Charlie Strange Speaks on Extortion 17: Crimes Against Our Sons & Daughters

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Regardless of your beliefs of the right or the wrong of current US military involvement on foreign soil (that is not what this article/video is about), the loss of any life in war or conflict leaves a mother, father, sister, brother or other family without a loved one … and this is in a vast majority of these cases … catastrophic.

Those who serve in the US military do so with the personal belief or understanding that they are protecting their families and indeed all Americans, and allowing them to live a freer and safer life, and at what may even require the loss or sacrifice of their own life. So lets discuss Extortion 17 …

What if you discovered the loss of your loved one was not “in the line of duty”, not the result of a heroic action, not the result of a catastrophic accident or being in the wrong place at the right time … but in fact the result of an intentional or traitorous action perpetrated by the very same government they believed they were offering their very lives to protect, and serve? Tell me how you would feel as the mother or father of that fallen serviceman or woman …

Please read on and watch as this grieving and angry father, still rife with the pain of a lost son, and awake to the subterfuge from within the government he so trusted … speaks his mind (supported by the Oath Keepers) in a no holds barred and heart wrenching fashion!


Charlie Strange speaking of Extortion 17 at Oath Keepers on Harrisburg Capitol Steps

Written by and Contributed to TLB by: M Steven Gronka

Explicit salty language warning. Not for the faint of heart!

Charlie Strange gives a straight from the heart, no holds barred, very pointedly direct statement about the state of military/political affairs in America. Review is about Extortion 17 where his son Michael Strange and 30 other special operators were killed on one flight. Most of SEAL Team 6 involved in the Bin Laden raid were eliminated (with emphasis on the specific. Who would have thunk it. Every military safety protocol was violated for this flight initiated by a lie that Army Rangers were in need of help.

If you have been hesitant to call a politician and or a general a liar in the past you won’t have any problem after this. The unimaginable gut wrenching heartache you will see in evidence in this video gives only a glimpse of the unimaginable pain experienced by Charlie and Mary Strange and all of the families of those whose sons and daughters have lost their lives when the Government and the Military turns on its own, our own. Extortion 17, Benghazi Before Benghazi, Benghazi, Rules of Engagement (ROE), Murder of Marine Greg Buckly on Base, yes and even Pearl Harbor (look up Hartford Van Dyke) are horrifyingly just a FEW of the incidents where lying and massive cover-ups have taken place.

Obama spoke directly into Charlie’s ear in a most intimate way saying that yes there would be a deep investigation. This happened with the parents of those killed in Benghazi and involved the lying condolences and promises to investigate given by both Obama and Hillary Clinton. Eye witnesses we have to the lowest, vilest, most degenerate form of human life.

It practically goes beyond the comprehension of the general public because we cannot conceive that our government and our military leaders would do such heinous acts of treachery. As we have seen Obama is trying to weed out all of those in the military that have the patriot sense of honor, duty, integrity, and commitment!

It is way past time for this all to end and there be a cessation to padding the pockets of all those that would “go along to get along” and keep taking a pay check and/or hush money.

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