Political Corruption of Monsanto and it’s Influence

July 31, 2013 3

“Corporate totalitarianism … rules through  dispensability and corruption. It treats communities, people, countries,  ecosystems, species as disposable and dispensable.” Monsanto; one of the most hated companies in America has had  a long history of corruption, […]


From Hell’s Kitchen: “GM HEAVY METAL PLANTS”

July 29, 2013 5

By: George Billing, TLB Contributor According to Monsanto and the biotech industry, “…Phytoremediation is the cleaning contaminated soil, water or air with the use of plants. Many plants are able to grow in contaminated media […]


The Liberty Beacon Rant: Tonights show “The Elite”

July 28, 2013 0

Welcome to The Liberty Beacon Rant with your host Roger Landry with his very lovely and intelligent co-host Paula Mathers. Tonight we will discuss a very controversial topic “The Elite”. So hold onto your hats because this […]


World’s first GM babies born

July 28, 2013 7

By: MICHAEL HANLON The world’s first geneticallymodified humans have been created. The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments  in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics. So far, […]


Ex-Military Bio–Enviro–Engineer: Chemtrails Are Real

July 27, 2013 22

By: Avalon Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer Exposes the Covert Air Force Geoengineering Program currently In Progress Globally Years of research into Geoengineering among scholars and scientists has proven the technology of Geoengineering to be an inexpensive […]


Vaccines: Unproven and Dangerous

July 27, 2013 10

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon A majority of the public believes that vaccines are one of modern science/medicine’s greatest achievements, preventing disease and saving millions of lives! Yet no reliable long term safety study […]

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