Disconnect Wi-Fi on New Time Warner, Comcast Routers

By Jack O’Dwyer

The 5G routers that Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, etc., are requiring customers to install have powerful Wi-Fi features that should be disabled, say those who believe that hard-wired phones and computers are safer than wireless.

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Router “signal tamer”

“Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution,” a website operated by “Jeromy,” says the blanketing of the U.S. with pulse-modulated wireless tech will proceed unimpeded “until the tide of public opinion shifts” on the health issues raised by the technology.

“The best thing you can do is protect your family and friends by limiting what you are exposed to,” advises EMFanalysis.

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RF meters that measure the radiation should be used monthly because the companies do a system-wide reset once a month that may turn the Wi-Fi back on.

This reporter, as required by Time Warner, installed an Arris TG1672 GD2-5G router in our apartment two months ago. It was much bigger than the previous modem, sporting seven blue lights including ones that said 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

New Routers Criticized

The 5G function is especially bad says “Jerold” because it radiates an increased number of electromagnetic “waves.” A call to TW resulted in the lights for 2.4GHz and 5GHz being turned off and assurances given that Wi-Fi had been disabled. RF health advocates say the companies cannot be trusted and self-measurement is advised.

Comcast, which lost its $45 billion bid to acquire TW last year, TW later selling to Charter Communications for $55B, has installed about one million Xfinity routers that act as a gateway into the “smart home” of customers and deliver Wi-Fi service to anyone within a few hundred feet, says EMFanalysis.

The new devices are to go into a total of eight million homes.

People who live in apartment buildings could have four to eight of these powerful Xfinity transmitters within 50 feet of where they sleep, says EMFanalysis.  Insomnia, headaches, muscle spasms and other symptoms may be experienced.

Cablevision, Bethpage, Long Island, which is being purchased along with Newsday for $17 billion by the French company Altice, is replacing all its modems with the new higher-powered routers.

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Multiple Antennas on Routers

EMFanalyis says that “Unlike previous generations of Wi-Fi routers, there are now at least two and possibly four antennas within the Xfinity routers. One antenna is the typical Wi-Fi frequency of 2.4 GHz and a second antenna emits microwave radiation at 5.0 GHz. There are also two channels within each antenna—a private channel for your home and a public channel for any Comcast customer who is visiting or walking by. More antennas and channels mean more microwave radiation exposure for people in the vicinity of the router.”

The site says “Multiple EMF consultants have shared with me that when they measure these new routers, the readings are much higher than any consumer router they have ever measured.” The business plan of Comcast seems to call for “ubiquitous Wi-Fi,” says the site. “The 5.0 GHz transmission is particularly harmful to human biology.” The frequency is higher so the wavelength is shorter. It is the exact length to resonate with certain structures in the brain and other body parts and organs.

Street Wireless Terminals Discussed Feb. 10

Registration for the public event is required.The ongoing installation of 7,500 wireless terminals that will replace telephone booths in New York will be discussed by Dan Doctoroff, CEO of Sidewalk Labs, at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10 at New York University’s Center for Urban Science & Progress, MetroTech Center, Jay street in downtown Brooklyn.

The first terminal of the $200 million project, described in the Jan. 25 New Yorker, is now operating at 15th st. and Third ave.

Critics of the project are collecting signatures on petitions to be sent to the New York Attorney General and the New York State Dept. of Technology and Telecommunications.

“Wireless disrupts cellular communications, damages immune and nervous systems, desynchronizes brain and heart rhythms, and causes headaches, sleep problems, ringing in the ears, anxiety and a host of other health problems,” said Sandi Maurer, director of the EMF Safety Network.

The terminals violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York City Human Rights Law and the New York State Human Rights Law by subjecting citizens to unwanted radiation, including those with “sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and many other medical conditions and pregnant women,” say the forms.

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Terminals Are About “Connectivity”

Doctoroff, former CEO of Bloomberg and former Deputy Mayor of New York for Economic Development and Rebuilding, is described by CUSP as “One of the world’s leading visionaries and champion of leveraging technology and data for social change.”

He will talk Feb.10 “about the coming technological revolution in cities and how local governments across the globe are poised to use advanced connective technology to drastically improve people’s lives and solve some of society’s most pressing issues.”

Sidewalk Labs, announced June 10, 2015, by Doctoroff and Google, is moving from One MetroTech to 10 Hudson Yards on the West Side where it will occupy 67,000 sq. ft. in the 52-story building at West 30th st. and Tenth ave. No date has been given for the move.

Wi-Fi Effect on Children Is Concern

Those concerned with excessive radiation say special concern must be shown to children, babies and expectant mothers. The thinner skulls of those under 13 make them more susceptible to damage, they say, quoting the Bioinitiative Report  and other sources.

They are concerned about “baby monitors” that are put in cribs that provide live video feed and Wi-Fi connectivity or on the clothing of infants. They are concerned about office workers and particularly secretaries who may sit next to the office Wi-Fi base station and wonder why they have headaches, twitching muscles, fatigue, inability to concentrate, anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate changes and other problems.

Hyper-sensitive people will get off elevators if others pull out cell phones. They can’t enter buildings that have Wi-Fi capability. A hyper-sensitive person asked a building to turn off the Wi-Fi while she was there and the building official refused, saying to turn off the Wi-Fi would be admitting there is a problem. Those afflicted with this condition say it developed after exposure to excessive radiation.

They are also concerned about people who live in apartment buildings where several apartments nearby may have powerful Wi-Fi routers that penetrate walls.

A solution would be to acquire devices that measure the EMF and if there is a problem, provide neighbors with “Router Guards.”  These provide a partial Faraday Cage and block radiation output by 90%, says EMFanalysis. “Having conversations with your neighbors and buying five or six router guards will likely be much less expensive than moving,” it says.


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  1. Smart phones are just as dangerous. The wireless frequencies are messing with your body and trigger cancer and tumors. The smart phones in particular are most dangerous as they are kept close to the body. The best you can do is buy your own modem. You will avoid paying a monthly rental fee and not have to worry about your ISP controlling your device. And yes your ISP is definatley spying on you and it is recommended to use Tor web browser.
    Technology is being used as a weapon and it is not your freind
    and never trust your device or computer.

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