Drug Free Kids: Making it Real

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Episode #21: Making it Real

Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a talk show host for TLB Radio, a writer, and the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

By: Steve Cook

Iam pleased to welcome back the former martial arts champion Pete Dwan, whose 10-year Drug Free Kids campaign is revolutionizing drug education and opening up a way forward to a drug free future.

Today Pete gives us a report on the progress of his Drug Free Kids campaign.

He tells us how it took many years of dedicated work to evolve his highly effective approach to bringing young children the truth about drugs. He covers several vital points on how to keep it real for the kids:

Using language and terms they can understand

Using analogies and examples that are real to them

Always being truthful and never using scare tactics or exaggeration

Never talking down to them

Catching and holding their attention

Giving them information, most importantly, they can USE in life.

Pete rounds this off with some wonderful feedback typical of the success stories and validations he receives on a regular basis.

He then finishes by explaining his three-pronged approach to bringing children a workable truth about drugs:

1. His personal talks in schools
2. Videos of his talks to be played in schools, more info at www.drugfreekids.co.uk
3. A new platform, where parents can download video lessons that enable parents and children to virtually have Pete talk to them in their living room. More info is available at www.beating the dealer.com or www.beatingthedealer.co.uk

The years of hard work invested in perfecting how to communicate the difficult subject of drugs to children and youth have borne fruit in simple but highly effective tools that enable parents, teachers, youth and community workers to help their children.

I am very proud to be able to help promote Pete’s tireless work and his tremendous ground-breaking successes. This show may well be the only one of its kind anywhere on planet Earth and is certainly the only show that features one of the world’s great pioneers in the field of drug education.

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