Hidden Government Surveillance Cameras Found In Oregon

by Pam Jones | Staff writer/reporter TLB 

In what I consider a ‘History Making’ and possibly a second shot fired moment, American Citizens have risen up to tell the federal government to back down and leave a free people alone!

In  breaking videos via PSB SATELITE NEWS,  you will witness history in the making when Americans said no more and removed the federal governments “Hidden” Surveillance cameras in boxes installed on poles in very remote places to spy on the local citizens in Harney County Oregon.

 At 1:03 into the video they find Hi-Tech Surveillance cameras and at 3:03 the first Camera is removed!  Later in the video they remove 2 more camera’s for a total of 4.
 A call was put out for those with good techie skills to track down info found on the cameras. At 10:25 they offer to give them back to the FBI and ask for the publics help.
“A Free People Does Not Need To Be Watched” ends the video.
I think that comment sums up the feeling of Americans across this country.
 The American people do NOT want to be spied on by it’s own government, that is not Freedom.  The Orwellian nightmare has been built all around us while we weren’t watching with our money. This group of American’s just said “No More”!
Please note: No Property was damaged in the removal of the surveillance cameras etc.

More Videos from Oregon and fallout from the Hidden Cameras find.


 Video #1

 Video #2

 About Pam Jones:
Pam Jones is a TLB staff writer/reporter as well as a contributing writer/reporter for WeaponizedNews.com.  She is also a researcher, writer and publisher as well as being an activist for Humanity.

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