Vaccine Victory for New York City – So, Why Are Parents Being Kept in the Dark?

By TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

Parents won a court case and overturned the ruling requiring all children six months through 59 months of age to be vaccinated with the flu vaccine in order to attend preschools, day care centers and Head Start Programs regulated by the City of New York.

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When the ‘unlawful proposed mandate’ was passed in New York City in 2014, requiring all young children entering day care, nursery school, pre-school, and kindergarten to be fully vaccinated with the flu vaccination, the news hit nearly every newspaper, radio show and television outlet in the US.

Not a day went by that news of this so-called medical victory was not discussed by a news reporter somewhere. Parents throughout New York City had just had all their vaccination rights snatched away from them and instead of outrage, as one would expect, there was jubilation.

One group of parents however, was less than happy about the news, because they felt that their rights had been violated. Instead of sitting back, doing nothing and accepting the inevitable, they decided to oppose the decision in the courts in regard to the yearly flu vaccine.

In an unprecedented step, they decided that enough was enough and that they would bring a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; the New York City Board of Health; and Dr. Mary Travis Bassett in her official capacity as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. This was because they had pushed through a requirement that all parents wishing their children to attend pre-schools, day care centers and Head Start Programs regulated by the City of New York had to have their children fully vaccinated, including the yearly flu vaccine which was not originally included on the mandate.

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However, as of December 16, 2015, the flu vaccine is NO LONGER a requirement because, amazingly, at the end of a triumphant and victorious battle, the parents WON their case.

Speaking from the steps of Manhattan Supreme Court, Michelle Carol, one of the brave parents involved in the case, made the following statement to the US press:

“I just think that it is important to remember that vaccines are drugs, and just like any drug, not every vaccine is going to be right for every single child. This ruling is important because it leaves the decision about whether or not to vaccinate our smallest, youngest and most vulnerable citizens to the pediatricians and parents, which is important.”

With news on this scale, why has mainstream media not taken this story and run with it? After all, it is not every day that a battle of this magnitude is won. Why has this news not reached the parents of NYC? Sallie Elkordy, a frontrunner in this battle against mandatory vaccination, told The Liberty Beacon that many of the parents whom she has spoken to since the hearing have not been made aware that this vaccine is no longer a legal requirement. She feels that parents should be made aware of this fact as soon as possible; so that they can make an informed choice as to whether or not they should have their child vaccinated.

In his final ruling, Judge Manual J. Mendez wrote:

Vaccine RulingNotice his words, NOT LAWFUL! It was because the flu vaccine was added unlawfully, that this ruling could be overturned, making this an outright victory for the parents who support informed choice. The full ruling can be found here.

Aaron Siri, a lawyer who worked with the parents who filed the suit against the city, told The New York Times that the health department had greatly overstepped its authority:


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“Parents across the city who, in consultation with their doctors, made the decision that the risks outweighed the benefits for their particular child, had that right taken away from them by 11 unelected individuals sitting in the Board of Health right across the street.”

At a news conference in Lower Manhattan, Mr. Siri said that:

“If anybody is going to take away that right, it should be the elected representatives of this state.”

Sallie Elkordy, who has been fighting this decision with parents from the onset, called the judge’s ruling a “Christmas Blessing.”Making her thoughts and feelings on the court’s decision very clear, she has spoken out across America on public access television.

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In public broadcasts, Ms. Elkordy thanked not only Judge Mendez for his decision on the ruling, but also the five brave parents whom she believed put their own children on the line to save other children. Not forgetting to thank attorney Aaron Siri, who was brave enough to take this case on pro-bono, she gave everyone a fitting tribute. To see her tributes and to learn more about the ruling, see the public access show below.

To offer your support please visit: Awake New York

Support Flu Shot Lawsuit: Lawsuit to Repeal NYC’s Forced Flu Shot For Tots

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