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RogerBy: Roger Landry: TLB Founder, Radio & TV Show host, & TOXYSolutions™ Co-Director

Today we are being bombarded and attacked with multiple mechanisms of biological destruction from every conceivable direction, allowing no avenue of escape. America has been transformed from the healthiest to the most chronically ill society on this planet in less than three generations, and our once world-renowned healthcare system is being intentionally Dismantled and Destroyed right before our eyes, leaving us little to no recourse in our inevitable illnesses. Yet our government constantly claims not to understand the root cause of this catastrophic rise in chronic illness. Sure we are given reasons for some of the symptoms, but their solutions always seem to benefit the corporate entities mentioned above without any real long term solutions for us. Treating the symptoms is profitable … Curing the Disease is not …

Is it just a coincidence that this country is the most Medicated (drugged), Vaccinated, GMOed, Geo-engineered, Fluoridated, etc… country on this planet? All these mechanisms have been ramped up to a frenzy over the last three generations and all by the same ultra-Nationalist corporations including pharmaceutical, chemical and bio-tech giants, sharing the same board members and all pulling the same strings on their puppets … our complicit elected leaders. Where does coincidence leave of and it’s a fact take over?

If people like you and I can connect the dots using a mountain of reliable information readily available to us … Why can’t a government with infinite resources do so … unless their complicity prevents them from doing just that …

So enough talk about or problems based on a dependency to a complicit government structure … lets talk about solutions provided by the ingenuity and sweat of We The People … Lets talk about TOXYSolutions™ !!!

I would like to introduce you to the outstanding women and men who make up the TOXYSolutions™ team. Each has their own heart moving life experience to share with you telling of their motivations to participate in a project such as this … a paradigm shift in the personal care of our health. Follow there stories below and listen to the recorded discussion below this article.


LeslieLeslie C Botha: TOXYSolutions™ Project Development Team Director and TLB Communications Director

1. I am the communications director for The Liberty Beacon Project. I have been involved in holistic health and prevention for over 30 years and a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health whose educational model is based on the integration of mind, body, and spirit. I am also a women’s health consultant for the Focus for Health Foundation. I have spent most of my career forging a new field of educating women and men about body literacy.

I am the co-author of Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle; a primer on women’s endocrine health. My work also appears in three other books. In addition, I am a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research and an advisory board member for the Cycles Research Institute. I sit on the BOD for the National Association for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. I am the host of a weekly podcast called Holy Hormones Honey! which airs on The Liberty Beacon Media Network.

2. Why you are interested in TLB?

I have been in print and broadcast media for over 30 years. I chose media over politics upon leaving college – and I left early – because I knew that media was the stronger of the two. Media shapes our culture. There is nothing more poignant than the written or spoken word.

That being said – the people need to heed the cry – and write about the issues that concern us. Most print media is “based on sound bytes” and all the news that’s fit to print.” I was drawn to The Liberty Beacon because of the team of writers understands the sense of urgency on the social/political/economic and health issues that are affecting all of our lives. Besides – they think I am a good writer…

3. Why you are interested in TOXYSolutions™ ?

People are sick – and we are getting sicker. We need answers and we need solutions. And they need to be the best on the market – evidence-based and affordable. Many of us are being confronted with diseases and conditions that even physicians do not have an answer for until we develop a stage 4 cancer. We need to put an end to that and start relieving our body of the heavy metal and other toxic burdens that we carrying – not only in our lifetime – but epigenetically. We have to start giving our body the tools it needs to heal. Science has shown time and again that the body can heal itself given the right care.

4. Why do you see TOXYSolutions™ as an answer to humanity’s health?

a) TOXYSolutions will help us all become accountable for our health instead of being dependent on doctor’s, lawyers and Indian chiefs

b) We have nowhere else to go – if we continue the way we have been we are going to see ASD develop into full blown birth defects in the coming generations. Actually that is already happening. People have just not woken up to the fact yet.

5. Why it is important to be accountable for our health?

It is our body – it is our health – it is our life. We choose health or wellness. Decide now which path you want to take. Because we are running out of time.


SusanSusan Price: TOXYSolutions™ Project Development Team Assistant Director and TLB Public Relations Director

1. My name is Susan Price and I am a Health & Wellness Advocate, and had worked in the industry since the late 1980’s when it was not as popular. I have a diversified background from hands on experience ranging from Nursing, Therapist, to Marketing for Dr’s both Holistic as well as MD’s, bringing their business in as well as setting up Networking events.

2. My interest in TLB started in 2014 when I was introduced to Roger Landry other like minded friends of TLB.

Their mission as I was already doing the same work of bringing awareness to others around the country on all the very same issues, so I teamed up with them and they embraced me as a Board member.

3. I am so EXCITED about TOXYSolutions™ as this is the missing link to solving the void in our health and wellness arena. This tool will help the masses uncover all the medical problems they are experiencing and we will be able to turn their healing process around…It will change the way that Dr’s and many in the Medical field work with their patients. Knowledge is Power and TOXY Solutions is that tool to take HEALING to an entire new platform of understanding the root causes of why we are sick today.

4. I see TOXYSolutions™ as an answer to humanity’s health deficiencies because it does the detective work of getting to the what is not detected by the other standards of texting and then provides the solutions to resolving the ailments. Everyone in the world needs to use TOXYSolutions™ as far as I’m concerned!

5. I am so excited about being apart of HISTORY IN THE MAKINGS!!! Everyone is responsible for their own health and defenseless children as well as the elderly with mysterious illnesses will be able to have a bigger platform of recognition as far as knowing it is not the ordinary everyday issues of growing old yet the TOXIC ENVIRONMENT our Government has poisoned it’s people through our food, water, air and environment.

TOXYSolutions™ is one of the biggest breakthrough in technology and it is so important in getting this message out to the world that we don’t have to be sick any longer…We can take our POWER back for our families, friends and communities healing the masses and making those accountable for the damages they have caused humanity!!!

I am so very honored in being of the Messengers in getting the word out to the masses regarding TOXYSolutions™ and taking our health back.

” Your Wealth is in your Health” !!!


TerryTerry Roark: TOXYSolutions™ Ambassador at Large

1. Who you are? I’m a native Californian and the surviving parent of child who was injured as an infant by vaccines in 1973. I started studying vaccines and their toxic ingredients after numerous medical professionals told me to never vaccinate my son again. I’m a longtime volunteer for National Vaccine Information Center and I advocate for informed consent and personal belief exemptions to vaccines. Children need the protection of their parents to decide which medical treatments they choose because they’re the ones responsible for the health and well-being of their sons and daughters.

Invasive injections given to healthy children and adults based on the myth of herd immunity without informed consent is medical tyranny. There has never been valid studies using double blind placebos much less any long term synergistic studies on the 49 doses of 16 vaccines currently being administered to children by the time they enter school in the U.S. Liability free medicine should never be forced! Vaccine mandates violate human, civil and religious freedom rights in addition to the Nuremberg code and AMA ethics of informed consent.

I witnessed by son suffer from chronic and severe autoimmune disease his entire life before his untimely death at the age of 39. His life, his suffering and his death is what fuels my passion to warn other parents about the serious risks of vaccines. My hope is to help other parents prevent vaccine injury and the deaths of their innocent children.

The reason I’m involved with TOXYSolutions™ is to help families recover from the devastating damage of vaccines and other environmental toxins.

2. Why you are interested in TLB?
TLB is a voice of truth, educating the masses about the corruption in the medical industry, the agencies entrusted to protect people from harm and the political system which has been bought.

3. Why you are interested in TOXYSolutions™ ?
We have the sickest generation of children in the history of mankind! We are poisoning our planet! We need access to accurate and affordable testing options so we can identify the toxic load in our bodies. TOXYSolutions™ offers products to effectively detox from the numerous environmental toxins in pharmaceuticals, in our food, our water and our air. We must take our power back, and our responsibility to maintain our health and the well-being of our future generations.

4. Why it is important to be accountable for our health?
We can no longer trust western healthcare. It is not about health. It’s about profits at the expense of true health and the survival of humanity.


RoseRose Stevens: TOXYSolutions™ Canada Director

I am a holistic health coach and an anti GMO and vaccine activist. I live on an acreage in Canada and grow organic food for myself and my family. I host an educational site on Facebook called No GMO Manitoba and have had privilege of working with many scientists who are blowing the whistle on GMOs and glyphosate. The reason I became interested in TLB is because I felt they were an excellent alternative media source to wake the world up on many issues. We can no longer trust mainstream media as they have been taken over by corporate interests and are merely a propaganda mouthpiece for the “oligarchs” that control our governments.

As a former lab tech who was deeply entrenched in the medical paradigm, it was a difficult for me to accept that our governments had been lying to us on many issues. The Hepatitis B vaccine program that they started to implement for babies and grade 4 students, without informed consent triggered my “awakening.” When I realized that vaccines were toxic and causing so many health issues, I wondered what else we had been lied to about. The Eagle Foundation that I worked with helped to fund the court case for a Canadian soldier who was being court-martialed for refusing the anthrax vaccine. We won that court case. However, did you ever hear this on mainstream media? That is when I took the “red pill “and my whole life changed .

The reason I became interested in TLB is because I could see that they were an alternative media source that told the truth on all these issues. And quite frankly I have never seen such an inspiring and passionate talk show host such as Roger Landry. He has a passion for justice and truth that matches my own.

I am excited to be on the TOXYSolutions team because as a GMO activist in Canada we can finally have our citizens checked for their glyphosate levels, in a simple, accurate and affordable manner. We will be able to prove it bio accumulates and force our government to listen to us when we have collected all this data. We will also be able to see how high our heavy metal toxicities are as a result of the stratospheric geoengineering and industrial toxins that are contaminating our food, water and air. Hopefully this data will engage millions of people to force our governments to stop this poisoning of our environment and it’s citizens.

We are at the 11th hour and cancer rates are soaring. Experts say that by 2025, one in two children will become autistic. Our world is dying, and we are dying with it . We must stop this! Not only will TOXYSolutions™ help us identify these toxins, but it will offer solutions to help us detoxify from all these poisons. I am honored to be part of the TOXYSolutions™ team that inspires to bring healing to our planet and secure a future for our children and grandchildren.


CurtCurt Linderman Sr.: TLB Talk Show Host and TOXYSolutions™ FaceBook Coordinator

Who are you?

I live in NE Missouri on a small horse ranch. I am happily married and the father of four children. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, a Constitutionalist and a contractor in my area. My youngest son Kaden, was vaccine injured at 20 months of age (he is now 14) and that is how I became an activist for our health rights not only here in America but around the world. I am currently a radio host for a weekly show on TLB Radio.

Why are you interested in TLB?

I was introduced to Roger via my dear friend Leslie Carol Botha when I had taken a hiatus from my last radio program and when Roger called me about possibly doing a radio program for TLB, I immediately knew I had found a perfect place to pursue my activism. TLB has the foundations and principles that I had found lacking in many of the other organizations that I had previously affiliated myself with. It’s an absolute joy to be surrounded by like-minded people that have the same passion for liberty and freedom. I consider them all to be a part of my extended family.

Why are you interested in TOXYSolutions™ ?

When I was first approached about being on the TOXYSolutions team I was genuinely honored to have been asked. As I learned more about what we were doing I became super excited at the possibilities. This, I truly feel, is a game changer. It’s a tool that can be used by each and every one of us to take back control of our health care.

Why you see TOXYSolutions™ as an answer to humanity’s health?

I mainly see TOXYSolutions™ as an invaluable tool that we can personally use to set up a distinct and calculated way to fix what is ailing us. As a concerned citizen, a husband, a father and a member of the human race, I know that those in power and those controlling our health care at the governmental and regulatory agencies have become vastly corrupt and complicit in the poisoning of our bodies, our communities and our ecosystem. TOXYSolutions™ not only allows us to see what we are dealing with but gives us the answers as to how we can take control of fixing the issues.

Why is it important to be accountable for our health?

Well, as I stated before, I truly believe that those in power have been corrupted and have allowed industry and those without our individual needs in mind, to take over every aspect of our daily lives. The food that we eat, the water that we drink and even the air that we breathe is toxic. There just simply isn’t any way to avoid everything. We all have a measurable level of toxicity that we have to address to maintain a balance. TOXYSolutions™ not only allows us to know exactly what that measurement of toxic overload is, but gives us the answers on how to address those issues.

Ultimately, we have to understand that we have to be proactive in our health concerns and those of our family members. Even if the powers that be decided to change their ways today, the infrastructure would take years to fix, the ground would take years to clean up and our waters will be polluted for decades. So having this valuable information and the answers to personally address these issues is invaluable and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.


RussRuss Tanner: TOXYSolutions™ Practitioner and Corporate Sales Intermediary

Who you are?

I am the founder and President of Herb Allure, Inc.; a publishing company that provides in ­depth scientific information to natural health practitioners. I also founded Global Skywatch to help expose the largest crime against humanity in human history: “Chemtrails”.

Why you are interested in TLB?

It is impossible for people to work together and solve problems without good information about the true nature of the problem. Mainstream media, under the tight control and direction of their corporate owners, corrupts and distorts news and information to prevent the public from solving the world’s problems. The corporate owners then profit from the resulting suffering and chaos. Needless to say, 95% of the world’s problems and resulting suffering are the intentional outcome of massive and continual disinformation dispensed by corporate oligarchs through their owned mainstream media infrastructure.

Today, alternative media is the only source of news and information uncontaminated by corporate greed. The Liberty Beacon Project is a critical part of this rapidly­ growing alternative news system getting truth and vital information to the public.

Why you are interested in TOXYSolutions™ ?

In much the same way corporate media controls information, the massive pharmaceutical industry controls its own regulation. The Food and Drug Administration is a virtual revolving door of corporate officers, lawyers, and other professionals installed directly from the pharmaceutical industry.

Why do you see TOXYSolutions™ as an answer to humanity’s health?

A key to breaking this literal monopoly is to put the power back into the hands of the people, and TOXYSolutions™ does exactly that. Because most illness can be attributed ­ at its root ­ to toxicity, TOXYSolutions™ ­ for the first time ­ gives people the power to pinpoint the root cause of their own health issues.

Why it is important to be accountable for our health?

Living in today’s world with controlled mainstream media, controlled regulation, and a corrupt medical research and journaling system, it has never been more important for each and every person to have access to solid information, and the Liberty Beacon and TOXYSolutions™ put this power back into your hands, where it belongs.

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