Scalia, Dead. Foster, Dead. This sounds familiar…

By Ralph Ely | TLB staff

The death of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia and the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster has a “familiar ring” to it.

Vince Foster was the lifetime friend of Bill Clinton and held the prestigious position of Deputy White House Counsel during the Clinton Presidency.  Years earlier in Arkansas, he and Hillary Clinton worked together at the Rose Law firm.

Over the years, being close to and working with the Clintons, Foster came to know where every “political body was buried” and what the Clintons had in mind for the future of their political machine and what would come to be their Foundation.

By all accounts, Vince Foster was a moral, christian, family man. Little by little and year by year the Clintons “sucked him in” to their inner circle of greed and corruption.

July 20, 1993-The headlines screamed: “Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster found dead in Fort Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C.”  “Death ruled a suicide by multiple official investigations.”

Questions remain today

To this day questions remain about Foster’s death.  Why have important facts surrounding the Vince Foster death been ignored or withheld from public scrutiny? Why was Park Police called in as first responders and assigned the investigation, and not the FBI? Law enforcement investigations indicated very few facts suggested suicide.  Why would the White House remove documents after the police ordered Foster’s office sealed?  Why was evidence taken before forensic tests could be conducted? Question after question is open.  Not since the assassination of JFK has their been so many unanswered questions about the mysterious death of a high-ranking political figure.
Listen to Pat Knowlton’s audio tapes from of Miguel Rodriguez confirming the deceptions and cover-up in the Vince Foster Case.

Part 1 (RealAudio)

Part 2 (RealAudio)

Part 3 (RealAudio)

Part 4 (RealAudio)

The answers are there

Vince Foster, a man of conscience, was about to bring down The Clinton Empire.  He was about to tell all.  Here is just one stone he was about to cast into the Clinton Moat that surrounded the Castle.  Former Ambassador Leo Wanta gave Foster $250 million earmarked for Hillary Clinton’s slush fund disguised as The Childrens’ Fund.

Watch this 8 min video for a recap of the Death of Vince Foster.

The Death of Judge Scalia

Questions about Antonin Scalias death started surfacing just hours after his death was reported.  Twitter and other social media alternative news feeds started calling Scalias death this generations Vince Foster scandal.  Scalia has been a thorn in the side of the Obama administration and it’s “socialist/agenda 21” from day one.

It is not a stretch to see that the ‘old play book’ has been brought out once again.  In Fosters day the Quarterback was Bill Clinton. In this years game Antonin Scalia was taken out by Quarterback Barack Obama.

We will stop the narrative at this point and pay our respects to Judge Antonin Scalia via the video below.

(Courtesy of the Washington Post-excuse a short commercial)
May God find a special place for Antonin Scalia, a true Worrier for The Constitution and Humanity. (TLB)

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