How Do You Write a Headline for A David Icke Video?

by The Liberty Beacon Staff

First off, if you have never watched and listed to David Icke, Make sure you are setting down and strapped in.

Our headline ask how do you ‘write a headline’ for Icke. That is because when David Icke gives a presentation the material is so much broader than the headline description, it literally leaves you gasping for some oxygen. Watching and listening to Icke is like climbing a mountain starting at 2,000 ft and when you get to the top at 14,000 ft you get a 360′ view. A view that in most cases takes your breath away.

We now turn you over to David Icke to be amazed, annoyed and entertained… but most of all to get a dose of the Truth about who controls The World and How They Do It:


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