Linderman Unleashed: Fight Liberal Regressive Idiocy Regarding Gun Control, GMOs, Geoengineering & More

Linderman Unleashed 12/11/15 EP30

Today 12/11/15 Fight Liberal Regressive Idiocy Regarding Gun Control, GMOs, Geoengineering & More.

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By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed I try to appeal to the liberal regressives regarding their stance on gun control. I realize it probably won’t work because if you believe that my firearms should be confiscated and somehow that is going to benefit society…you probably can’t even tie your own friggin shoes!

That being said: my argument is flawless and irrefutable so if I wake up one liberal (whom I probably have a lot in common with)…it will be worth the high blood pressure readings that I’m sure I had during the show.

I’ll also be discussing the Serallini GMO study that was just vindicated in a court of law after being raked through the coals by the “skeptic” idiots that have sold their souls to industry and the devil. Geoengineering is another topic where I discuss a nuclear chemist that has written a paper regarding the poisoning of our planet with aluminum from chemtrails. While the whole global climate change b.s. needs to be waded through…the read is actually quite good because of his explanation of what aluminum is doing to our environment.

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