Yellow Vests, Real Grassroots People, Hated by Media (Video)

ER Editor:  Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou give us a useful commentary drawing comparisons between real citizen protest like the Yellow Vests and the fake, very violent protests of the Antifa types in the US. Below are some notes, but we recommend listening to the insightful commentary of Mercouris.

This is linked-to below, but we do recommend watching how Fox News obliges its presenter to cut away from a White House briefing by Kayleigh McEnany on the violence in Portland. It’s stunning for its unscripted clumsiness: LINK.

The Violent Trainwreck of Portland vs. The Protest ‘Done Right’ of the Yellow Vests.

What’s the difference?

  • Portland Riots: What are they rioting about, what are they ‘protesting’ about? It’s actually hard to say. The Oregon govt is on their side! It’s a fundamental question about BLM since it began. What kind of revolution is this if is intended to put Biden in the White House? It’s not a revolution, but a COUNTER-revolution to rescue the Democratic Party oligarchy. Now these riots have gone out of control; violent crime in many places is escalating. Public opinion is now going against them, so it’s backfiring – as it was bound to do. There is a comeback in the polls for Trump. We need to remember that the Dems, Deep State, Hollywood, Neoliberals, Globalists, etc. are simply trying to burn the whole country down up to November in order to get Trump removed at election time. They’ve used the virus, Russia-gate, the death of George Floyd, impeachment, etc. For this to work, Americans are assumed to be completely stupid! They can see what is going on and who’s doing it. Let’s not forget that it is the primary job of any Govt in a democratic and constitutional country to maintain law and order. They can also see that Trump is trying to restore order. Those against Trump are so deluded and unbalanced that they have lost sight of this. They are completely disconnected from reality. It is absurd to allow a violent crime wave to take hold and then expect votes for the candidate who allows this. Frankly, they are dangerous people who should never be trusted with power. It’s clear they are very angry, dangerous and deluded. Now for a comparison: Yellow Vests vs. Portland-style rioters, and the media’s role in it. Why are the Yellow Vests a REAL protest vs. the trainwreck of Portland?
  • Political motivations: The Yellow Vest movement is truly of the ordinary French people because their political and, above all, economic position has been severely eroded. This is widely accepted. The govt is no longer functioning in their interests at all; the political system is being manipulated to disqualify candidates. Taxes are undermining ordinary people’s livelihoods while the economy is not good. The govt wants to subsume France in the EU and the globalist project, which is rightly seen as going against ordinary people’s interests.  The nation and its symbols are despised. Again, we have to ask what the Portland Antifa people are really protesting about. History, monuments, and …? It’s hard to say. French people have been forced into protest, but the Portland types are being manipulated by the political elite.
  • There are also operational differences. In France, the overwhelming level of violence has come from the govt, authorities and police directed against the Yellow Vests. In the US, the police are being undermined by govt authority through defunding and criticism, etc.; those committing the violence are the ‘protestors’. Finally, Yellow Vests never target small businesses and statues, because they are defending French culture and history as well as their economy.
  • These two sets of protests are totally different. Yellow Vests are crying out against their own oppression; the Portland type of riots are orchestrated by a powerful political faction in the US aiming at taking power. In France, the media are against the Yellow Vests; they are for the Portland rioters in the US. The media is owned on both sides by the same type of people. The MSM stance says it all.
  • The UK media have begun to mention that these protests are working in Trump’s favour.  Remember that Trump never wanted this violence in the first place! His Mt. Rushmore speech was very effective and a moment for him to turn things around, although the media distorted it.
  • Constitutionally, Trump is in the right, protecting federal buildings, etc. It’s a no-brainer legally. If local authorities like those in Portland don’t defend govt property, then it’s beholden on the federal govt to do so. The federal govt has a duty to defend the United States. Those ‘troops’ sent in to defend public order are not actually troops. Any other interpretation is a mis-reading of the law. The US govt does have legal power to send in troops in case of breakdown of order. It was done by Democrat Lyndon Johnson in the ’60s, for example.


Yellow Vests, grassroots, hated by media (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 609

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Portland riots and the difference between what is happening in Portland with violent ANTIFA thugs directed by Soros like elites, and what happened during a real grassroots protest with the Yellow Vests in France.

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Via Zerohedge..

Fox News abruptly cut away from Friday’s White House press briefing after Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany played a video of the ongoing riots in Portland, Oregon.

“We were not expecting that video,” said Fox host Harris Faulkner, adding “Our management here at Fox News has decided we will pull away from that at this time.”

Some have speculated over social media that the decision to was made due to an uncensored portion of the clip containing graffiti with “fuck the police” on it, while others claim the network has run similar footage, and that the network cut away long after that portion of the White House’s clip.

Networks hate it when they can’t control the narrative…


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