URGENT! S6141c, Forced Vaccination, And Why We Must Stop Playing Safe!

URGENT! S6141c, Forced Vaccination, And Why We Must Stop Playing Safe!

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

There are less than three days left in the 2017 legislative session in New York and there is a chance we can get a vote on S6141c, a bill dedicated to protecting religious exemptions and the rights of unvaccinated students.

This vote will only happen if you get on the phone and take advantage of email. The worst thing that could happen is for New York to become the new California!

 The following New York state senators can be contacted at:

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, (518) 455-2071
Senator Carl Marcellino, (518) 455-2390
Senator Joseph Robach, (518) 455-2909
Senator James Seward, (518) 455-3131
Senator John DeFrancisco, (518) 455-3511

It is imperative that during your phone calls you be polite, keep the conversation brief, and stay on subject. We must make it clear that WE THE PEOPLE will no longer tolerate the religious persecution of families that do not vaccinate.

The link below can be used to send an email to your State Senator asking for his or her support of S6141c.


It is very important that all of us step up the efforts in our respective states and countries because forced vaccination is being implemented across the globe! Take a look at the following vaccine exemptions that can be used across the United States. While exemptions sound like a good idea, they cause untold harm because an exemption is nothing more than begging the state not to poison you or your child.

Also, exemptions do not protect those who are not in the know from harm. More and more families are seeking religious exemptions and the powers that be are pushing back. In many places children can be vaccinated without parental consent!

Take a look at what has happened in Australia where families that don’t vaccinate are harassed, vilified as evil, and even sanctioned economically.

Unless we step our efforts and stand together truthfully as anti vaccine I predict that all of us will be facing mandated vaccines for both adults and children within the next decade. WE THE PEOPLE not THEY THE ELITE! (CW)

A special thanks to Autism Action Network for the hard work they do and for the information about S6141c.


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