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Updated on 10/12/2013

I am certain 2014 Will be the liberty movements litmus test, are we serious about taking back America, or is this all smoke and mirrors? I fear if 2014 goes by with the same gaggle of representatives being returned to congress to perpetuate their tyranny (as over 90% where in 2012), our chances for success will die with the rest of our few remaining freedoms.

But first we must face reality and take responsibility for OUR actions or the lack of …

This is a nation1When I state or quote this I get very little response or in some cases negative feedback … WHY? It is the absolute truth! We The People through our laziness, apathy and ignorance have permitted all that ails us to become reality!

I am constantly hearing how our leaders continue to pass bills that pile more debt on our backs and that of our children, that remove our civil rights and freedoms and do nothing to extricate us from our imperialistic warmongering even though they campaign on exactly these promises! Yet WE continually reelect these same idiots (look at the reelection rate of incumbents in this failing country)!

It’s not all Washington D.C.’s fault.  When We The People (the true governing body in any republic) fail to take responsibility for ourselves and our government by holding our reps accountable, someone else will fill that vacume and the results are now readily apparent.

They (our reps) claim to represent us but prove by their self centered actions that nothing could be further from the truth! Just a little research by an involved or concerned citizen would show that their actions in most cases (there are some rare exceptions) prove to serve only their masters and themselves.

Term limits have been discussed for decades as a tool to get this evil and destructive monster we call our government under control but has a snow balls chance in hell of ever passing in congress as it would short circuit their personal power! It has also been discussed curtailing the access and influence of lobbyist to our elected leaders … HaHaHa what a freaking joke! These people OWN our representatives!

The Patriot act and the NDAA rider, just to mention two (tyranny abounds in many bills) where passed by a majority of congressional members (and reauthorized) forcing tyranny down the throats of We The People … yet a vast majority of those who voted for this tyranny (several times) have been reelected, WHY?

Tyranny 02These are but a few examples of how We The People FAIL to hold our elected representatives accountable and in fact embolden them to commit more tyranny against us by not holding their feet to the fire, or in fact FIRING them! Are we that gullible, apathetic or just plain stupid?

Americans as a culture are highly ignorant of the workings of our government and too damn lazy to do the required research! Instead we place immense TRUST in the people we elect, wanting to believe they will know what is best for us and will always have out best interest as their motivations … BULLCRAP !!!

So the next time you rant about the abhorrent economic and political conditions in America … look in the mirror to find the biggest and most responsible culprit … We The People! Get off your a**es and take America back, one booted Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor or councilman at a time if necessary!

Now please look at the two picture quotes again and really think …


TLB welcomes you to The Liberty Beacon Rant


Sit back and listen to reality. It is not pretty and it may very well piss you off … but listen and understand what the true responsibility of a citizen of a republic is and how our failings have exaserbated the tyranny we suffer … It’s not too late to wake up, but it may be soon  …

This is yet another quote from one of the true proponents of freedom and liberty in modern political history. We either heed this prophetic quotation or resign ourselves to obscurity without freedom or liberty  …

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  1. American People dont have until 2014 To throw out the Trash ?its got to be Next month or never .Obama Has lined is UN Military” 400 thousand Troops ” to come and kill Americans and he ’38 thousand Russian MILITARY troops paratroopers thats came over the Canadian Border in thru Washington To join up in Denver Colorado . you see they unloading into are Military Bases whyll are Troops over seas .

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