Harney County, Oregon-Application of Agenda 21

Part 4 of a series-Harney County, Oregon

by Cathy Geibel | TLB staff writer/reporter

Real time Application of Agenda 21

So by now everyone has heard of the Bundy’s, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge “standoff”, the takeover by the “militant militias” or “militant aggressors” and the “murder” of LaVoy Finicum. People have been weighing in from both sides, right wing, left wing, “conservationists”, Native tribes, and yes, our Federal Government.

So just WHAT is it about Burns, Oregon, Harney County that has stirred up so much ire and firepower from the Federal Government? Take off your tin foil hats everyone, it’s time to get VERY real. The answer is Agenda 21. Tiny little Burns, Oregon has brought the spotlight to the Global Agenda which has been incrementally taking our freedoms and sovereignty since 1992, YES! since 1992. And while we have all been preoccupied by a multitude of distractions, everything from which “smart phone” is best to The Bachelor, they have been implementing this Agenda and WE HAVE ALLOWED IT.

Now enter the Bundy Family, the Finicum Family, the Hammond Family… families who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this Agenda and the Tyranny being thrust upon us. The mainstream media, which, incidentally is owned by the perpetrators of this Globalist crime, have vilified these people. They have been labeled as “right wing” nuts, “religious fanatics”, “Mormon masonic” conspirators. I tell you now and I tell you truth THESE ARE LIES OF THE HIGHEST INTENT! These people are nothing more than you and I. These are people with a conviction to end the Tyranny of the Federal Government and this Global Agenda. You see I know who these people are, I met them, I looked in their eyes, I heard them speak. I, like so many others, was drawn to that place to witness. And my heart bleeds for the loss of LaVoy Finicum and the continued imprisonment of the Bundy’s and several others. How better to keep them silent than to keep them locked away, most probably unconstitutionally.

How the game is played

And just how is Agenda 21 playing out in Harney County? Government takeover (BLM) of private lands, control of water rights, elimination of private citizen’s ability to sustain a living in a rural area under the guise of “social equity” and “sustainability”. Agenda 21 is a real document, 300 pages, 40 chapters covering every aspect of your life from economics, housing, transportation, land use, health, education, water, energy, food production and population control. And this is global everyone. In my research on Agenda 21 I have read, watched and listened to many explanations. Rarely would I recommend any one source, and I challenge you to do your own research, but Rosa Koire seems to sum it up best in the video below.

Why Rosa Koire? Because she is a left wing, liberal, feminist who clearly understands this is NOT an issue of one side or another. She clearly understands how it is being implemented and she is against Agenda 21.

So what’s the bottom line 

So were the Bundy’s wrong? Hell no!!! Because the ONLY thing standing between us and the total implementation of this Global Agenda is our CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, including THE SECOND AMENDMENT right to bear arms and form Militias.

Amendment II. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. 

So why Burns, Oregon? Why the massive militarized police show of force, why the assassination of LaVoy Finicum and the continued imprisonment of the others? Because, Burns/Harney County, Oregon IS the epitome of the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Bundy’s shined the light, they and the free people of Harney County dared to challenge it via the Constitution and The Feds could NOT let that happen and that is why the Feds are still there. The Local, County, State and Federal governments of Harney County ARE complicit in this implementation. This has been exposed and when the truth was spreading to Grant County, Oregon it had to be stopped.

The opening is closing 

I encourage the citizens of Harney County to stand their ground, remove those corrupt local leaders and take back their rights! We ALL need to take back our rights before Agenda 21 is fully implemented.

THIS IS OUR WINDOW! It is time for us to stand up in our local cities, counties, states and yes COUNTRIES.  If not, we will continue to lose our rights. 

They will continue to GeoEngineer the Weather, GMO the Food, force Vaccines, manipulate the Economy, have Fascists laws written by law makers and meted out and enforced by Puppet Courts…Perpetual war… False Flags…  and how much more?

It’s up to us, it is not time to hide behind the Bundy’s or anyone else, it’s on US.


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About the author:

Cathy Geibel is a TLB staff writer/reporter based in the state of Oregon. She is an RN, writer, researcher and activist.

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