Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030 ~ What You Should Know

Agenda 21 – or Agenda 2030 – is not what you think it is

 Patrick Wood, author of ‘Technocracy Rising’, gave an interview in November of last year to Stuart Webb of WeaponizedNews. In these four short video excerpts, with accompanying text, he addresses various aspects of the ongoing moves to implement Agenda 21 goals and what it all really means. 

by Pam Barker | TLB staff writer/analyst


How It’s All Unfolding

The technocracy agenda is extending everywhere at an incredibly fast speed. It’s been a multi-step process entailing a series of meetings to advance the Agenda.

Back in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals were set by the UN, which were due to expire by 2015. They hadn’t been achieved but couldn’t be allowed to expire. So they cooked up a scheme to advance the whole project by a further 15 years, up to 2030. The Millennium Development Goals thus became the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2012, a group of 27 people met under the auspices of the UN, including John Podesta of the Trilateral Commission. Called the ‘High Level Panel of Eminent Persons’, they met to discuss the post-2015 Development Agenda. By 2013 they produced a report to the UN called ‘A New Global Partnership’ intended to eradicate poverty and transform economies.

In June of 2015, a second panel sponsored by the UN met, called ‘The High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development’, which convened to officially accept the post-2015 agenda. By July, the agenda was formally accepted and codified into the 2030 Agenda. The Sustainable Development Summit or 2030 Agenda Summit was then convened at the UN in September that the Pope attended. It was designed to get all leaders to sign onto the Agreement in order for it to be legally binding. We don’t know all of the signatories, but we know Obama signed. The Pope was called upon to attend because his presence assured there would be no resistance.

The COP21 conference of December last year gave teeth to the 2030 agenda and gave a set of achievable goals to be implemented in January of 2016.

Ironically, the 2030 Agenda is nicknamed by UN The People’s Agenda but the public had absolutely no input into it.

Agenda 2030

It’s a plan to transform everyone in the world, ostensibly to eliminate poverty, hunger and war by force if needs be. But it’s really an economic plan to transform the entire system of national governments to achieve economic ends.

Sustainable Development is actually an economic term, not a political one. The agenda is being played out on an economic level, not political. It’s a system of governance by regulation, not by people and politicians.

The technocracy agenda of the 1930s called for removing actual politicians who were believed to be incompetent and useless. It was believed that scientists and engineers were more capable of governing.

End of Capitalism, the end goal

So the stated end goal is to destroy the capitalist model and replace it with an energy economy.   The problem is that the economic model of Sustainable Development or the Green Economy has never been tested or vetted by legitimate economists. And where ARE the economists of the world on this? They don’t get it, and if they did, they’d be squarely against it. This economic model is insane and the UN leaders are masquerading as economists.

On the TPP agreement

Only 20% of the TPP has anything to do with trade at all. Some of it has to do with formulating a set of regulations for the whole planet. The TPP will apply that kind of economic domination; everyone on the international stage will bow down to those regulations. So the national sovereignty of all nations will be severely diminished including that of the US.

And it’s worth noting that one of the lead negotiators from the US, Michael Froman, is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Basically, it is an elite global group that is behind this.

Engineered Financial Collapse?

The fiat currencies of the world will be crushed – the dollar, yuan, euro, etc.   The dominance of the dollar has passed.

The big banks have created extraordinary debt levels, loaning to corporations, hedge funds, etc., which have to be paid back in dollars, regardless of how loaned monies have been invested.

If we see the central banks behaving irrationally, it is intentional. It’s possible for central banks to go bankrupt as they are private organizations. Our Federal Reserve has 4.5 trillion dollars of bad assets on its books. If interest rates go up and investor confidence is lost, thus driving up rates, investors will move out of the dollar and bonds will crash. The Fed could lose more money than it’s ever made in 150 years. The central banks and the banking system could crash and they know this. Currencies would be wiped out. If one central bank went down, others would clam up and refuse to make loans. It would result in a system freeze.

The Sustainable Development economy or Green Economy using energy currency is an answer to this. But the full roll-out of the smart grid is needed first. In this economy, life would be run around how much energy you choose to use. It’s basically a total control of all resources. This is the end game, total capture and control of all resources.

When people find out about this they’ll realize it can’t work and won’t want to give up the present system of capitalism. People won’t want to give up their jobs and live like a slave or surf, or work as a greeter at Walmart in an economy that produces nothing.

The whole purpose of climate change is to panic and stampede people into the Sustainable Development economic model. People are being manipulated by fear of not following the orthodoxy of climate change – the risk of people dying, of ice caps melting and sea levels rising. And this all depends on accepting the lies around climate change. It’s all a scam.

California Drought & Geoengineering

The water situation in California is being manipulated. The watershed system was built to survive any kind of freakish situation. If California’s dams had been run by the old timers, none of this shortage would have happened. The only reason that the reservoirs are dry is because the eco-scientists and EPA got involved and are letting water escape. So the fish can’t get downstream, etc. It’s insanity.

The water situation is a precursor to technocracy where people’s water levels are being monitored and people fined for using too much.

Regulations are being put in place. It’s no longer a legislative issue anymore where politicians can be involved. People must bend to the regulations implemented or face the consequences.

Weather manipulation is also in play. We need to look more at the fire hazard created by geoengineering than the water situation. The water situation has been manipulated. But geoengineering is more consequential to the risk of fire.

Fires in CA are now of an exceptional nature and very severe because of the chemicals being sprayed that degrade the forest. Fires usually burn at ground level but are now igniting the crowns of forests. The fires of 2015 were the largest ever and were crown fires which moved very rapidly.

The Presidential Election

It doesn’t matter who wins because they will be surrounded by members of Trilateral Commission. Jeb Bush is the closest candidate to the T.C. but Hilary’s campaign is being run by John Podesta of the T.C.

Who is our enemy?

The enemy isn’t someone on the left or right, the liberal or the conservative, the Marxist or the socialist. The enemy is the technocrat, the one who thinks they’re better than us, who can make better decisions than we can.


TLB recommends Weaponized News for coverage of Agenda 21 and other pertinent news of the day.  

About the Contributor:

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Pam Barker is a TLB staff writer/analyst. She has an extensive background in the educational system of several countries at the college and university level as a teacher and administrator.



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