Mother Blames a Broken System for Critical Errors of Judgement

Mother Blames a Broken System for Critical Errors of Judgement

(All names have been changed to protect their identity.)

By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons

For many years, I have been highlighting hundreds of cases of false accusations of child abuse. Many of these cases only came to light after a parent had reported that their child had suffered a vaccine injury.

In fact, it has become increasingly apparent that when there is vaccine injury, there is often blame, and as a result, a growing number of parents are being falsely accused of injuring their child after a vaccine injury has occurred.

In September, 2021, I highlighted the case of Anthony Smith.

In 2016, Mr. Smith was falsely accused of shaking his 8 week-old son Luke so hard that he suffered bleeds in the brain and bleeding behind the eyes. These bleeds are commonly known as shaken baby syndrome (SBS).

At the time of his son’s injuries, Mr. Smith had reported that Luke had received a total of nine childhood vaccinations three days earlier. He stated that:

I am being falsely accused of shaking my young baby (8 weeks); he had a bleed on the brain 3 days after his immunizations, I have been stopped from seeing my boys, forced to separate from my wife and leave the family home, I am currently waiting to see if the CPS are going to charge me, I need help!!!!! Who do I turn to, what can I do???!!!”

Sadly, even though Mr. Smith went to the court armed with a stack of research to support his case and an extremely thorough report written by leading expert Dr.——, who had studied the case in detail and stated that:

Upon examination of Blood Reports there was a consistent finding of:

  1. Haemoglobin Low

  2. Platelet count High

In my experience as a Consultant Haematologist, extending of several years in a Teaching Hospital, this child clearly has a deficiency of Vitamin C and it is this deficiency which is responsible for the episodes of bleeding from which he suffers.

While there are many causes of this, Luke’s reports show that he was vaccinated three days before he became ill.”

Dr. —– continued that:

More than half a century ago Dr Archie Kalokerinos pointed out that some indigenous children died after being vaccinated and he attributed their death to acute Vitamin C Deficiency precipitated by the Vaccine.

He changed his practice and always gave an injection of Vitamin C before vaccinating.

In this case my considered medical opinion is “Vaccine Induced Vitamin C Deficiency.”

However, this evidence and the countless research papers did little to persuade the family court that Mr. Smith was innocent and the court found him guilty of shaken baby syndrome.

Mr. Smith is now awaiting trial.

Tragic cases like this are happening every day.

Autistic Adult Snatched Away Unlawfully

Yesterday, I was alerted to yet another tragic case.

Although he is autistic with learning difficulties, John was living a happy and fulfilling life. He attended college and was studying for a wide range of qualifications and gained valuable work experience working in a café, a restaurant, a print shop, and a horticultural centre. He had a busy and active social life and had achieved many drama and music awards.

John was living his dream.

His mother, Mrs. Anderson, told me in an email that:

John was in good health when he lived at home with us. He was taking no medication and he had an active educational, sporting, artistic and social life, all of which he loved.”

She explained that:

John was in good health and had no challenging or worrying behaviors. He wanted to live with us for as long as he could, until either moving in with his sister and her family or choosing to live together with a group of friends he had known all his life.

We had even re-mortgaged to be able to divide up our family home, for him to have his own separate space, where he could have his independence and we could enable him to have the support he would need to enjoy his life.”

In fact, life could not have been going better for this vibrant young man.

However, all this came to a sudden and a very abrupt end when, without warning, adult protective services stormed into his work experience and snatched him away unlawfully, from his loving family and away from everything he had ever known.

His mother explained:

We had no involvement with social services at all while our son was growing up. We both had careers in frontline public services and did voluntary work in the community. We only got involved with the local authority when our son was reaching school leaving age at 19, and by judicial review we were successful in challenging their failure, to provide the chance for him to have further education.”

It appears that, by reaching out and asking for their Local Authority to provide funding for their son, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson made a costly mistake.

Sadly, since being snatched, John has been completely cut off from his loving family.

Mrs. Anderson explained that:

Our son went off to his work experience one day but did not come home in the usual way…instead he was taken from there by social workers.

Since that time, he has not even been allowed to visit us at home and has been stopped from having a life with his family.”

She continued that:

Once removed to be detained by the state, it was impossible to change the situation because we could not afford to be legally represented. All the other parties involved in this were publicly funded, yet we had to represent ourselves and face QCs against us in the High Court, even though we were completely traumatized by what had happened to our son.”

Mrs. Anderson stated on a crowd funder that:


We have paid £100’s and £1,000’s in Tax & National Insurance over the years … yet we are not eligible for Legal Aid!

Why? … we took out our very small pensions early, to do what we could for our son.

Although this is nowhere near enough for us to afford to be legally represented…it disqualifies us from getting Legal Aid to be able to be legally represented!

Income is what Legal Aid takes into account – your Outgoings don’t count…not even outgoings spent on what little legal advice & support this buys you!”

So, why was John snatched away suddenly from everything he has ever known?

According to Mrs. Anderson, it was because the Local Authority believed that he was at risk from his family and could suffer harm at their hands.

However, according to Mrs. Anderson, he is more at risk from remaining in the hands of the state than he ever was at home, where he was loved and was treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Mrs. Anderson stated that:

Our son has not benefited from being in the care of the state at all. His health has severely deteriorated. He is now heavily medicated, and his physical health is nothing like it used to be.”

She wrote:

He is deeply unhappy and has been diagnosed with a mood disorder since being taken and detained by the state against his wishes, and is reacting by smashing up where he is having to stay and also his belongings.”

Being autistic however, this was probably the only way that John knew how to demonstrate his frustration and distress.

If you want to help Mr. and Mrs. Anderson get the legal representation to win their case and fight to have their son returned to their care, please take part in their fundraiser titled, Help give us back our Family Life, where Mrs. Anderson stated that:

We are starting off with a £3,600 plea for work underway – this is our INITIAL TARGET – and once achieved from your pledges within 30 days, we can move onto our Stretch Target.

In our hearts we know that our Stretch Target will need to be in excess of £10,000, for the excellent legal representation we have in place to be able to continue, which without funds we are going to lose, along with their dedication and commitment to resolving our situation.”

It does not need a genius to work out that this young man should not be incarcerated by the state. His family love him and would never let any harm come to him. In nearly two decades, no professional has ever stated that John was in any danger. The only thing that this family ever did “wrong” was ask for any help in the first place.

This is not the first case that I have come across in which a parent has been forced to ask for help for their autistic child and ended up losing their child in the process.

Social services should spend more time looking into real cases of child abuse, such as the tragic case Star Hobson case, and less time hounding parents who are doing everything that they can to keep their child safe.


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About the Author: Christina England, BA Hons, Research Journalist and Author

Christina was born and educated in London, U.K. She left school to work in a children’s library, specialising in storytelling and book buying. In 1978, Christina changed her career path to dedicate her time to caring for the elderly and was awarded the title of Care Giver of the Year for her work with the elderly in 1980.

After taking an A Level in Psychology and a BTEC in Learning Support, Ms. England spent many years researching vaccines and adverse reactions. She gained a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies in 2010 and in 2016 she gained a BA Hons degree in Literature and Humanities. She currently writes for VacTruth, Health Impact News, GreenMedInfo, The Liberty Beacon, Vaccine Impact and Medical Kidnap on immunisation safety and efficacy.

She has co-authored the book – Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? with Dr. Harold Buttram and Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth with Lucija Tomljenovic PhD, which are sold on Amazon. She also compiled the book Shattered Dreams: The HPV Vaccine Exposed

Her website is Parents and Carers Against Medical Injustice


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