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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Drilling for oil

Drilling for oil
Photo by Ken LaRive 2000

With a twinkle in their eyes, old timers reminisce about the way it once was in the oilfield. Woven in the colored tapestry of stories is an old cliché, passed from chow halls to rig floors, accompanied by the resonance of motors and pumps. It is usually used to emphasize a bumbling mistake, a near miss, or as a blunt comparison to the way it once was, when there were “men of steel and rigs of wood.” Of course it is flavored with a bit of humor, but always used to make a point…

Men of “the old school” still remember it vividly, and these seasoned veterans want to instill in novice “worms” that those early work ethics should not be forgotten. It’s said these men of steel drank “Texas Tea” for breakfast, and had “Black Gold” for blood. They never got cold, or tired, as they remember, and worked as long as the sun was up, without complaint, happy to have a job. It took a strong breed of men to tackle the early oil industry, and some think our young hands just don’t have what it takes. Of course they do, but the early oilfield broke so much new ground by discovery and invention, that memories of it today seem bigger than life. What they have in common are the challenges and responsibilities they accept.

The word “wildcat” was invented to describe the danger of drilling where no rig had drilled before. Company Men let the hole “talk” to them. It was a new language learned by hard knocks, and years of time standing on the shakers looking at cuttings. Geology was taught by tempered observation, and there was wonder and magic for some of the things we may take for granted today. There was amazement while drilling through huge chunks of wood at 5,000 feet, the unexpected dangers of transitional zones and pressured shale, or the finding of great mushroom walls of obstructions like sulfur and salt domes blocking the pay. Before seismic surveys, these things could not yet be explained or predicted, and methods of drilling were explored by the seat of their pants.

There was a young man named Patrick F. Taylor who grew up in the middle of these gutsy times. He looked around his home town of Beaumont Texas, and saw his calling. He wanted to be an oilman.

He knew that in order to be successful he had to have the proper education, and so set out to apply himself in that direction. Though he came from humble beginnings, his dreams pulled him forward. He received an academic scholarship to Kinkaid, Houston’s finest prep school, in spite of being kicked out of his house at 16. Some kids grew up fast in those days, especially one motivated, and when Mr. Taylor finished high school, he immediately struck out on his own. The world was big, full of opportunity, and Mr. Taylor wanted a piece for himself.

With empty pockets he found his way to Louisiana. There he had heard of a college called Louisiana State University, which had no tuition. His drive secured a petroleum engineering degree in 1959, accomplished in just three and a half years, and from that springboard pushed forward with an innate savvy for business. He got his first job with Mr. John Mecom Sr., and quickly made a name for himself with his own consulting and production company. The Circle Bar Drilling Company was started with Mr. Mecom in 1974, and became a very successful drilling contracting company. It was sold in 1979, at which time Mr. Taylor formed Taylor Energy Company in New Orleans. Today, Taylor Energy Company is one of the larger independent oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico and remains solely owned. Taylor Energy Company is the only individually owned company ever to explore for and produce oil and natural gas in Federal offshore waters in the Gulf of Mexico. It took raw courage, and Mr. Taylor staked his entire life savings knowing full well that he was attempting to play with the big boys …large conglomerate corporations with seemingly unlimited capital and manpower. He dove in with the same tenacity he had as a sixteen year old, and won!

The October 2004 issue of Forbes Magazine listed that Mr. Taylor was ranked 234 of the 400 richest people in America. He has amassed a fortune worth in excess of 1.2 billion.

On November 5th, 2004, Mr. Taylor died from complications due to bacterial endocarditis at the age of 67. It may seem to some a short life, but what Mr. Taylor saw and did in his allotted time, most wouldn’t accomplish in a thousand. His adventure spirit brought him and his wife around the world. He was quite good at riding bronco bulls, but they say he took his share of spills too. He had a passion for wild game safaris in Africa, the racing of cigar boats in the Mississippi River, and logged 500 plus skydives, but in spite of this flamboyant spirit, Mr. Taylor was typically known to be very conservative. He would never speed while driving; in fact, he thought it was a sincere and sacred duty not to break social law. He played by the rules.

Mr. Taylor remembered his past and how he had been allowed to attend Louisiana State University with only his will to learn as tuition. Just as he had done in those early days as a boy, he looked around at the circumstances surrounding him in New Orleans, and recognized the need for change. He knew from his own experience that if given the opportunity, those without means may flourish academically. It struck home in 1988 when he was asked to speak to a group of 183 underachieving and troubled inner-city 7th and 8th grade students who were expected to drop out of school. He saw in their eyes the same hunger he once had, and made a magnanimous gesture that showed the true heart and spirit of this self-made man.

He told these kids that if they maintained a college prep “B” average, and stayed out of trouble, that he would sponsor them in college. The response from the students and their parents was overwhelming. Many went on to college with five of those students being recognized in Who’s Who Among American High School Students. It was a turning point.

Government publications were researched by Mr. Taylor, and he found alarming statistics… 80 percent of American parents felt they could not afford to send their children to college. Further study showed the trends of student performance versus tuition costs, and though every public university in Louisiana had an “open admissions policy,” changes would have to be made to make it profitable. He saw that students came to university mostly unprepared, and there was a very high incidence of dropout in the first semester. ACT scores were below the national average and many students needed remedial courses to get up to par with the University standard. With this data in hand, and a lot of hard work, the Louisiana Legislature finally adopted what was coined “The Taylor Plan,” and was first signed into law July 10th, 1989.

If the student qualified, tuition and fees were paid at any four year public college of their choice in Louisiana. This was an unprecedented achievement, and since that time twenty other states have adopted similar programs.

The original Taylor Plan is now called “TOPS,” the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students. Its requirements are a 2.5 GPA, a minimum of 16.5 college prep units in high school, and a score of at least 20 on the ACT test. By Mr. Taylor’s insistence, and his never give up attitude, TOPS is now considered the most comprehensive and successful program of its kind in the nation. In 1997, legislation in Louisiana went one step further, eliminating income as a program requirement. Today, 40,000 plus students are taking advantage of TOPS in Louisiana, based entirely on performance.

A quote from the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation mission statement shows the ideals that so inspired this great leader, visionary, husband, successful oilman, and he lives on in the hearts of many: “…to promote the common good and well being of all the people of our nation, primarily by promoting universal and unlimited educational opportunities based solely on each individual’s demonstrated ability and willingness to learn.”

Mr. Taylor is sorely missed, and not just in the oil industry. His quick wit and positive attitude still echoes in the halls of Taylor Energy Headquarters at Lee Circle, New Orleans. What this amazing Texan turned Louisianan did, can not be measured, as the lives of countless people have been touched, by his vision, his dreams, and his good heart. He gave a large part of his time and effort to make this world a better place, and set in motion a way of looking at ourselves and the world where the power of a positive attitude can maintain and sustain us. His love for people was the building blocks of a life where his pride and hope displaced despair. He was a man who made original ideas reality, and took on his shoulders the responsibility for putting something back.

Sometimes, we are just too close to the light of history in the making to see it clearly. With time, the true awareness of what this man has done will be recognized. Mr. Patrick F. Taylor illuminated Louisiana, and in the process made our world a better place. He will be known throughout the ages as one of America’s true greats.

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“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and  commerce.”  – James A. Garfield, President of the United States


Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” – Thomas Jefferson


“The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers.” — Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa)


“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” — Henry Ford

“If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” – Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife


“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild 

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monsanto money burning 263x164 Big Win! Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops
By Christina Sarich

Are you invested in Monsanto stock like Bill Gates, who owns hundreds of thousand of Monsanto shares worth about $23 million? It might be time to pull out since the company just reported over $156 million in losses for the fourth quarter.

“For the quarter ended Aug. 31, Monsanto reported a loss of $156 million, or 31 cents per share, compared with a loss of $249 million, or 47 cents per share, in the same period last year.”

It’s a tough time for biotech, and thank goodness. Monsanto’s losses were attributed to farmers in major agricultural zones favoring soy over GMO corn because of falling crop prices – largely caused by Syngenta’s release of MIR162 corn, which has been completely refused by Chinese officials repeatedly – which have depressed both local and foreign corn bushel prices.

There is a looming $1 billion dollar class action lawsuit Syngenta will face, currently pending in three states over the release of AGRISURE VIPTERA® 4. All three class action suits were filed this past week in Federal Courts by U.S. farmers.

Syngenta also just happens to be the company that has covered up the true toxicity of Atrazine, and the company has been sued in six different states to clean up more than 1000 water systems in six states where the herbicide has been found polluting rivers, streams, and lakes.

Soybeans sales are still around $200 million, doubled from previous years, but they account for a much lower market share than the GMO corn products which Monsanto sells and promotes for use with their toxic herbicide, RoundUp.

Adjusted losses for the biotech bully come to 27 cents a share, three cents worse than estimates.

While it would have been nice to take down this Agri Business giant for different reasons, it seems the company’s partner in crime, Syngenta, is doing the work of dismantling the GMO paradigm for us.

In the last two years, Monsanto has reported huge losses, so we must be doing something right. If this trend continues, and it should if we continue the good fight, then we can all hope to see the GMO Empire crumble in due time. Continue raising awareness and purchasing non-GMO, organic foods. Voice your words with your dollar.

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”-Thomas Jefferson

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Know thy enemy.” was written in The Art of War, and “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” With this in mind I give you your true enemy. An enemy who works steadfast and unrelenting inside the folds of our country, and outside the boundary called rule of law. We see their work in the light of day… that which was scientifically prepared and carefully presented in increments for us to digest with deceit… in the dead of night. Their power is so formidable, their intelligence and insight so pronounced, they can appear as our very best partner, while undermining the very structure and fabric that identifies all future paths for our nation, by lies and deceit. I give to you, The Federal Reserve System. -Ken LaRive, 1999.

101 years of slavery…

Long ago… so long ago it now seems more of a myth, there was a country called The United States of America. It was a land of vast resources, a land of opportunity, a land of Liberty, and a land of dreams. People from all over the world came here, oppressed and enslaved by totalitarian church states, and some so poor they worked as indentured servants for seven years, just to get the price of passage…

All that changed just 101 years ago. And though many dates are important to us as a nation, with some living on in infamy, no other has more profound implication to our nation than the date, December 23, 1913.

Until that date, we had a country whose Congressional Statesmen, most overwhelmingly, adhered to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And though there were men in the folds of our nation who wanted to change us fundamentally, even to help international entries gain control of us from the inside, our constitution was still virtually intact, as laid out by our founders. But since that time, for all intent and purpose, both Liberty and our National Treasure has been stolen.

Of all of the stipulations of that mighty document, our Constitution, one element was thought to be primary to our amazing success, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5. If you have not read the Constitution, you are doing yourself and your children a great disservice. It is the variable key not only to unlocking your dreams, but a key to the very shackles you find yourself in today. Shackles, that you proudly polish by the threat of a gun… “Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.”

Right after that is another very profound clause, found in the same section 8. It stipulates that Congress has the power to “punish counterfeiters.” So with a “Once Upon A Time” story, I’d like to explain to you just what happened…

A traitorous Congress…

A few men, men very similar to those who hold office of power on both sides of the aisle today, now called Neocons on the Right, and Progressives on the left, are virtually indistinguishable in their actions. They promote themselves to be different, but once in office will ignore the original platform they used to get elected… It seems that they are quickly briefed… and that the remainder of their tenure is somewhat scripted… and they become virtually indistinguishable… Why? …because both are bought and paid for by the same set of lobbyists… And most all, almost to the last man, have done everything for their specific scripted agendas, even at the expense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the NDAA and Patriot Act will attest. But just as most Americans have not read the Constitution, so too have they not read these manifestos of slavery, and that includes one of the biggest scams in our history, Obama-care..

The lost letter… and the invisible government…

In a letter found in the personal effects of my long deceased father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Makezitch, from a man named W. B. Vennard Sr., National Chairman for Americans for America, (1968), there was an amazing historical revelation that stimulated me to learn more: “A traitorous Congress, led principally by Senator Nelson Aldrich of New York, kin of the Rockefeller clan, and one Carter Glass, Senator from Virginia, unconstitutionally- (because this Act constituted an illegal amendment of the Constitution) -sneaked through Congress just two days before Christmas in 1913, when many in that body had gone home for the Holidays,(pushed through) The Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve Banks, a system owned and operated not by the United States Government, as many have been led to believe, but by a group of private Rothschild and affiliated bankers sent here from Europe for the express purpose of gaining control of this Nation’s money system, just as they had done in every nation in Europe with the exception of Czarist Russia, up to that time, and involved that continent in war after war. “

The Banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb Company, sent Paul Warburg to America from their office in Hamburg, Germany, to become the chief “engineer,” implementer, and spokesman for the newly proposed system, and voila, was appointed first Governor of the Federal Reserve Board. Yes, of course, there were those who emphatically opposed it on principle, and they fought this bill on the floor of Congress. In the middle of the fray, that goes on as a small act of defiance to this very day, one voice stood out as a loyal Constitutionalists, Congressman Lindbergh of Minnesota. He said: “This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs the Bill, the invisible Government by the Monetary Power will be legalized… The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed… The people must make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the (this) monetary power… This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress, the division of Congress into political parties is a crime…” I had to read this several times…

Since that bill was signed into law by President Wilson, this nation has been sliding down a slippery slope- The involvement of two World Wars, and from that time a barrage of so called “police actions,” and the reality of today is a heading to what can only be described as a “One World Government.” War is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex, and there is no end in sight… Without a doubt, if we the people can not find the means to curb this domineering power, all will be lost. Well, read on, there is indeed a solution to be found…there is hope for us as a nation and society.

Today we are being primed for war, by fear and hatred, and there are no means for the average person to reason it out. Promoted by a media dominated and controlled by these mega-corporations, new enemies are being created and destroyed in a never-ending process, and with it our national debt is the virtual fulfillment of Lindbergh’s prophecy. He warned us, as so many others along the way tried to do with no avail, and today the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air just to pay the interest on that debt… And since this is not taught in school, and the new American mindset is the never ending need for government involvement in every aspect of their lives, no declaration of independence seems evident at this time.

Still, a few are questioning why, for instance, that our borders are not secured, or how UN mandates are said to now trump what is left of our Constitution, and the answer is a simple one, though most disconcerting for a Libertarian.

You see, it is designed that way, without a doubt, as paying for a fence and security is not in the best interest for a power structure who wants to bring the entire world under their dominate control, a New World Order as it were, without borders. And, as they well know, American sovereignty will be abolished without border security, and combined with both debt slavery and the hidden tax of inflation, our destruction is secure. Ask yourself…. why would an international conglomerate of bankers and industry care for what happens to America? We would, America, to the last man and penny, be absorbed into their collective, and this is happening right before our eyes.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

On July 1st, 1957, William McChesney Marten, then Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), was quoted in a testimony before the Senate Finance Investigating Committee: “The only right Government has is the right of repeal.” Think for a moment just what this means. You see, it was just 12 years prior, on July 1st, 1944, “that the nation was placed under international control through our fiscal system by means of the Bretton Woods Agreement. The plot was hatched in the woods by the international bankers which established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The “Convertibility Clause” of Bretton Woods, tied all foreign currencies to the U.S. Dollar, which in turn allowed any member nation with U.S. Dollars to convert them to gold, thus bringing about the hemorrhaging of our gold in Fort Knox.” (Note: No audit of Fort Knox has been available to the American Citizen for over fifty years. Our National Treasure has been squandered, and we are not allowed to know, who, when, where or how.)

In that traitorous acquisition, both the pound and the dollar has been devalued, and every time we have this devaluation, our future is culled and placed in a foreign bank, as is the same when money is printed out of thin air. When the Federal Reserve prints unsecured money, it is one more nail in our coffin, a burden designed to enslave us, and our future no longer belongs to us as we the people.

The shadow Government…

The International Monetary Plan in Prospective was published in February 1968 in what was called a monthly review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. You had better sit down:

Recent developments in international finance, highlighted by the devaluation of the British pound and speculative activity in the London gold market, have created considerable interest in the future viability of the international monetary system. Policy-makers, of course, have been vitally interested in this issue for a number of years.

The most notable accomplishment, however, has been directed toward the problem of assuring an adequate long-run supply of international reserves. This accomplishment occurred at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 1967, when a resolution was unanimously adopted to proceed with a plan to establish, within the fund, machinery for the creation of a new international reserve facility.” Yes, a new international Federal Reserve System-W.B.VSr.)

Discussions were rifle at the time, and there were many thoughts published on this matter in that year, 1968, the year I was drafted to Vietnam. One blaring accusation by Congressman Wright Patman, who was then chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, during a Joint Economic Committee of Congress, stated that William McChesny Martin was, “guilty of malfeasance and nonfeasance in office.” And on February of that year the Los Angeles Times quoted William McChesney Marten to have stated: “An increase in the price of gold, in effect a devaluation of the dollar, is nether necessary or desirable as a solution to the nation’s gold outflow and imbalance of payment problems… we’re overextended and over committed and we’re trying to do too much too fast… perpetual defects are the road to the undermining of any currency… the United States is on a wartime economy and has to pay for the war.”

Yes, a wartime economy that has continued to this day. And since Bretton Woods it is insured to continue unabated and perpetually, as without it the ceiling would fall in… and that is why they want to continually lift the debt ceiling, unless, of course, spending is curbed… but there is too much profit to be made for the war machine, international banks and international corporations, with men holding duel citizenship in our very congress pulling the strings. War is a racket, and America is being systematically dismantled…

Paper Gold… (Perhaps a straight shot of Tequila Gold may be in order to finish this essay.)

Before continuing to the overt punchline, let us recede a bit to the year 1763 when our ambassador, Benjamin Franklin was asked why the so called Colonies had been so prosperous. His statement rings true, even today “Because we issue our own money.” he said. Soon after, the very next year in fact, England prohibited that practice and that was the primary cause of the Revolutionary War of 1775, and realize here that every war that has been “declared” in the history of this nation… has stemmed from this very cause. So what I’m stating here, emphatically, is that banking cartels have tried to put their boots on our throats from the very first… In 1811, for instance, Congress voted to not renew the charter of the First Bank of the United States, and from that came the War of 1812. And why? Because International Bankers knew that “debt free” money, as printed according to our Constitution, is also called “honest money” and it could not be tapped by them. They could not get a cut in our unprecedented prosperity otherwise! They knew that without control of our monetary system, and the amazing industry and people who came to our shores from all corners of the world could not be dominated… and because of this primary reason… The Civil War was precipitated.

Martin further stated: “Rather than increase the price of gold as a solution to the payments imbalance, he called for active cooperation among nations of the world and the IMF in the creation of a much-discussed ‘paper gold” (also referenced to the S.D. Rs-Special Drawing Rights and paper gold- W.B.Vsr.) drawing rights on the IMF as a supplement to international reserves… Reserves used by countries in international dealings now consist of gold, U.S. Dollars and and British pound sterling… Gold and the U.S. Dollars are the most prized universally, especially since the pound has devalued… As our deficit has mounted over the years, many foreigners holding dollars have asked for gold- still the ultimate in acceptability as international money. Some countries have “cashed in,” fearing that the United States would raise the price of gold, therefor a devaluation of the dollar… and in effect repudiating some of its international debt.”

Wonder how China, Russia, Japan, and India might feel about this, and if history is any indication of future events, wouldn’t that be the primary catalyst for war? In 1968, Louis B. Lundberg, chairman of the Bank of America, made a startling suggestion: “The Federal Reserve Board’s powers be vastly extended to include control over the entire U.S. credit industry, not just commercial banks. The Federal Reserve Bank, which is not part of the Government but is often sympathetic to government fiscal goals, now has controls beyond regulation of interest rates and reserve requirements of commercial banks. The Government’s policy is fiscal irresponsibility and it presents a clear-cut danger to the world economy… We cannot continue to run such sizable deficits in our balance of payments, at a time when our gold stock is being reduced, without seriously undermining world confidence in the dollar.” When that was written the National Debt was $336 Billion, and the annual interest on that debt was 14 billion. At this time, our debt is 17.86 trillion, and there is no viable way to determine if that number is accurate, or in actuality, what we actually pay in interest, or even to whom. No complete audit of the the Federal Reserve has taken place as of yet, though this year we are told it will happen…

World War three has already begun…

We are being drawn into a world conflict, a World War three, for this very reason alone… for corporate and banking profit. We Americans are such good and trusting people… We think our cause is a noble one… that we are bringing something called democracy to the lands we destroy, from the outside in to the inside out, and in the process, make fortunes for those who finance it, from banks who fiance both sides to international corporations who make tools of war, and we pave the way for them with a debt that enslaves our very future, so big it can never be paid, at 55K for every man woman and child in this country… It is a debt so big, and growing so fast, it is unsustainable… and when we foreclose on this debt, the American entitlement society and working men alike, will not be able to wrap their minds around just how bad it may become… and as we will kill each other for the scraps that are left, bankers, like carpetbagger vultures, will own us all, lock, stock, and barrel. Let me say this again, for the sake of clarity… it could get so bad that most everyone left alive, after a month without lights, will beg government to quell the chaos by force… and the men who will rescue us, will not be the US Army, Navy, or Marine, but Solders of Fortune like Black-water, working with an international force called the UN. Only then… will America find it in their hearts and minds to state a Declaration of Independence, and the blood of tyrants and patriots will be the fertilizer for a New America, born again in Liberty, or, more likely, I’m so sorry to say, be absorbed into a One World Order. You see, once a Liberty is lost, only blood will get it back, and very few care so long as a football game is on, especially if they have money on the game… Liberty is not realized by most, until it is lost…

If we can come together, if we can restore Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5, all un-Constitutional activities will wither and die. Yes, it is said that the root of all evil is man’s love for money, and so if we can show that Liberty is profitable, that truth is profitable, that peace is profitable, and that our Constitution ties us to prosperity, America will again be a beacon of light for the entire world, just as we once were.

God bless America, and the entire world as well.

“A great industrial nation is controlled by it’s system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world– no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” — President Woodrow Wilson

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Banksters 7

By TLB Staff Writer: Dan Asmussen

Most people believe that when they buy something that they truly own it. However, when you understand the truth about maritime law, you will clearly see how this is nothing more than a system of control set up to enslave the people through fraud, subterfuge, and outright lies.

Historically, when people used gold or silver as actual currency, ownership of the object purchased transferred from the seller to the buyer. If a chair was purchased for $10 and the buyer paid in $10 worth of gold or silver, it was an even exchange and thus the buyer completely owned the chair. Today this is no longer true.

In 1913, the 16th amendment was ratified with authorized the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank (The FED). The FED then created the “Federal Reserve Note” which is not true currency at all.

In 1933 the United States was taken completely off the gold standard. Unknown to most, each U.S. dollar has a “lien of ownership” that follows it wherever it goes. This lien transfer’s ownership of anything purchased back to the institution that created it, in this case the Federal Reserve Bank.

Article 1 section 8 of the U.S Constitution states that Congress alone has the right to “coin money”. However, The FED is a private foreign bank and the U.S. dollar is not United States money, despite the fact that it says “Federal Reserve Note” on each dollar printed. This is very important to understand and set in mind.

Ever since the “ratification” of the 16th amendment and the creation of the “Federal Reserve note” nothing that you purchase is truly yours. Ownership of all items purchased ultimately reverts back to the “Federal Reserve Bank” or (FED) due to the “lien of ownership” or “Maritime Hypothecation” that is attached to every dollar created by the FED.

“By 1938 the gradual merger procedurally between law and equity actions (i.e., the same court has jurisdiction over legal, equitable, and admiralty matters) was recognized. The nation was bankrupt and was owned by its creditors (the international bankers) who now owned everything — the Congress, the Executive, the courts, all the States and their legislatures and executives, all the land, and all the people. Everything was mortgaged in the national debt. We had gone from being sovereigns over government to subjects under government, through the use of negotiable instruments to discharge our debts with limited liability, instead of paying our debts at common law with gold or silver coin. The remainder of this article explains how this happened, where we are today, and what remedy we have to protect ourselves from this system.” (

banksters 5

Due to various sleights of hand perpetrated by crafty lawyers beginning in 1852, a change from the common law over to maritime law took place. This change allowed the courts to now take control of all commerce on land as it does on the seas. Because we are under maritime law, humans themselves are now considered “a vessel on the seas”. This gave the government the right to ticket, tax and even deny people the right to a trial by jury and due process, effectively bypassing our guaranteed constitutional rights.

This maritime law now applies to money because of something called a “maritime hypothecation”.

“Hypothecation is the practice where a borrower pledges collateral to secure a debt or a borrower, as a condition precedent to a loan, has a third party (usually an affiliate) pledge collateral for the borrower. The borrower retains ownership of the collateral, but it is “hypothetically” controlled by the creditor in that he has the right to seize possession if the borrower defaults. A common example occurs when a consumer enters into a mortgage agreement, in which the consumer’s house becomes collateral until the mortgage loan is paid off.” (

A Maritime Lien or Hypothecation, sometimes referred to as a “tacit hypothecation”, is a maritime lien on a vessel, given to secure the claim of a creditor who provided maritime services to the vessel or who suffered an injury from the vessel’s use. Maritime liens are sometimes referred to as tacit hypothecation. Maritime liens have little in common with other liens under the laws of most jurisdictions.

The maritime lien has been described as “one of the most striking peculiarities of Admiralty law”. A maritime lien constitutes a security interest upon ships of a nature otherwise unknown to the common law or equity. It arises purely by operation of law and exists as a claim upon the property concerned, both secret and invisible, often given priority by statute over other forms of registered security interest. Although characteristics vary under the laws of different countries, it can be described as:


  • a privileged claim,
  • upon maritime property,
  • for service to it or damage done by it,
  • accruing from the moment that the claim attaches,
  • travelling with the property unconditionally,
  • enforced by an action in rem.


When a ship pulls into a dock (in the water), it is assigned a “berth” which is “the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf”. The ship is also assigned a “berth certificate”. Currency is exchanged for the offloaded goods delivered via the dock to the country taking ownership of said goods.

Every human being is born out of water from their mother’s womb. The mother is sent to the delivery room to be delivered by the doctor (dock), and afterward the child receives a birth certificate by the country of birth which now indicates that person as a citizen. The child is literally owned by that country. How?

The doctor (dock) is paid with Federal Reserve notes, which contain the lien of ownership upon every dollar created, so even a child being delivered from his or her mothers womb becomes the property of the institution that created the currency, in this case, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. This means that the Federal Reserve Bank literally and legally owns everything purchased with those dollars, including you!!

banksters 1

Because this lien is both secret and invisible and is attached to the currency used to pay the doctors, hospital and staff for the service of delivering the child.. anything that the “dock” delivers now also falls under that maritime hypothecation of secret lien. Like any lien, they can call it in at ANY time for payment. In this case, they have taken ownership not only on all things purchased with THEIR fake Federal Reserve Notes, but upon every CHILD delivered by a doctor paid with those same Federal Reserve Notes.

Add to that the fact that everyone’s birth certificate is also sold on the stock market for 1 million dollars to secure loans from the Rothschild controlled banks (like the world bank for example) and we are all once again, unknowingly owned via these fraudulent instruments, unrevealed contracts and secret maritime liens being held on all Federal Reserve Notes.

WE THE PEOPLE were duped by corrupt politicians, crooks and liars long before this current generation was born. We were not TOLD of our true responsibility to KEEP the politicians in check. The media, politicians and lawmakers were all BOUGHT OFF by the Evil, Satanic, Luciferian bankers and their servants.. the LAWYERS who, along with Congress, ALLOWED the change over of our laws from common laws of the LAND to MARITIME LAWS of the seas.

This gave the corrupt BAR association, the lawyers and politicians, all ultimately controlled by the “Synagogue of Satan”, power to simply dismiss the laws, trial by jury and due process. What goes on today in the courts is simply window dressing to make it APPEAR as though the people are still making such decisions. But HOW many times have we heard juries being told by the “JUDGE” “You will apply the law as I give it to you”. That is NOT how the system works, but that is how THEY have made it work, but using maritime laws to OVERRULE and NULLIFY the true laws of the land, to subvert the constitution and slowly over decades take away more and more power from the people unto themselves.

Then with the establishment of the Federal Reserve act of 1913, they literally took OWNERSHIP of ALL things by tricking people into using their evil and corrupt “federal reserve notes” with it’s built in “lien’ on every dollar ultimately giving the FED ownership of EVERYTHING purchased or ALL services exchanged with the use of THEIR sick corrupted money.

The implications of this knowledge are truly staggering, because it means that you actually own nothing at all, and that you merely rent or lease everything that you purchase with this “toxic” currency.


The Bankers Opt to Rule the World

World domination via confiscation of your wealth is already on tap. England and the Rothschilds control all the printed currency of every country of the world and therefore its laws.  Two hundred years ago, Governor Cornwallis said, “The US will bring in the New World Order and its seat will be England.”

“It may appear that what goes on is happenstance, but the government most surely has planned it”. – FDR

FDR was giving us a ‘heads up’ on what is really going on.  His head, along with that of every other world leader, was/ is at the end of a gun. They are doing as they are told by the Zionist Illuminati Masonic Powers That Be. What happened is all documented and if you investigate you can find a plethora of information along with case law, codes, rules, regulations, statutes, legislation, etc. to support my contentions.  So as not to bog you down, I shall quote the sources of only the most significant.

Bretton Woods Agreement – 1944

This was the birth of the International Monetary Fund and from there all the foreign agencies – CIA, FBI, IRS, DOJ, DOT, DOE, ATF, DEA, BAR – control everything via the 14th Amendment citizen – those who contract to become US citizens as opposed to remaining Sovereign Americans. The sole creation of these agencies was for the purpose of collecting the debt. The USA is a corporation owned by England – the Crown – the Vatican.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA was in order to enslave those who contracted with the state, thereby giving up their natural-born freedoms in exchange for so-called benefits. Every ‘benefit’ you believe you receive from the state, whether US or Canada, is at a cost, huger than you could ever imagine – unless you can keep it all separate. By contracting with thugs we hand over jurisdiction to them and no longer have any claim to rights. Fortunately, it is easy to take back our rights by Revoking, rescinding, and canceling anything upon which we have written our ‘name’, ‘date of birth’, ‘socialist number (SSN)’, and ‘signature’ which might have been construed by the state/ banksters as a contract.  Even having our post delivered to our house is considered a ‘government benefit’.

By the way, Elizabeth, of the family of Windsor (who changed the name to sound British instead of the German royalty she is, but let’s not go there now) is not the Monarchy of Britain or Canada. HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II is a corporation just like any other fiction. It is unfortunate, not to mention treasonous, that all our politicians have sworn an oath to this foreign entity. Equally absurd is that Elizabeth, in her Coronation, swore to uphold the Laws of God.  What laws might those have been?  I’d like to hear her list them. There is none. Politicians’ oaths of allegiance to ‘the Queen’ are fraud and high treason.

bankers 4

All those industrialists, those bankers, whose names you’ve heard a million times, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Morgan, etc. decided that owing the world would be a fun game since, they probably had done everything else they ever wanted to do and were now bored. They devised a scheme to control the world. Wouldn’t we all do this if we had the brains and the means?  Well, they had and they did. It was a simple case of bribing US politicians to overthrow their own money-creating system. Congress was the creator of money and somehow congress was ‘talked into’(read ‘bribed’) handing this responsibility over to a private corporation owned and operated by these banksters. Not to make them wrong – I might have done this too if I’d thought of it – but they literally destroyed the united Sates of America and every country which fell like dominoes thereafter once the corporation called USA was founded.

“The Illuminati bankers rule the world through debt, which is money they create out of nothing. They need world government to ensure no country defaults or tries to overthrow them. As long as private bankers, instead of governments, create money the human race is doomed. These bankers and their allies have bought everything and everyone”.  –  Henry Makow

Registration vs. Recording

“Registration” comes from Latin “rex, regis” etc. meaning regal. So think about what occurs to whatever you ‘register’ – you hand legal title over to the Crown. When you register anything with the public, it releases legal title to the government corporation and leaves you with only equitable title – the right to use, not own, and for that use you will pay a ‘use’ tax which is every tax, be it income, sin, sales, property, etc. as opposed to lawful taxes – excise and impost. So that it doesn’t appear that the government now owns the property which you have registered they put it in a name which so much resembles your own that you won’t suspect it, however, the NAME is owned by the government. If you choose rather to record your legal title to your property with the public, you maintain your status as Title Owner. This is one of the most important things you can ever learn for the sake of your commercial affairs.

The best example of the effects of registration is the birth certificate. A bankrupt entity – city, state/ province, country – cannot operate in commerce. So how do they manage?  Since USA/CANADA have been bankrupt for decades, having no substance such as gold and silver to back it, the only asset it has are men and women and our labour. We are the collateral for the interest on the loan of the World Bank. Each of us is registered, via the application for a birth certificate. The Treasury issues a bond on the birth certificate and the bond is sold at a securities exchange and bought by the Federal Reserve Board, which then uses it as collateral to issue bank notes. The bond is held in trust for the Feds at the Depository Trust Corporation. We are the surety on said bonds. Our labor/energy is then payable at some future date.  Hence we become the ‘transmitting utility’ for the transmission of energy. The USG/CAG, in order to provide necessary goods and services, created a commercial bond (promissory note), by pledging the property, labour, life and body of its citizens, as payment for the debt (bankruptcy). This commercial bond made chattel (property) out of us all. We became nothing more than ‘human resources’ and collateral for the debt. This was without our knowledge and/or our consent, via the filing (registration) of our birth certificates. When mothers apply for a birth certificate, the application is registered. The legal title of her baby is then transferred from mother to the State. Mom is left with equitable title of her baby whom she can use for a fee – a ‘use tax’ – and since the property does not belong to her, she has to treat it in the manner which the owner wants.

Banksters 3

Colonel Edward Mandell House is attributed with giving a very detailed outline of the plans to be implemented to enslave the American people.  He stated, in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President 1913 – 1921),

Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property  (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a charge back for our fiat paper currency.

Every American will be forced to register or suffer being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattels (property) and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges.

They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit  and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.

This will inevitably reap us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and we will employ the high office (presidency) of our dummy corporation (USA) to foment this plot against America”. – Colonel Edward Mandell House

This is why I tell those who intend to ‘marry’ not to sign anything. Centuries ago, a man put a ring on a woman’s finger and declared, “With this ring, I thee wed”. Family members were the witnesses and that was it. There was no state-issued licence to sign nor was one required. Today, children can be taken from their parents because of the marriage licence.  Do not invite into your private contract a third party which happens to be public, cares not about the interests of the other two parties, and has every legal right to force them to acquiesce to its demands. Your marriage ceases to be your own; the third party will tell you if and when you can end the marriage; the third party will dictate that your children will:


  • Require a birth certificate and SSN  
  • Require a government-directed (AMA/CMA) doctor to attend to his health,  
  • Be vaccinated by mandate,  
  • Attend the Public Fool System,  
  • Be prescribed and drugged by Ritalin and other antipsychotic drugs (
  • Sign up with the armed forces, etc.


Your child will be a ‘ward of the state’ and the state will have prior say in what IT thinks is best for your child – you will not have jurisdiction over him.

The birth certificate created a FICTION (the name of the baby in upper case letters). The state/ province sells the birth certificate to the Commerce Department of the corporations of USA/CA, which in turn places a bond on the birth certificate thereby making it a negotiable instrument, and placing the fiction, called a STRAWMAN, into the warehouse of the corporations of USA/CA. Representation for the created fiction was given to the BAR (British Accredited Registry/Regency), owned and operated by the Crown, for the purpose of contracting the fiction (which most of us think is ourselves) into a third party action. Do not underestimate the power behind this trick. It is to con us into contracting with the feds so that they can ‘legally’ confiscate our property. All these contracts have only our signatures on them because corporate fictions cannot contract (only natural beings have the right to contract – and the right not to contract). Because there is no full disclosure – we are never told that we have just signed away what we believe to be our property – these contracts are fraudulent, and hence, we are still the lawful owner and the profit earned by the feds from selling securities (our property) belongs to us and must go into a fund for our benefit, otherwise it would be fraud. Not wanting to be charged with fraud, the feds had to create a remedy for us … and hope we wouldn’t discover it.

For decades, through its ‘public’ school system, the government has managed to deceive us about some very important facts. All facets of the media (print, radio, television) have an ever-increasing influence in our lives and are controlled by government and its agencies, via the issuance of licences.  We have slowly and systematically been led to believe that any form of our names represents us, which is not so.

History of the World

All problems, depressions, wars, disasters, assassinations – ALL of them were planned, caused, instigated, and implemented by the International Banksters and their attempt to establish a central bank in every country in the world, which they have now done, thanks to corrupt politicians who have been bought and paid for. This is all you need to know about the history of the world. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (our last real president) who issued silver certificates, and Abraham Lincoln, who issued treasury notes (greenbacks), were the only men who actively intended to stop them. Both were assassinated by the Banksters.  Garfield and McKinley talked about stopping them.  Both were assassinated by the Banksters.

“The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity”. – Abraham Lincoln

The International Bankers were relentless in setting up central banks, which the united States republic resisted for decades because their system was working – no debt money. They realized the phenomenal profit to be had by printing their own notes, threatening congress to accept this private banking system, then lending fiat paper (which has no intrinsic value) at extortive interest rates (e.g.: the graduated income tax – the second plank of the Communist Manifesto).

They demanded that the interest on the money they lent the government was to be paid in gold, hence, when the government ran out of gold (there is no gold in Fort Knox – it was handed over to the Bank of England for the interest on the loan), it had to find some form of asset to use as collateral for the loans which it claimed to continue to need.  But for what?  Not much revenue is required for the true federal functions, namely: a navy, international and interstate trade and commerce, and the general welfare of all. The rest is extortion.

What could they use if there were no more gold?  Ah! – The citizens themselves … but … we are a sovereign people. How can we be held as assets for a debt which wasn’t real?  We can’t – at least not lawfully. We can however, be tricked into believing that we are responsible for the debt by transforming us into accommodation parties to a fictional entity (strawman) created by the government. In a circuitous and scathingly brilliant marketing scheme, we were led to believe that we were who we were not and that we must work to earn funds in order to pay a debt which not only is not one which we ourselves incurred but also is a DEBT WHICH INCREASES BY OUR VERY WORKING TO PAY IT.  Please stop “working for a living”.

You are probably wondering how in God’s name this ever came about. It doesn’t really matter, yet, here it is in a nutshell from those who witnessed it.  It is not what we learned in the Public Fool System.

“Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished”. – 1924 US Banker’s Association Magazine

When Rothschild said, Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes its laws, it was the beginning of the modern era’s financial, political, social, commercial, and military strife and subversion.  –

“The financial system has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That board administers a finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group.  That system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people’s money.This (Federal Reserve) Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the president signs this bill, the invisible government by the monetary power will be legalized.  The people may not know it immediately but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed, the worst legislative crime of the ages perpetrated by this banking bill”.  – Charles A. Lindbergh, R-MN

“We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government.  It has done this through the corrupt practices of the money vultures who control it.   A superstate controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure”. – Louis McFadden, D-PA

“Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve system have never been audited.  It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States”.  – Barry Goldwater, R-AZ

“I have unwittingly ruined my country”. – W. Wilson, upon passage of Federal Reserve Act, 1913

“If one understands that Socialism is not a “share the wealth” program but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super rich men promoting Socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.  Communism, or more accurately Socialism, is not a movement of the down-trodden masses but of the economic elite”.  – Gary Allen

“It (the Great Depression) was not accidental; it was a carefully contrived occurrence.  The international Bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all”.  – Louis McFadden

“The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one third (1/3) from 1929 to 1933″.  – Milton Friedman

“There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash”. – Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929

“Practices of the unscrupulous money-changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men.  The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization”. – FDR, who admitted he never read the Act which recalled the gold in 1933

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance”.  –  James Madison

“It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.  – Henry Ford

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace in a continual state of alarm (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.  – H. L. Mencken

What we need to know is the results: unjust taxation, multiplying home costs, increased medical costs, control of energy and resources, control of elections and political principles, and the undermining of every social process by multiplying cost. The central banks, via the IMF/World Bank, have engulfed the world in a mathematically impossible debt-based debt/credit monetary system.

When Albert Einstein was asked what was the most fantastic thing he ever realized in all his studies, he responded, “Compound interest.”

The Federal Reserve Bank is now in every country in the world – in Canada it is known as the Bank of Canada. The banksters are diabolical, unethical, ignoble, unconscionable, dishonorable, dastardly tyrants. Not to stoop to name-calling but it is exigent that you comprehend the insidiousness of their scheme and how it has destroyed every life to some degree or another. They have kept all of us in peonage and most of us in penury. I know not one single soul who is not obsessed to some degree with money or the lack thereof, or at least from the perspective that they are not obsessed. Our lives have become about ‘money and not money’, meaning we are never free of it – if only of the concept of it.

banksters 2

So, the focus of everything we ever learned in history class was immaterial and irrelevant; the facts may be accurate but as you’ll see later, facts are immaterial; all that matters is honor/dishonor, contract, and credit/debit. We are entrenched in a game of commerce about which we have been kept in the dark for the purpose of our slavery. There may be a few centuries in the history of the world which were not about commerce, but certainly the past two millennia have been for the purpose of enslaving the masses for the profits and lifestyles of the global elite. It is nearly completely in place.

“We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve.  We are absolutely without a permanent money system.  It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon”. – Robert H. Hamphill, Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

It is vitally important to understand how those in government turned our lives upside down and made us believe that we are subject under them; when in reality they are subject to us.

So, here is what we have today: A banking system controlled by a handful of private interests; a government with the ability to impoverish and terrorize productive people by controlling their take home pay and profits; a secret police bureau to track, harass, and occasionally murder dissenters while covering up the crimes of the elite; and a policy of social engineering in which the federal government actively forms public opinion by controlling the information put out by the media and the education (indoctrination) system in our public schools.

Lets go back and take a look at some history, shall we?

1865 – 13th Amendment – people could volunteer into slavery by accepting federal benefits.

1868 – The 14th Amendment created a new class of citizen, the ‘person’ subject to the Federal Gov’t.

1871 – the Federal Gov’t formed itself into a corporation – USA.

1913 – the Federal Reserve Central Banks were created.

1933 President Roosevelt put into effect the ‘Trading with the Enemies Act’. This applied only to Federal Citizens.

1933 – President Roosevelt took the gold away from the people, who were not lawfully required to relinquish it, and who then had no money with which to pay their debts.

March 9, 1933 – ownership (legal title) of all property is in the State; individual ‘ownership’ is only equitable (user) title. Use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. (YIKES! Read that again.)

1933 – President Roosevelt passed HJR 192 June 5, 1933 – since the government had taken the gold, and the people had no money, the government would pay the ‘debts’ for the people, thereby giving them unlimited credit. Whoever has the gold pays the bills. This legislation states that one cannot demand from you a certain form of currency, since any form and all forms of currency are your credit. If they do, they are in breach of Public Policy, PL 73-10. Not only does this insurance policy protect the legislators from conviction for fraud and treason but also it protects the people from damages caused by the Feds.

1938 – Erie Railroad vs. Tompkins made contracts the rule in the courts. No other law prior to 1938 can be cited in cases.

1946 – Government and court system was lost through the Administrative Procedures Act.

1965 – Two years after President Kennedy was assassinated by the Central Banks, silver was removed as a means for paying debt, all silver certificates were pulled out of circulation, the Uniform Commercial Code became the supreme law of the land concerning the Banking System, the courts were pulled together in Admiralty / Administrative and Civil (contract /commercial /corporate) Law, thereby removing the ‘innocent’ plea, thereby reversing ‘innocent until proven guilty’ to ‘guilty until proven innocent’. Securities replaced substance as collateral for debts; debt instruments with collateral, and accommodation parties could be used instead of money. The courts could uphold the security instruments which depended upon commercial fictions as a basis for compelling payment or performance. This is why you are subject to Codes and Statutes and require a “license” to engage in normal lawful activities, ie. drivers license, marriage license, etc.

1966 – The Federal Tax Lien Act: The entire taxing and monetary systems are hereby placed under the U.C.C. (Uniform Commercial Code)

Banksters 6

Since the declaration of bankruptcy, when our bodies and labor were pledged to pay for it, they stripped us of our title and rights and replaced these with privileges and benefits. We are now slaves/ chattel because we have unwittingly entered into adhesion contracts, albeit without full disclosure to the terms and conditions, thereby making them invalid and fraudulent; however, we are still bound to the terms until we undo the damage by rebutting the presumption. Statutes of Commerce – the UCC/ PPSA and all connected with it – Bills of Exchange Act, Conveyance and Law of Property Act, Courts of Justice Act – replaced laws for natural beings with statutes for fictional entities. But we can not play a fictitious game; we need fictitious entities to play. So the govt created that game-token for us – the Strawman – and they tricked us by making the name of the Strawman appear to be the name that represents us. This is so we will think that it is we of whom they speak when they say words like ‘person’, ‘resident’, etc. except that we are not  a ‘person’ or a ‘resident’. ‘person’ within the game applies to a fictional, non-existent, corporate, artificial, government created entity, which has nothing to do with us other than the name they gave it seems as if it is the name we use to represent us.

The entity to which the statutes refer and apply is always ‘person’ or ‘persons’. However, we know that this entity is a government-created fiction and does not exist. The feds/banksters have surreptitiously and carefully put the name of this corporate fiction into upper case letters to differentiate it from the real, flesh and blood living soul yet also to con us into believing it is we. This distinction is of paramount importance. Since we know that the corporation is the upper case name and that statutes apply only to corporations, and we know that statutes always use the word ‘person’ to describe to whom the statute applies, then we can conclude that ‘person’ is a corporation and not a living soul. We are not ‘persons’. Statutes do not apply to us. Only ‘laws’ apply to us; yet there is only one law so its easy for us to remember: “we must not infringe upon the rights, life, liberty, or property of another living soul.” If we do, the living soul whom we have injured can file a witnessed, sworn complaint with the court and a jury will decide if that claim against us is legitimate and deal with us accordingly.

What is going on in the ‘courts’ today is that the Strawman – the government-created corporation – is being charged with a crime based upon violation of a statute. This would be OK if we weren’t being held as surety for that entity which couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong because it exists only in the minds of those who would confiscate our freedom.  We cannot be charged by the state with any crime because all crimes are commercial …. and Commerce is an unreal situation in which we cannot involve ourselves because we are real. Fictions cannot connect with living souls; fictions cannot do anything which requires a meeting of the minds, e.g. contract, or any of the senses of a living soul – hearing, seeing, thinking. Our use of the Strawman is to enable us to operate in Commerce. It is imperative that we learn how to do this so that we can begin to win by publicly ‘discharging debt’ and privately, by ‘serving’. We were never meant to operate in commerce.


By Michael Snyder

In terms of purchasing power, China now has the largest economy on the entire planet, but that is not the only area where China has surpassed the United States.  China also accounts for more total global trade than the U.S. does,

China consumes more energy than the U.S. does, and China now manufactures more goods than the U.S. does.  In other words, the era of American economic dominance is rapidly ending.  Global economic power is making a dramatic shift to the east, and that is going to have huge implications for our future.

We already owe the Chinese well over a trillion dollars, and as our economic infrastructure crumbles we are feverishly borrowing even more money in a desperate attempt to prop up our falling standard of living.  We can’t seem to match the work ethic, inventiveness and determination of China and other Asian nations and it is showing.  If we continue down this path, what will the future look like for future generations of Americans?

In terms of raw GDP, the U.S. is still number one, at least for now.  But according to the IMF, China is now the number one economy on the entire planet in terms of purchasing power…

The simple logic is that prices aren’t the same in each country: A shirt will cost you less in Shanghai than San Francisco, so it’s not entirely reasonable to compare countries without taking this into account. Though a typical person in China earns a lot less than the typical person in the US, simply converting a Chinese salary into dollars underestimates how much purchasing power that individual, and therefore that country, might have. The Economist’s Big Mac Index is a great example of these disparities.

So the IMF measures both GDP in market exchange terms, and in terms of purchasing power. On the purchasing power basis, China is overtaking the US right about now and becoming the world’s biggest economy.

When I first learned about this, I was quite stunned.

I knew that China’s economy had been roaring, but like most Americans I just assumed that the U.S. would continue to remain head and shoulders above everyone else.

Unfortunately, things are changing at a pace that is much faster than most people ever thought possible.  The following are 26 other ways that China has surpassed America…

#1 When you add up all imports and exports, China now accounts for more total global trade than the United States does.

#2 There is now more total corporate debt in China than there is in the United States.

#3 During 2013, we sold about 121 billion dollars worth of stuff to the Chinese, but they sold about 440 billion dollars worth of stuff to us.  That was the largest trade deficit that one nation has had with another nation in the history of the world.

#4 China is now the leading manufacturer of goods in the entire world.

#5 Back in 1998, the United States had 25 percent of the world’s high-tech export market and China had just 10 percent. Today, China’s high-tech exportsare more than twice the size of U.S. high-tech exports.

#6 The United States had been the leading consumer of energy in the world for about 100 years, but during the summer of 2010 China took over the number one spot.

#7 China now has the largest new car market in the entire world.

#8 China has more foreign currency reserves than anyone else on the planet.

#9 China is the number one gold producer in the world.

#10 China is also the number one gold importer in the world.

#11 15 years ago, China was 14th in the world in published scientific research articles.  But now, China is expected to pass the United States and become number one very shortly.

#12 China is also expected to soon become the global leader in patent filings.

#13 China awards more doctoral degrees in engineering each year than the United States does.

#14 China has the world’s fastest train and the world’s most extensive high-speed rail network.

#15 China uses more cement than the rest of the world combined.

#16 Today, China produces nearly twice as much beer as the United States does.

#17 85 percent of all artificial Christmas trees are made in China.

#18 There are more pigs in China than in the next 43 pork producing nations combined.

#19 China is now the number one producer of wind and solar power on the entire globe.

#20 China produces more than twice as much cotton as the United States does.

#21 China produces more than three times as much coal as the United States does.

#22 China now produces 11 times as much steel as the United States does.

#23 China controls over 90 percent of the total global supply of rare earth elements.

#24 An investigation by the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services foundmore than one million counterfeit Chinese parts in the Department of Defense supply chain.

#25 According to author Clyde Prestowitz, China’s number one export to the computer equipment.  According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, the number one U.S. export to China is “scrap and trash”.

#26 Nobel economist Robert W. Fogel of the University of Chicago is projecting that the Chinese economy will be three times larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2040 if current trends continue.

The Chinese are using some of their new wealth to buy up land, properties and businesses here in the United States.  In fact, just the other day we learned that a group from China is buying New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel.

For much, much more on this trend, please see some of my previous articles…

-”The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America

-”45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America

-”Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities

And most Americans don’t realize this, but Chinese-made cars will soon be sold in the United States.

The following is from a recent WND article

Chinese-made cars will be making their way to the U.S. next year, and guess which company is going to start exporting them to our shores?

A Chinese company, of course.

Chinese-owned Volvo’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, will begin exporting its S60L from China to the United States as early as next year, according to a Reuters report which quoted a senior Volvo executive.

Volvo is trying to take advantage of two new Chinese factories that will make up an export hub to send vehicles to the U.S. and Russia.

Everywhere you look, China is dominating and America is in decline.

If this was a sporting event for little kids, the “mercy rule” would have been invoked by now.

Unfortunately, there is no “mercy rule” on the global economic stage.

The United States is going to have to get things together if it wants to have any hope of competing with the Chinese in the future.

The Chinese are kicking our tails and they know it.

One survey found that 75 percent of those living in China believe that their country is on the right track.

On the other hand, Americans are not nearly as optimistic.

According to one average of recent surveys, only 28 percent of Americans believe that the United States is on the right track.

I think that those numbers say a lot.  We have been in decline for quite some time, but we can never seem to get the ship righted.

Hopefully, our leaders can start coming up with some solutions soon, because we are running out of time.

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Charles and David Koch are notorious for amassing a business empire well-known for destroying the environment and hijacking the political process to ram their privatization and business agenda on the country. But what is equally egregious about their political activities are their efforts to dismantle years of civil rights progress.  The Bridge Project, a non-profit organization devoted to “opposing the conservative movement’s extremem ideology and exposing its dishonest tactics,” recently released a  16-page report on the Koch brothers’ funding of groups that have been accused of suppressing minority voter turnout, destroying unions (particularly in Wisconsin) and attempting to get rid of Social Security.

Here are seven jaw-droppers from the report:

1. Kochs’ union-busting efforts hurt African American mobility.

Though unions have been known to  increase the economic mobility of African-American workers, Koch-funded organizations have been very active in destroying anything that’s left of them. Koch-backed organizations like Americans for Prosperity, the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation have long viewed public sector unions with disdain. In 2011, collective bargaining was ended in Wisconsin after the state legislature passed Act 10.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the passage of the law earlier this year, after unions in the state filed a lawsuit, claiming the law violated workers’ right to free assembly and equal protection. The Koch-backed entities  helped finance Gov. Scott Walker’s election campaign—the most profile political leader in the state to lead anti-union efforts.

2. Koch brothers’ secret billionaire summit hosts known racist.

According to the Nation, the Koch brothers hosted a secret summit on June 16 at the St. Regis Monarch Bay resort, in Dana Point, Calif. Besides a number of notable Republican politicians in attendance, one of the most controversial men giving “dinner remarks” was Charles Murray, a co-author of  The Bell Curve, a book which argued that blacks and Latinos  have lower IQs than Asians and whites.

A $25 million donation to the United Negro College Fund won’t erase the fact that the Kochs felt comfortable enough to share their space with a man who believes that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites.

3. Koch-backed organization blasts AARP over its opposition to Minnesota voter ID amendment.

The Koch brothers fund the 60 Plus Association, a non-profit senior citizen advocacy group, according to the Center for Public Integrity. In 2012, the 60 Plus Association blasted AARP for speaking out against voter ID laws, which require voters to present a photo ID at the polls. 60 Plus Association’s chairman and founder Jim Martin applauded Minnesota seniors who cut “up their AARP membership cards in protest of the organization’s opposition to the Minnesota Voter ID amendment.”

4. The Kochs fund climate-change denial research that hurts poor communities.

A Drexel University Study  reveals that the Koch brothers were active in funding climate change denial efforts, especially in 2007 and 2008. Since then, the brothers have not made public their contributions, if any. Frontline reports that according to a  UN report published in 2013, poor communities (of which minority populations are heavily represented) will be hurt the most as a result of climate change:

It starts with a drop in food production. Climate change has already reduced wheat and maize yields in tropical and temperate regions, along with some rice and soybean crops, according to the UN. “All aspects of food security are potentially affected by climate change, including food access, utilization, and price stability,” the report noted. That’s expected to worsen as climate change continues, it said.

Limited food means rising prices for basic staples, leaving the poor malnourished and more vulnerable to disease. It also raises the risk of conflict as groups clash over dwindling resources, and others migrate to new areas, either because they’ve been displaced by extreme weather or decided to move in search of better living conditions.

5. The Koch brothers are against raising the minimum wage.

President Barack Obama has called for Congress to raise the federal minimum wage  from $7.25 to $10.00, but the Republicans have pushed back against his efforts. Another adversary in the battle against a higher mimimum wage are the Koch brothers. In an ad financed by the Charles Koch Foundaton, a narrator argues that, if you’re making $34,000 or more,  you’re in the 1 percent. Though the ad doesn’t mention the minimum wage, the message was clear: You’re making enough money already. Let it be.

Since the 1990s, the Kochs have  given at least $23.3 million to think tanks focusing on attacking the minimum wage. Raising the miminum wage would create a ” culture of dependency,” they claim. A huge share of America’s minorities would suffer under this agenda.

6. David Koch ran on presidential ticket that called for ending Social Security.

According to the Bridge Project report, David Koch ran for vice-president with Ed Clark on a 1980 libertarian ticket that called for Social Security to be abolished. Clark reportedly said in a press release that Social Security “is the most serious threat to the future stability of our society next to the threat of nuclear war.”

Though it would later be defeated, it is clear the Kochs aren’t friends to minorities in the arena of civil rights.

7. The Kochs’ father was an original member of an anti-civil rights organization.

Fred Koch, father of David and Charles, was one of the first members of the John Birch Society, an organization based in Wichita, Kan., that was known for its anti-civil rights campaigns and spreading paranoia about communism,  according to the Progressive. Fred Koch,  according to the New Yorker, had this to say about communists and African Americans:

In a self-published broadside, Koch claimed that “the Communists have infiltrated both the Democrat and Republican Parties.” He wrote admiringly of Benito Mussolini’s suppression of Communists in Italy, and disparagingly of the American civil-rights movement. “The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America,” he warned. Welfare was a secret plot to attract rural blacks to cities, where they would foment “a vicious race war.” In a 1963 speech that prefigures the Tea Party’s talk of a secret socialist plot, Koch predicted that Communists would “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the President is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us.”

While it’s not always fair to draw connections between children and their parents, the Progressive reports that Charles Koch became a lifetime member of the John Birch Society until resigning in 1968. The Society operated the American Opinion Bookstore, which stocked books attacking Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights movement and Earl Warren as pegs of a communist conspiracy.

Indeed, like father, like son.

There are many more details in the Bridge Project report addressing how David and Charles Koch use their vast fortunes to fund efforts that damage the civil rights of minorities, but like all of their other abuses, they are too numerous to bullet-point here.

Check out the full report for more details.

purchased and held a “lifetime membership” until he resigned in 1968. He also lent his name and his wealth to the operations of the John Birch Society in Wichita, aiding its “American Opinion” bookstore — which was stocked with attacks on the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, and Earl Warren as elements of the communist conspiracy. – See more at:…purchased and held a “lifetime membership” until he resigned in 1968. He also lent his name and his wealth to the operations of the John Birch Society in Wichita, aiding its “American Opinion” bookstore — which was stocked with attacks on the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, and Earl Warren as elements of the communist conspiracy. – See more at:…purchased and held a “lifetime membership” until he resigned in 1968. He also lent his name and his wealth to the operations of the John Birch Society in Wichita, aiding its “American Opinion” bookstore — which was stocked with attacks on the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King, and Earl Warren as elements of the communist conspiracy.

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October 1, 2014 / This story was co-published with the New York Times.

On Tuesday, the federal government released details of payments to doctors by every pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer in the country.  The information is being made public under a  provision of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. The law  mandates disclosure of payments to doctors, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists and optometrists for things like promotional speaking, consulting, meals, educational items and research.

It’s not quite clear what the data will show — in part because the first batch will be incomplete, covering spending for only a few months at the end of 2013 — but we at ProPublica have some good guesses. That’s because we have been detailing relationships between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry for the past four years as part of our  Dollars for Docs project.

We’ve aggregated information from the websites of some large drug companies, which publish their payments as a condition of settling federal whistle-blower lawsuits alleging improper marketing or kickbacks. In cooperation with the website Dollars for Docs, we’ve added data for 2013, which now covers 17 drug companies accounting for half of United States drug sales that year. (You can look up your doctor using  our easy search tool.)

Here are some facts we’ve learned from the data:

1. Many, many health professionals have relationships with industry.

Below are the approximate numbers of health professionals who received some payment from each company in 2013, excluding research. We based this on the number of unique names, cities and states per company.

Company Doctors Paid
Pfizer 142,600
AstraZeneca 111,200
Forest 98,900
Johnson & Johnson 97,000
GlaxoSmithKline 85,100
AbbVie 82,900
Boehringer Ingelheim 82,900
Merck 81,300
Eli Lilly 79,000
Novartis 64,500
Amgen 50,500
Valeant 21,200
UCB 21,200
Cephalon* 14,600
EMD Serono 7,900
ViiV 3,400


Note: Dollars for Docs only includes data for Cephalon from the first six months of 2013.

Dollars for Docs now includes 3.4 million payments since 2009, totaling more than $4 billion, of which $2.5 billion was for research. For 2013 alone, there were 1.2 million payments valued at nearly $1.4 billion.

It’s not possible to calculate the exact number of physicians represented, because drug companies haven’t used unique identification numbers that cross company lines. But it’s clear that the figure is in the hundreds of thousands.

Excluding research payments, the drugmaker Pfizer appeared to have interactions with the most healthcare professionals last year — about 142,600. AstraZeneca came in second with about 111,200. Johnson & Johnson and Forest Labs each had nearly 100,000. There are an estimated 800,000 to 900,000 active doctors in the United States.

“Most physicians that are in private practice are touched in some way” by the industry, said George Dunston, co-founder of Obsidian HDS, the creator of Pharmashine. “You add that up and it’s a pretty significant number.”

Surveys conducted in 2004 and again in 2009 showed that more than three-quarters of doctors had at least one type of financial relationship with a drug or medical device company. The figure dropped from about 94 percent in 2004 to 84 percent in 2009, said the lead author, Eric Campbell, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of research at the Mongan Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Campbell, who has been critical of physician-pharma ties, says he hasn’t conducted a followup survey but suspects that the percentage of doctors receiving payments has probably decreased somewhat since then.

“The old approach was just to try to get as many docs as you can, blanket coverage, and establish relationships,” he said. “I think they’re being much more targeted and specific.”

2. Some doctors have relationships with many companies.

Those who read the fine-print disclosures accompanying medical journal articles know that doctors often have relationships with several companies that compete in a drug category (such as heart drugs or those for schizophrenia). Our data bear that out.

Some highly sought-after key opinion leaders, as they are known in the industry, work for half a dozen or more companies in a given year.

Marc Cohen, chief of cardiology at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, received more than $270,000 last year for speaking or consulting for six companies listed in Dollars for Docs. He is a prolific researcher and author.

In an interview, Dr. Cohen said he works only with companies whose drugs are backed by large clinical studies. “In general terms, the science behind the product is very strong,” he said. “These are the companies that I’ve chosen to work with.”

3. The biggest companies aren’t always the ones that spend the most. Some smaller drug companies spend big, too.

Consider Forest Labs, a midsize drug company that was acquired in July by Actavis, a larger company based in Dublin. Forest’s $3.8 billion in United States drug sales in 2013 placed it on the edge of the top 20 companies, according to IMS Health, a health information company.

Its sales were far lower than those of Novartis and Pfizer, the top two companies by sales last year. Yet Forest easily outspent these competitors on promotional speaking events last year.

Forest spent $32.3 million on paid talks in 2013, compared with $12.7 million for Novartis and $12.6 million for Pfizer.

An Actavis spokesman declined to comment on the company’s strategy, but a Forest spokesman said last year that the company spent more on speakers because it didn’t use pricey direct-to-consumer TV marketing. It also had more new drugs than its competitors.

Companies with newer drugs or newly approved uses for their existing drugs often seem to spend more. Companies that don’t have many new products or have lost patent protection on their drugs, or are about to lose it, tend to pull back.

“A lot of this has to do with where companies are in their development cycle of new products or emerging products, rather than an industry-specific trend,” said John Murphy, assistant general counsel at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, an industry trade group.

4. Meals vastly outnumber all other interactions between drug companies and doctors. But they account for a much smaller share of costs.

Food accounted for nearly 50,000 of Amgen’s 55,000 payment reports, excluding research, in 2013, or roughly 91 percent. But at a cost of $3.1 million, those meals represented only about 20 percent of its payments. By comparison, the company spent almost double that amount, $6 million, on just 600 physician speakers.

Other companies followed the same pattern; speakers can command $2,000 to $3,000 per engagement, or more.

Given doctors’ busy schedules treating patients, mealtimes are often the only time to reach them, said Murphy, PhRMA’s lawyer. Company sales representatives bring information — and a meal. “A lot of doctors’ offices are closed for lunch,” he said. “During patient care hours, we want them to see patients.”

Researchers say that whatever the motivation, even small gifts or meals can influence a doctor’s perception of a drug and lead to more prescribing of it.

5. From year to year, doctors cycle in and out of relationships with companies.

Massachusetts has required drug and device companies doing business there to  publicly report their payments to its licensed health professionals since 2009.

We looked at all of the physicians — about 3,500 of them — who received at least one payment for “bona-fide services,” such as speaking or consulting, from 2010 to 2012.

About 60 percent of the doctors received payments in only one of those years. What this suggests is that most speakers and consultants are tapped for a particular task.

Still, some doctors do appear to have long-term roles with companies. About 20 percent of doctors in the data received a payment in all three years. They represented most of the top-earners over the three-year period — and for that matter, the top earners in any given year.

Read article here (3 pages):

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

Susan Duclos recently interviewed “V” the Guerrilla Economist and the following information was revealed in this landmark interview:

The process of undermining the US dollar is well on schedule as well; more than 105 countries have decided that the dollar no longer works for them, joining Russia, China and other BRICS nations in leaving the dollar as the entire world comes to the realization that America’s leaders are insane. Their recklessness and evil ways have left tremendous shame upon our nation. Though there has been much manipulation and propping up, but that is only setting us up for the inevitable massive crash.

“V” begins by updating us on recent information that he has received from his 4-Star General source and warns that events are still on schedule, a schedule that he previously warned would leave the US dollar ‘undermined’ by 2015 and the US ceasing to exist as a nation by 2017“.

The interview can be accessed through the following link. I highly recommend listening to this interview.

On the surface, these claims appear to border on hysteria. However, as history has proven, time and time again, that Susan Duclos and “V” are to always be taken seriously when revealing controversial information.

Subsequently, I proceeded to find confirming, or disconfirming evidence, that these claims are accurate and should taken seriously by all Americans. Both the direct and ancillary evidence serves as overwhelming in support of V’s claims and Susan’s reporting.

Halfway to Economic Armageddon

“V’s” claims notwithstanding, the American economy is already in severe danger as we consider the following facts.

There are 35 states in this country in which it is better to accept welfare than work at an entry level job. Much like crack cocaine or heroin addicts, much of our nation is hopelessly addicted to living in the welfare state or on unsustainable levels of credit.

welfare by state

From a micro perspective, the personal economic health of America is abysmal. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income”. Stunningly, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government, not including the massive entitlement programs of Social Security or Medicare. The number of people on food stamps has grown to 47.79 million Americans. In 2008, when Obama first took office, only 32 million Americans were on food stamps. Approximately, 20.2 million Americans spend more than half of their incomes on housing, which represents a 46% increase from 2001. Parents under the age of 30 experience poverty rates consisting of 37 percent. The number of Americans living in poverty has grown to one out of every six US citizens.

The above information could be considered to be the good news. What follows is grim.

Watch the Credit Swap Derivatives

In the United States, credit swap derivatives created national debt totals of over one quadrillion dollars. That is one thousand trillion dollars! The entire GDP of the planet is estimated at $66 trillion dollars. And somehow, in the infinite wisdom of Congress in 2008, we falsely and naively believed that a $750 billion transfer of wealth (i.e., Bailout #1) was magically going to save the economy and the collective futures of the American middle class. Please let me repeat that the most conservative estimate is that the derivatives debt is 10 times greater than the GDP of the entire world. Most economists estimate the number to be 16 times greater that the GDP of the planet!    

In short, the debt created by futures speculation is approximately 10-16 times greater than the sum total of the entire wealth on the planet! It would not matter if the debt was only two times the GDP of the planet, we do not have the capacity to pay down this debt. The interest on the debt is growing faster than the rise in national revenue. And we think we are going to climb out of this? Let’s take a moment and discuss the derivatives debt. 

Five of the “too big to fail” banks in the United States that have more than 40 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives. The national debt is sitting at a grand total of almost 18 trillion dollars. The sum of 40 trillion dollars is almost unfathomable.

Credit swap derivatives trading is not too different from betting on baseball or football games. It is gambling, it is a Ponzi scheme and Wall Street bankers should be in jail. However, this is the new economic landscape of America. The name of the game is the “Last American Garage Sale” where these bankers are positioning to steal all the assets possible before the collapse.

credit swaps

Please note that under the category, in the above illustration, “Widgets “R” US Corp“, the banks loan the money. In other words, if this Ponzi scheme fails, the banks which underwrite and guarantee the entire process, will eventually fail!

The credit swap derivatives are bad enough, but when we carry over the economic implications to the health of the banking system, the banks are bordering on total collapse along with all of your saved earnings.

Most Americans Think That Their Deposits Are Safe

Some readers have written to me and have dutifully reminded me that the FDIC is at their bank standing guard over their deposits. How woefully and depressingly ignorant is that statement?

The FDIC does not have the money to cover your deposits as it has only $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund. By law, the FDIC is required to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15% of insured deposits on hand. Yes, America, that means that less than 2% of your deposits are covered.

Others have pointed out to me that the Dodd-Frank Act (Section 716) now bans taxpayer bailouts of most speculative derivatives activities. You remember the derivatives don’t you? They were the imaginary wealth that was built upon more imaginary wealth but were guaranteed with hard assets backed by the banks. When this house of cards collapsed, it pulled the banks down and led to the series of bailouts which has devastated our economy.

Therefore, when your bank defaults, and it will, the depositors as well as the banks will turn to the FDIC for relief. The FDIC will have no choice but to draw upon its credit line in order to cover a BofA, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan derivatives bust which has been co-mingled with savings account funds. The resulting effect is that this will require a taxpayer bailout to cover the credit line.This will negate the safety from the bailouts that the public thought that they were receiving under the Dodd-Franks bill of no more bailouts.

What very few people are talking about, and as is the case with all credit lines, this money will have to be paid back. Therefore, the coming default of the FDIC, used to cover the derivatives debt, will become the excuse for another taxpayer bailout. And on and on it goes.

When the last instrument has been looted and then deflated, where do you think that will leave you and your computerized digits that represent the bulk of your self-built financial empire? All of your life, most of you have worked for banker backed interest in some capacity and now, these banksters are stealing back the pittance they paid you in the first place. Where’s Karl Marx when you need him? Bank depositors of the world, unite!

More Bad News

With the banks in debt to the tune of $40 trillion dollars, the pension system is also at risk because the banks and their related financial investment firms underwrote the Credit Swap Derivatives. Moody’s warns in its latest report on the state of public pension systems. As Bloomberg reports, “The 25 biggest systems by assets averaged a 7.45% return from 2004 to 2013, but liabilities tripled over the same period leaving them facing a $2 trillion shortfall as investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations”. The top 25 funds account for 40% of the entire US public pension system. Bloomberg further reports that “The 25 largest U.S. public pensions face about $2 trillion in unfunded liabilities, showing that investment returns can’t keep up with ballooning obligations”, according to Moody’s Investors Service. Americans will be working until they drop dead because, very soon, there will be no such thing as a pension. Very soon, most of these Americans will not have any job to go to.

When this house of cards comes crashing down, how do you think the government will deal with the situation? If you have not listened to V’s interview, I would suggest you do so now.

When Will the Economic Collapse Happen?

The collapse has already started. With 105 nations running from the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, there is nothing left to back up the dollar. Our currency will hyper-inflate and America’s economy will make the crash of the Weimar Republic look like a picnic.

A German woman in the 1923 Weimar Republic purchasing a loaf of bread. This time is almost upon the American people.

Certainly, even the most ardent sheep understand what the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic led to. What makes us think things are going to be any different?

The crash of the Weimar Republic led to this.

Are we to believe that all of these factors are unrelated? It is looking more and more like the bail-out money, which was no more than the private theft of public money, is actually doing what the name implies, it is bailing out corporate executives in advance of the coming crash. America is being forced to fund the getaway gifts for those that have stolen so much from the American people!

america burningFactor in the coming Ebola outbreak and the possibility of an EMP attack, the misery factor immediately and exponentially compounds. The American economy is on fire and the only remnants of what once was is a few hollowed out and charred structures.

Once they have our hard assets,the absolute and final crash and burn of the economy will occur and it will be anarchy in the streets. And more of V’s dire predictions, regarding a post-collapse America will undoubtedly come to pass.


About the Author

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular radio talk show, which airs from 9 PM to Midnight (Central). The show can be heard by clicking the following icon in the upper right hand corner of The Common Sense Show.

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By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

Is America on her last legs? Is the end of the Republic, as we have known it, near? A snapshot view of the emotional, physical and financial health of our nation makes it appear that we are on the edge of collapse. This article takes a snapshot view on how we are doing and the final conclusion is that America, like an alcoholic must and will hit bottom.

Meaningful Political Reform is Impossible

In this, a mid-term election year, we hear a lot of talk of how the people must rise up and vote as one. Unfortunately, the gross, collective ignorance of this country is so great that elections, as an exercise as the collective and intelligent expression of the public will, are non-existent. And even if a community could spur a collective action on an issue, the electronic voting machines would cast doubt on the true outcome anyway.

Before a nation can peacefully change course, the people must understand how political change happens. Further, they must have an understanding of the key political players and what they stand for. Unfortunately, and according to an Annenburg survey that was just conducted, only 36% of all Americans can identify the three branches of government. How can one possibly rid a system of abuse when one does not understand how the system works? A full 25% of all Americans know how that Senators serve for six years. Tragically and only 20% of all Americans know how many U.S. senators there are. Additionally, only 40% of high school seniors know that Joe Biden is the Vice-President. The faces of Pelosi, Reed and McCain should be on every billboard and dartboard for what they have done to the country (e.g. NDAA, Obamacare). Instead, most Americans have scarcely heard of them.


Even as in the open our public corruption has become, most will never hear of it because six corporations own over 95% of the media. Most American think that they have a free press when nothing could be further from the truth.

One would think that the First Amendment to the Constitution would protect the freedom of the press. There was a recent time when the United States was previously ranked 20th in the freedom of the press, but the U.S. has fallen 27 places to the 49th place. One of the reasons listed for the decline are the many arrests of journalist covering Occupy Wall Street protests. Certainly, the Occupy Wall Street arrests had a lot to do with the slippage. The US is now ranked lower then most western European countries including Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Spain, etc.

One of the many things the occupy movement has done is help focus more attention on the aggressive militarization of basic law enforcement in the United States.  And that’s been combined with police efforts to prevent both professional and amateur reporters from covering the story. These undeniable facts were in evidence in the recent unrest in Ferguson, MO.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index 2011, the United States is tied with Romania for forty-ninth in civil liberties. Several countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway are tied for first.

Amber Lyon

Former award-winning CNN journalist, Amber Lyon, who quit the network in order to maintain her journalistic integrity.

Amber Lyon, former CNN award winning journalist left the network because she was disgusted by the fact that the government paid hush money to CNN to not cover stories and also paid money to the compromised network to make up stories.

I can remember when in the 1990’s many were unhappy that the number of corporations which owned the lion’s share of the media had shrunk from 150 to 50 due to deregulation under President Bill Clinton. Again, in today’s America, only six corporations own 95% percent of our media. One cannot, with any degree of confidence, believe a word coming out of the mouth any newscaster or their network.

Can one imagine how far the freedom of the press ratings would have fallen if the murders of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings were taken into account?

Americans Are Medicated and Unhealthy

In the period from 1968 to 2008, the suicide rate in America rose 308% for people aged 15 to 24. It is clear that our children do not want to live in the New World Order. One out of every ten teen girls in America engages in “self-harm”. Cutting and burning are the most common forms that this “self-harm” takes.

knowles pills

No less than 30 million Americans are on antidepressants. Americans account for about four percent of the world’s population, but we buy more than 50% of the pharmaceutical drugs and Americans take a stunning 80% of all prescription painkillers. According to several studies 70% of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug and 20% of all Americans are on at least five prescription drugs. Additionally 60 million Americans  are problem drinkers and are categorized as alcoholics. Let me restate the last morbid statistic, one in six Americans, are problem drinkers.

According to a presentation offered at the IFPE Congress in Vienna, Austria on April 18, 2009, on the results of World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Survey, 19% of studied Americans experienced a clinical anxiety disorder in the previous twelve-month period, which pushes the United States into a ranking of first place in this category. And no wonder, it is estimated that one out of every four girls will be sexually abused before they become adults. Suicide has now actually surpassed car accidents as the number one cause of “injury death”in the United States.

Collectively, our cancer rates are by far the highest in the world as are our autism rates (now one in 53 births). Alzheimer’s is soaring at record rates and the age of onset is getting younger and younger. According to the CIA 2013 Factbook, Americans only have the 42nd longest life span on the planet despite the exorbitant amount we spend on health care. And I haven’t even touched upon obesity rates, sleep deprivation, etc., but you get the idea,we are morbidly unhealthy and a miserable people.

Economic Recovery Is Not Possible Under Any Circumstance

There is a bit of good news. The national deficit is only $17 trillion dollars and it is growing by leaps and bounds. At least that’s the good news. The bad news is that our “unfunded liabilities” (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare) have reached a total of $240 trillion dollars. And the really bad news is that our country, through the bailouts, owe the bankers a whopping $1 quadrillion dollars for the Ponzi scheme we call the credit swap derivatives. Since the entire estimated value of the planet is merely $100 trillion dollars, please explain to me how we can pay off this debt? Because this is public debt and it exceeds the sum total of all of our collective holdings,the owners of the debt, effectively own you!

I would talk about IT compensation rates where the  United States ranks 14th in IT management compensation. I could also mention that Americans no longer live in the highest salary paying country in the world. In fact, the United States does not even crack the top ten list of the highest salary paying countries on the planet in which Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom round out the top ten and pay their workers more than workers in the United States. In fact, the United States only ranks 20th in terms of overall gross pay!

Perhaps our children can collectively educate themselves to a higher economic level in terms of our professional expertise ceiling. Unfortunately, The Education Policy Institute assessed the affordability of higher education costs and found that the United States ranks 13th in higher education affordability. And to those who think your children can borrow their way to a degree, think again. Today’s U.S. college loan practices, which serve to underwrite much of the cost of a college education, are the most predatory in the world.

As of last year, bankruptcy cannocancel out a student loan debt and delinquent college students can now go to jail for nonpayment. In fact, several federal agencies have even “swat teamed” many delinquent student loan defaulters. Nowhere else in the world can we find evidence of these types of predatory practices being used against college students as we do here in the United States.

Again, all economic data,in effect, is meaningless so long as we owe a $17 trillion dollar deficit, a $240 trillion dollar unfunded liability debt and a $1 quadrillion derivatives debt. We virtually no exported manufacturing left and with the free trade agreements, there is no possibility of re-instituting tariffs which sustained this country without an income tax until 1913. The American government only takes in $2 trillion dollars per year. Do the math, if put every dime that we collect in taxes toward the debt and spent the money on nothing else, it would take us 120 years to pay off the unfunded liabilities and we could never pay off the derivatives debt because the debt is expanding faster that $2 trillion dollars of debt. Of course, the government could increase taxes, but there reaches a point when it will not pay to go to work. The final solution would be debt repudiation and start over. However, let me remind you, the bankers control the government and its enforcement mechanisms and they will not give up this asset and this measure of control without a fight and, my friends, I am regrettably sure that is where this is headed.

The Most Dire American Statistic

In a human holocaust beyond belief, more than 56 million American babies have been massacred in this country since Roe v. Wade was handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. Our abortion rate is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has ever fought combined. May God have mercy on us.


The purge has already begun. Despite having only 4% of the world’s population, our prisons house 25% of the worlds prison population!

This article is only a snapshot of the dire circumstances America finds herself in. Like an alcoholic, America must and will hit bottom because we lack the collective awareness, resources, maturity and resolve to confront our issues head on. However, hitting bottom does not necessarily spell the end unless these are indeed the proverbial and Biblical “last days”.  Let me remind all Christians, that the Bible, in Matthew 24:36, clearly tells us that in regard to the Second Coming, “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”. Therefore, it is prudent to prepare for the reality that this evil that has been set loose upon the world is going to continue for awhile longer.

There is a cycle to everything and most of the people will reach a point where they cannot sustain themselves in the present system of contrived shortages and they may push back, provided depopulation strategies are not fully underway. In the very small chance that America will one day fight back against this tyranny, it would be prudent to teach our young the Constitution and what moral authority really means in order that the survivors have something meaningful upon which to rebuild.

Sometimes, knowing my history as I do, it is a curse because it is easy to see where this is headed. One of my contemporaries once told me that our fathers lived in the best days of America. I agree and that generation, the WW II generation, could not have imagined how quickly this country would become so utterly destroyed in such a short time.

My best advice to all is to prepare on two fronts. Prepare to continue within the framework that now exists, the Matrix if you will. However it is important that we simultaneously turn our attention to strategies which will increase the odds of survival. Therefore, adaptation strategies have become critically important.


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