17 Year Old Held Captive in Chicago Hospital: Denied Choice of Attorney – Protest & Rally Scheduled!

Isaiah Rider was interviewed by local Fox 4 in Kansas City when he returned from Chicago the first time. Now, he has been forced to return to Chicago against his will. Photo from Team Isaiah Facebook Page.

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By: Brian Shilhavy

As we reported earlier this week, 17-year-old Isaiah Rider was forcibly removed from a hospital in Kansas City and taken by ambulance to Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago. While Isaiah was residing in his home town in Missouri, he was still a ward of the State of Illinois who took custody away from his mother earlier this year, allegedly due to the fact that his mother wanted a second opinion on his medical treatment.

Isaiah and his family claim that he was put into foster care and housed in a rough neighborhood in Chicago where he went through emotional trauma, fearing for his life while walking the streets in an area of Chicago he was not familiar with, and having a gun pulled on him twice. Isaiah also alleges that while in state custody in Chicago, he was drugged against his will. The State of Illinois eventually allowed him to return to Kansas City and stay with his grandparents, while his mother had to continue to fight legal battles in court in Chicago to get custody back.

Understandably, Isaiah had no desire to return to Chicago, and neither did his family. So when his guardian ad litem, Kim Boone, allegedly told him he needed to return to Chicago for medical treatment, Isaiah resisted. He was in a hospital in Kansas City and continued to be in pain, allegedly because the doctors there could not treat his pain due to restrictions from a medical team in Chicago and his custody being retained in Illinois. The night before Isaiah was to be transported back to Chicago against his will, he recorded this video:

Forced to Return to Chicago, and Denied Civil Rights

On the morning of December 6th, armed security guards allegedly forced him to get into the ambulance and make the 8 hour trip back to Chicago. The security guards allegedly stood guard around his room all night, preventing him from leaving the hospital. Hospital personnel also allegedly forced him to take a large dose of Valium to make him more compliant.  His grandparents were also allegedly threatened not to intervene, or they would lose custody of Isaiah. There was apparently no way to escape.

Once Isaiah reached Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago, reports from family members and advocates say he had a security bracelet attached to his body to prevent him from walking out of the hospital, and he was denied visitation rights from anyone except his grandmother (who has legal custody at this time). He was allegedly not even allowed to call a local pastor. Many people have been outraged at these actions, and pointed out that even prisoners on death row have more rights than Isaiah at this point.

As local media began to pick up the story, Attorney Scott Miller from the National Center for Life & Liberty offered to take on Isaiah’s case. Isaiah agreed, and paperwork was reportedly filed with the juvenile court in Chicago to have Miller represent Isaiah. But the court reportedly denied Miller’s petition to represent Isaiah, according to statements made by Attorney Miller to Health Impact News.

Michelle Rider, Isaiah’s mother, continues to battle it out in court in Chicago to get custody of her son back, so they can return home. But as we have reported here on MedicalKidnap.com in the past, once the state takes custody of a minor, very seldom do parents win custody back. (See: Medical Kidnapping Business: Judges Skirting the Law for Federal Funds.) In addition, it is believed that the Lurie Children’s Hospital and the University of Chicago have received funding for drug research related to Isaiah’s rare medical condition.

Protest Rally Scheduled Monday December 15th in Chicago

Therefore, advocates and family members are urging the public and the media to a rally for Isaiah in front of the Chicago Juvenile Courthouse on Monday, December 15th, which is when Michelle has her next hearing. People are requested to make signs with text such as, “Let Isaiah Go Home!”

Isaiah Rally meme

Advocates and family members are calling on the public and the media to expose what they see as a very clear violation of Isaiah’s civil rights by attending this protest rally on December 15th. Michelle and Isaiah are also reportedly members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, which is reportedly considering attending the protest rally and getting involved in the case.

Receive updates at the Team Isaiah Facebook Page. More on the background of Isaiah Rider’s story.


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