March 27, 2015 0

Gilad Atzmon Speaks (120:00) Description: Gilad Atzmon speaks about the cancellations of his shows and his ideas concerning Jewish cultural identity politics, Jewish Left, and anti-Semitism. Download the MP3 Contributed to TLB by: CITIZEN WORLD […]


California Water Wars: Another Form of Asset Stripping?

March 26, 2015 0

In California’s epic drought, wars over water rights continue, while innovative alternatives for increasing the available water supply go untapped. By TLB Contributor: Ellen Brown Wars over California’s limited water supply have been going on […]


US-Created Violence and Chaos in Yemen

March 26, 2015 0

Photo credit U.S. Air Force photo/Brian Ferguson/Salon   By Steven J. Lendman Yemen is one of many examples of what happens following lawless US intervention. Obama waged drone war on Yemen throughout his tenure – […]

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