“You’re all a Bunch of Political Prostitutes!” Jim Traficant’s Hilarious Final Speech

“You’re all a Bunch of Political Prostitutes!” Jim Traficant’s Hilarious Final Speech July 19, 2014, Washington, DC – The National Kick Off of Project Freedom USA.

This video was adapted for a Live Radio Show and Simultaneous Facebook Event TONIGHT, Sunday, Nov 2, 2014, 10 PM EST — the show is LetFreedomRing2014.com paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014. Jim Condit Jr. had been working and traveling with Jim Traficant, Project Freedom USA, for the last 6-months of his life and is attempting to carry on his work.

This show will cover many critical subjects from False Flags to Traficant’s sudden and tragic death. Join Us AND Post your Questions at the event so Jim can answer them LIVE ON-AIR! Let’s move forward!

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How the Tea Party has been Infiltrated…and what needs to be done about it.
Let’s “Put and End to Boo-Hoo Boehner!”
By Judy Spady (Liberty Activist)

The Tea Party Movement started out on the right track with the goal of trying to educate people on why we MUST return to Constitutional governance and with protesting some of the tyrannical policies being unfolded. Unfortunately, the movement has been infiltrated by the Republican Party and is no longer effective because of it. Much of the information fed to the national Tea Party groups are items that make it sound important but are the wrong battles to fight. How do I know this? I was one of the state leaders in the movement and witnessed it being manipulated.

The election of 2012 saw a division within the Tea Party/912 groups because many people, like myself, broke away from it after realizing that the national groups (like Tea Party Patriots) were saying that they were for “Fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets” but who were supporting many candidates that didn’t represent these things at all.

In 2010, the movement was more united when the House of Representatives was flipped to be led by the GOP and John Boehner was put into place as Speaker of the House…along with all of his theater-type tears and crying. We thought we had a win but it didn’t take long for almost all of these, newly elected, Tea Party leaders to show their true colors. Look at some of the utter failures like Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Scott Tipton and you will realize that they aren’t just incompetent but rather a part of the plan to stab the people in the back and continue the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

The ONLY effective answer to this is to stop voting for traitors like this! It’s really that simple. The argument of voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’ no longer works nor should be applied. It is time that “We the People” do our duty to the Constitution and put these bums out. Let’s start at the top with Boehner.

There is one man who is running against Boehner in this election and is trying to wake people up to what is happening – Jim Condit Jr. (http://www.letfreedomring2014.com/). A radio show will be held tonight where anyone can pose a question to Jim about the things he is trying to expose and accomplish. All you have to do is visit the Facebook EVENT “Put an End to Boo-Hoo Boehner!” CLICK ON THE ABOVE GRAPHIC!

This is about far more than just this election – it is about waking up Tea Party activists who should be fighting these battles but don’t. Jim will discuss many of these issues on the show tonight so please join us!

Battles the Tea Party should be fighting but doesn’t:

End the Federal Reserve and the IRS!
The international banking cartel that gave us these falsehoods that are used to control our economy and keep us slaves to their greed. The Fed is a private, international bank that was unconstitutional from the start and the IRS is unconstitutional, as well. Jim Condit worked, closely, with Jim Traficant (former Congressman who just died) to try and put an end to this fraud when they launched Project Freedom USA (http://www.projectfreedomusa.org/). This must be at the top of the list of battles to be fought.

End the Illegal Wars Based on Lies!

Wars are the biggest export we have and the Military Industrial Complex, that Eisenhower warned us about and JFK vowed to stop, just gets richer at the expense of the death of our boys. It should be clear how unconstitutional these wars are and we need to bring our boys home and put an end to the empire building and the high costs. The Republican Party is full of war mongers who stifle the conversation of the Tea Party movement on this topic. Stop supporting ANY candidate who is part of the war machine!

The neocons have infiltrated the party in you can read more about it in this great book, “High Priests of War” by Michael Collins-Piper (Free version – https://archive.org/details/HighPriestsOfWar)

Expose the Vote Fraud that gives us no voice!
Jim Condit Jr. has been fighting on this issue for decades and we must stop the computerized vote counts that are fed to the same place in New York City where the votes get manipulated in the ways the government thugs want it and the people lose. You can learn a lot about this issue by reading books, articles, videos on this website – http://www.guardiansforliberty.com/restore-transparent-elections.html

Stop the push to amend (destroy!) our Constitution!
Many Tea Party activists have fallen into the trap of believing Mark Levin/Glen Beck/Michael Farris in their push to amend the Constitution. Our problem is not the Constitution. The problem is that “we the people” don’t demand that our representatives follow it! In fact, we keep voting for those who shred it. This current push (led by groups like “Convention of States”) is the ultimate plan of the left and right coming together to get rid of our Constitution once and for all. This is a great article on what is happening – http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/18332-working-together-to-rewrite-the-constitution and you can learn more about the lies these groups are telling Tea Party activists by using the resources at www.defendnotamend.com

Fight back against our unlimited funding of Israel!
Patriots, across the nation, should be looking at their representatives more closely and analyzing how much they support this unlimited funding and asking why it never ends? Some have been brave enough to speak out against the Israeli Lobby and this funding but then groups like AIPAC get a hold of them and they flip-flop on their answers. This even happened with Rand Paul

The point is, that we should be questioning why we ONLY do this with one country, especially a nation who hasn’t always been our friend – Remember the U.S.S. Liberty?

Also, look at how many of our Congressional representatives hold Dual US-Israel Citizenship:


I write this article in support of liberty candidates, like Jim Condit Jr., who is running against Speaker of the House Boehner, but I write it as a plea to Tea Party activists across the nation. We must CRUSH THE DUOPOLY (and that reminds me of another great liberty fighter who is challenging the establishment in South Dakota and needs our support – Lori Stacey http://www.loristacey.com/

G. Edward Griffin explains why this has to be the main battle in the war for our liberties and freedom:

Put an end to the 2-party corruption that is out to destroy our Republic! The war is not left vs. right, it is “us” vs. “them” and it’s VITAL to understand how “collectivism” is what is crushing us.

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