwide are mandating vaccinations on a daily basis and parents are completely powerless to stop them. Who are these people that make all the decisions, and what right do they have to impose their largely unproven theories that ALL vaccinations are safe and effective for ALL children?

Let’s face it, it does make you wonder what their real agenda is, doesn’t it?

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  1. If by now it is not yet clear to everybody that vaccination is scientific fraud, trauma based mind control, Big Brother and genocide all rolled into one, I don’t know what has to happen for people to wake up!

  2. How do you fulfil the first commandment of the Georgia Guide-stones new very very serious Global Guidelines? Wars, Environmental terror, Psychological terror, Economic terror and by LETHAL INJECTION by FORCE. These people are NOT messing around, they DO believe you are their expendable CHATTLE GOYIM, for usury, rape, murder, theft, blood ritual, torture, or any additional abomination that is allowed in their Holiest Book of their Torah named the Talmud… ALL the cognitive dissonance and denial will not change this one single iota. All denial does is expedite their plans and prevent it from going forward. Plain and simple. If not stopped, if participation in voicing non consent for all of the above and unity against it, it will become fully imposed forever. People, billions of people will perish simply by lack of knowledge, and willful apathy. Its a choice made as a world community, stand up, or let humanity be exterminated by engineered designed. Each single person has a responsibility, except for severely mentally challenged or lack of mental hardware through chemical saturation of the higher cognitive centers of the brains, otherwise there is no excuses of course. Humanity MUST unite now. IMO Thank you

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