60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child

Dr. Maurice Hilleman made astounding revelations in an interview that was cut from The Health Century — the admission that Merck drug company vaccines had been injecting dangerous viruses into people worldwide. Bear in mind that Dr. Hilleman was the developer of Merck’s vaccine program. He developed over three dozen vaccines, more than any other scientist in history. He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. He received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization. Hilleman was one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.

Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

I think it’s important to remember history when it comes to vaccines, especially in light of current developments.

For starters, the HPV vaccine Gardasil, which is being vigorously pushed on unsuspecting young girls and women to theoretically guard against cervical cancer still has never been proven to actually prevent cancer. On the contrary, evidence suggests that under certain circumstances the vaccine increases your risk of precancerous lesions by nearly 45 percent, and an ever increasing number of girls are being seriously injured by this unnecessary vaccine.

As of December 13, 2010, 20,915 adverse reactions had been reported in the United States alone, including 89 deaths, 297 miscarriages or stillbirths, and 370 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination.

All of this from a vaccine that has only been on the market for four years!

Making matters worse, as of 2009 the US FDA approved Gardasil for use on young boys as well, and the first male death has also been reported. In September of last year, a young boy died just eight days after being vaccinated with Gardasil.

So what’s going on here?

Is it possible that vaccines sold by drugmakers like Merck are causing lethal disease? Judging by history, the answer may be yes.

Contaminated Polio Vaccine Responsible for Human Cancer Cases

In 2002, the journal Lancet published compelling evidence that contaminated polio vaccine was responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases that were occurring each year.

What was it contaminated with?

SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus. The puzzle began in 1994, when Dr. Michele Carbone, a Loyola University researcher, found the virus SV40, which had never before been detected in humans, in half of the human lung tumors he was studying. Since then, 60 different lab studies have confirmed the results, and SV40 has been found in a variety of human cancers, including lung-, brain-, bone-, and lymphatic cancer.

At first no one could fathom how the virus had been transmitted into the human population.

But in the censored interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman above, Hilleman admits Merck’s responsibility in unleashing this virus via their polio vaccine, as well as the likelihood that there was an importing and spreading the AIDS virus in the same manner.

Just Who is Dr. Maurice Hilleman?

Now, for those of you who may think Dr. Hilleman was just another crackpot (he passed away in 2005), think again. He was, and still is, the leading vaccine pioneer in the history of vaccines. He developed more than three dozen vaccines—more than any other scientist in history—and was the developer of Merck’s vaccine program.

He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society, and received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization.

When he was chief of the Department of Respiratory Diseases with what’s now the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, he discovered the genetic changes that occur when the influenza virus mutates, known as shift and drift. He was also one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.So Dr. Hilleman knew what he was talking about. And in his own words, “vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century.”

Vaccines Can Cause the Very Disease They’re Meant to Prevent, and Worse

For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of polio vaccine, contaminated with SV40, infected individuals between 1953 and 1963 and caused human tumors, and by 1999, molecular evidence of SV40 infections were showing up in children born after 1982. Some experts now suggest the virus may have remained in the polio vaccine until as late as 1999.

Still, the FDA and health authorities turned a blind eye.

In addition, just like Gardasil may well increase your risk of cervical cancer rather than reduce it, the live polio vaccine has also been found to cause polio. And, in rare instances the virus in the vaccine has even been known to mutate into a much deadlier version.  As reported by MSN News in 2009, genetic analysis has proven such mutated viruses have caused at least seven separate outbreaks in Nigeria.
According to the CDC the last case of wild polio in the US—meaning polio caused naturally and not due to the live polio vaccine—occurred in 1979. From 1980 through 1999, there were NO wild polio cases in the US. Instead we had 144 cases of vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) caused by live oral polio vaccine.

Polio outbreaks in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in 2002 were also traced back to a strain of oral polio vaccine (OPV) that mutated back to virulence.

According to a report by Neil Z. Miller of the Global Vaccine Institute, the live polio virus from the vaccine can remain in your throat for one to two weeks and in your feces for up to two months. So not only is the vaccine recipient at risk, but he or she can potentially spread the disease to others.

In 1999, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that the United States replace the live-virus vaccine with an inactivated “killed” virus vaccine, which is what remains in use today. However, the inactivated polio virus vaccine has not been without its share of serious side effects either.

Rotavirus Vaccine Contaminated with Pig Virus

Last year, the US FDA suspended the rotavirus vaccine Rotarix after an independent lab discovered it was contaminated with “a substantial amount” of DNA from the porcine circovirus. In pigs, this virus causes poor growth, weight loss, weakness, enlarged lymph nodes, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, jaundice, stomach ulcers, and sudden death.

As expected, both the FDA and GlaxoSmithKline spokespeople stated that the contaminated Rotarix vaccine carried no known human health risks. However, this is easy to say since there are no studies to confirm or deny a link between these viruses and human disease.

In the case of the polio vaccine, the link between the SV40 virus and human cancer wasn’t discovered until 40 years later!  It is actually surprisingly common for vaccines to contain various animal matter, including foreign animal tissues containing genetic material (DNA/RNA).

Once the Rotarix contamination was discovered, new technology was used to test eight infectious attenuated viral vaccines, and in addition to Rotarix, two others contained “unexpected viral sequences”:

  1. A measles vaccine was found to contain low levels of the retrovirus avian leukosis (AVL) virus—a virus known to cause cancer in chickens. This despite the fact that vaccine manufacturers have been required to use eggs from leucosis-free stocks for over 40 years.
  2. Rotateq, Merck’s rotavirus vaccine, was found to contain a virus similar to simian (monkey) retrovirus—the SV40 virus previously linked to human cancer.

Are you willing to bet that they a) know what they’re talking about, and b) are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the potential health dangers of all these vaccines?

HPV Vaccine Now Routine for Boys as Well…

So far, very few parents have voluntarily lined up their sons for the HPV vaccine, but that may soon change. As reported by Paging Dr. Gupta, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2011 schedule of recommended routine vaccines for children and teens now includes the HPV vaccine for boys aged 9-18 as well.

Folks, this is a disaster in the making. I shudder to think about the statistics we’ll see in a few years if parents fall for this nonsense.

I urge you to consider the risks already revealed in the four short years since Gardasil came on the market. Already, there are close to 21,000 reported incidents of adverse effects and death, despite the fact that only two out of every 10 women in the approved age group have gotten the vaccine so far.

Add to this the fact that an estimated 90 to 99 percent of all adverse effects are never reported, and the abnormally large risks of the HPV vaccine compared to other vaccines should give most people reason to pause.

Although the FDA ultimately dismisses all side effects, including deaths, as being within the norm, even they have stated that:

“In VAERS, a higher proportion of Gardasil reports were of syncope [fainting] and VTEs [venous thromboembolic events] compared with other vaccines.

And according to the National Vaccine Information Center, the incidents of miscarriage and still birth events from Gardasil supersede the same event from all other vaccinations.

According to a recent Sane Vax press release on PR Log:

“There is no doubt the vaccine’s safety and efficacy has not been thoroughly investigated. And independent investigation on the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix must be conducted before there are more injuries and deaths.”

What’s most frustrating about this is that not a single one of these 21,000 children and young women needed to be harmed or die.


There are still outstanding questions about whether HPV is or is not the direct cause of cervical cancer. The FDA knows there are many other co-factors involved with the development of cervical cancer, and as of 2003 acknowledged that “most infections (by HPV) are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer.” The same news release also states that “with proper screening, cervical cancer is avoidable, and if caught early, curable.”

In essence, three years before the HPV vaccine came upon the scene, they knew that what was needed—if anything—was simply improved screening methods, such as regular pap smear testing for girls and women that are far less risky than getting an HPV shot.

Interestingly, and disturbingly, routine pap smears have DECLINED, coinciding neatly with the release of the HPV vaccine. Between 2007 and 2010, cervical cancer screening rates declined by nearly 7 percent, the New York Times reported in December of last year.

When you consider that the HPV vaccine increases your risk of cancer if you’re already infected with certain types of HPV, this is a double-whammy of bad news since rarely, if ever, are girls and women given HPV pap screening before they get an HPV shot.

It’s all madness! Not only is the HPV vaccine is one of the most unnecessary vaccines on the market, it is also the most dangerous! And now they want to unleash it on young boys, and they’re trying to get it approved for older women as well.

Weighing Benefits versus Risks

Even without a potential contamination scare, there are serious risks to every vaccine. The HPV vaccine is a perfect example. So before vaccinating you really need to be certain that the benefits will outweigh those risks.

In the case of Rotarix, along with RotaTeq (a similar vaccine made by Merck), the benefits are very questionable, especially if you live in the United States or another developed country. Typically, when a child in the United States contracts rotavirus, and most do in infancy and early childhood, all that is required is lots of rest, good nutrition and plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration from diarrhea. This infection also provides natural immunity that will protect your child for life.

Along with showing little benefit for a disease that is typically entirely treatable with fluids and rest, a recent drug review by the FDA found that Rotarix is associated with an increase in pneumonia-related deaths in children, compared to a placebo.

So with this particular vaccine, children living in developed countries like the US are potentially taking on serious risks with what appears to be very little benefit — and that was before the contamination was uncovered.

In the case of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix) the choice is clear. It has a high rate of risk and the potential benefits are unproven:

  • In more than 70 percent of cases, HPV clears up on its own within a few weeks or months. In over 90 percent of cases, it’s gone within two years, causing no symptoms or disease.
  • Only about 26 percent of girls and women ages 14 to 59 have been exposed to any HPV strain at all; and
  • Only 2 percent have been exposed to strains 16 or 18 – the two that Gardasil and Cervarix protect against – meaning this vaccine is completely unnecessary because HPV infection very rarely leads to cancer.
  • Women whose partners wore condoms during vaginal intercourse are 70 percent less likely to become infected with HPV. That’s a FAR greater level of protection than you can get from this vaccine!

For more in-depth information about the HPV vaccine along with the top 10 reasons why you don’t need it, please see this previous article.

The moral of the story?

Do your homework before subjecting your children to any vaccine. A great way to get started is to simply use the Search Feature at the top of each of my Web pages and search my site as it contains a litany of research on vaccine safety, and the lack thereof. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) also provides well-referenced information on vaccines and diseases, such as HPV, rotavirus and polio.


See original here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/02/18/leading-vaccine-doctor-states-cancer-linked-to-polio-vaccine.aspx

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  2. Been doing massive research on the mangosteen fruit from Southeast Asia for eight years. Have info as far back as 1855 where they’ve been using this fruit as their medicine. They’re much further along in health without the side effects we’re getting from the chemical meds. Would be glad to send info if you’re interested. ALSO, totally agree that we have to take back the responsibility for our own health. We have to live with ourselves, the doctor doesn’t. Thanks for all the shares on this site, it’s wonderful to see so many that I agree with.

  3. Professor John Walker-Smith (14 months before Wakefield’s findings), Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, and a team from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina have all found similar findings to that of Dr. Wakefield.

  4. WOW Steve. Here in the US we have been vaccinating children for longer than I’ve been alive. It is mandatory or the children can’t attend school. If I had my choice, neither of my children would have been vaccinated but we don’t have a choice with most of the vaccines. So far, the HPV vaccine is optional but I don’t see that lasting. Eventually, it will be mandatory too.

  5. mercury fillings were used in australia until recently. Its not fashionable here to criticise vaccine programs and in fact television news censors objections to vaccination and only reports the so called benefits. The Federal Senate passed a motion last week supporting and demanding all children be vaccinated. We are seeing a huge push to have children barred from chilcare if not vaccinated.

  6. I agree with you Linda except when it comes to mercury fillings. They have not used mercury in about 40 years and most dentists ( at least the ethical ones) replaced the mercury fillings their patients had once they began to use amalgam..

  7. You throw out many questions but do you know the answers? Do you work in Pharma R&D, specifically working in safety? Long term serious adverse data is not collected until the drug is in phase 4 so it would not be placebo controlled. I don’t understand your comment regarding Merck not using their own inc criteria. Whose did they use? Bayers? and whose exc criteria did they use? You speak of events that would require an enormous amount of trials.to prove or disprove. This is the kind of data that would be collected during phase 4.

    By no means an I saying that what you posted is untrue but it probably is very difficult for an average person to understand.and could be misleading without supporting documentation.

    With that said, my daughter will not be vaccinated for HPV.

  8. If you have cancer eat cannabis oil…. go to youtube AND LOOK IT UP. LOOK FOR CANABIS CURES CANCER or Rick Simpson or Dr. Robert Malamede or Dr. Machoulan or Print LEAF. I’ve been studying this cancer thing for the last 2 years. the cure is out there and every time that someone finds a cure it just disappears .Cancer treatment is worth more than curing it. there is a plnt that is called sopworte that is 40 times better than chemo with no side effects. This info has been kept secret by big Pharma for the last 30 years. they found that cannabis cures back in 1974. They have kept that secret. I personally don’t have much faith in doctors these days . I’m 65 and have had lot of different doctors over the years and I seem to get the idea that doctors are not interested your health but they are very into their bank accounts….

  9. A few years ago i watched doc on one of the tv channels it was about the research into polio vaccines . The fact that they used live vaccine made from chimps. the chimps carried civ witch is the chimp version of aids .To do clinical trials they used thousands of Africans as guinea-pigs.. the results were the transfer civ in monkeys to hiv in humans. this is why there are such high rates of hiv in Africa, Hiv was introduced to humans through vaccines. big pharma is not your friend. The CEOs that run the FDA are mostly Xbig pharma CEOs .. the FDA is run by big Pharma companies. you cannot trust them.How many billions of $$$$ have been wasted on cancer research and the only thing they have found is a faster way to kill you.. the cancer treatments kill faster than the cancer. Cancer is a 150 to 250 trillion dollars a year. if you cure cancer these Pharma companies will lose 80% of their business.

  10. And when did you count how many children die from vaccination, or get paralyzed because of it. It is just not something the media tells us about. Nor if at that time, there were other cures available to heal polio. Nowadays there are many children with cancer. I am 62. Know about the item, that one religious village refused to give their children the poliovaccination, but i did and cannot remember how many died or got the disease in that village. I remember though in those days, one girl i was in the same class with, died of cancer. And now children with cancer seems to be a regular thing. Also now some batches with vaccines have been found to contain live viruses and are extremely dangerous to humanity. If the contamination then with a cancervirus or later with the AIDS virus was accidental, acceptable healthrish remains to be seen. Recently it was found that many reports on the risks of vaccinations, in the UK, were secretly, fraudently made to disappear. I do not find the arguement that now children do not die with polio. a valid arguement, when the debate is about whether children die or get ill from being vaccinated. Especially when vaccinations are mandatory for parents and the riskinformation is not at all transparent. Many vaccinations are being tested in poor african and indian regions especially by the poor, or unbeknowst to the parents. A baby’s immune system cannot handle vaccinations at the early age they are given here in the Netherlands. Luckily in my time, a parent can still demand each vaccination is given separately instead of an interacting cocktail and a parent can wait having the vaccinations given, until the baby is a bit older and its immunesystem ready to defend itself. I remember the poliovaccinations. Everything in me rebelled at having them given. Was that my intuition, as i am hyper sensitive, or was it the fear of the needle. Our bodies are fantastic by itself at repairing diseases. What would fasting have done f.i. in the case of polio. It is said that 7 days can cure cancer. And even if vaccination at that time did cure/prevent polio, what are its aftereffects. Is everyone vaccinated destined to get cancer and if so, was it then worth it. It is terrible to loose a child. But to loose a mother of young children to cancer is disastrous to an entire family, left to cope. The diseasetime overtaxing young fathers, the inevitable death of a young child’s mother possibly lifelong traumatizing. This 4 year old child asking her father when he is going to get her a new mother. Showing no emotions about the loss of her mother. Something feels very off here. Or the daughters lacking mothers/grandmothers for their children. Cancer at very young ages, before not seen as natural to die, except in accidents, is a cost to society/families possibly far more then the deaths of the children with polio.

  11. Everyone points out Polio and I agree with you however do you think that a child should have 45-60 vaccines before they leave school in the US? There is a point where you have to start questioning the motives of an ever increasing vaccine schedule. I am 35 and I had about 13 vaccines, now a child in Canada has over 30. This is the CAUSE of most childhood diseases now. Every kid is deathly allergic to gluten, or peanuts, every other kid has ADD, ADHD, Autism, or some other disorder. Do you think that this is the way it should be? The default for children now is unhealthy. Sure GMOs play a part, but it is not the whole cause. Just because they “cured” polio 50 years ago does not mean you can give every kid some sort of debilitating disease for the rest of time.

  12. I can not believe what I am reading here!!! I am sure most people over 65 would love to let you guys know how many kids were dying of Polio back in the 40’s and 50’s! My mother was lucky but most of her childhood friends either died of polio or was completely disfigured because of this horrible kid killer. When they came out with the vaccine and gave it to all the children almost all cases of polio were either gone or kids got a very mild case of it and lived to tell us about it! 40 kids in my small town died in the run of a year from polio so you can give me all the “evidence” or “facts” you want but I don’t need studies to convince me. Before the polio vaccine kids were suffering and dying then the vaccine was invented and kids stopped dying that is all the proof I need!

  13. I just had to have 4 immunizations for liver transplant. Some repeats from childhood. I am reallty afraid . I haven’t been feeling well ever since

  14. I know an older woman who had polio as a child (not the result of the vaccine). She has suffered her entire life. It is a terrible disease. In modern times we do not live with the fear of polio and that’s a good thing. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water and declare that no one should receive vaccines.

  15. Get up to date, Michael. He has been totally exonerated. He was on trial NOT for his results but for his means of getting his people involved in the research. They couldn’t say anything against his results because they KNOW them to be TRUE. The fact that it wasn’t all splashed over the news that he was exonerated shows more for the media coverup than for anything he may or may not have done wrong. He WAS struck off but they had to REINSTATE him.

  16. I was diagnosed with suddenly advanced Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009, shortly before my 55th birthday. The oncologist said the bad news was it’s fatally incurable, but the good news is it’s one of the long term treatable cancers that responds best to “standard of care’ although treatments must be repeated periodically to maintain clinical remission status. What a BOON to the Medical Industrial Complex!!!

  17. HI! did this chickenpox vaccine leave a big scar on your arm in a circle? that might have been a different one. My mother has RA also and is in a very similar situation health wise as you. I wouldnt doubt its from all that but we do believe her mother had it so it may be genetic too.

  18. Question to Liberty Beacon Staff.

    Has anybody got a compilation of references about the 60 labs that confirm the polio vaccination connection with cancer? that would be very useful

  19. The tides are turning! We’ve been stuck in the mud for years, but now we are beginning to see the light, they haven’t long left to keep poisoning us! May we swiftly realize the truth and wake up! 🙂

  20. there are so many medical profession ‘cures’ ‘treatments that are major failures, it is incredible how they can take themselves seriously. take your health into your own hands and eat properly and stop expecting doctors to take care of us. they are not capable they have failed. my husband had a nervous breakdown every drug they gave him had side effects of the very reason he was taking them. Their treatments are worse than the disease you have and now our food is being poisoned. They ARE out to get all of us!

  21. In the U.S., children are forced to take more vaccines than in any other country in the world. A huge amount! Mandated vaccines are a crime against humanity!

    Can anyone doubt the fact that with health-destroying fluoride added to our drinking and shower water, extremely harmful GMOs, crops heavily sprayed with highly toxic pesticides, poisonous mercury fillings for teeth and deadly vaccines, the shocking intent of our governments is to severely damage our bodies and brains?

  22. Actually they didn’t.

    If anyone were to actually read that Wakefield report (and yes, that very report he was on trial for), nowhere does it say that there is a connection between autism and vaccines. The only statement alluding to the connection of autism and vaccines was that there was no connection found. Amazing tiny bit of information that the world’s corporate media has strategically chosen to ignore.

    However, because Wakefield also made note that the parents of the children were all reporting that their children’s autism started after being given the MMR vaccines, and suggested that there should be further investigation, and THAT was what caused his trouble. All that was left was for a Rupert Murdoch owned London newspaper to twist the story into ‘Wakefield tries to make a connection between autism and vaccines” and viola, all the world’s media reports it that way.

    Oh, and that UK trial you speak of (which is over now) was only able to get Wakefield for disclosure violations -THAT WAS IT!!! It’s all there for anyone to see if they bother to look it up. Oh, and the disclosure violations they found Wakefield “guilty” of were the updated ones that were not in existence in 1998 when Wakefield’s paper was published! So, in effect Wakefield was busted for breaking an ethics law that didn’t exist at the time of the violation.

    In short, the most expensive and longest trial against a doctor was unable to prove that Wakefield falsified his information.

  23. Drs, Eddy and Paterson in 1955 or 56, while working at the NIH, made the assertion that SV40 and SIV were present in the kidney cells of the monkey. At that time the polio vaccine was being grown on the kidney cells of monkeys. In 1957 at a NYC science symposium, Dr. Eddy informed the scientists that due to the presence of SV40 and SIV in the polio vaccine that there would be a dramatic increase in soft tissue cancer in and around 1985. Those cancers would be predominantly lung, skin, prostate and breast. The NY Times reported this on page 27 of their newspaper when it should have been front page news. Dr. Eddy was removed from her lab at the NIH.

  24. Absolutely correct Kendra. It was such an obvious witch hunt it alerted me to the malfeasance of those who want to sell mass vaccination programmes to government.

  25. Wakefield’s research was peer reviewed and published. After Big Pharma got wind of it they pulled some strings to dishonor him. Too much corroborating evidence confirms his findings.

  26. Yes Kendra is right. Do some research micheal, here are some articles I came across recently, it’s worth looking into…

    Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts

    Even his colleague Professor John Walker-Smith got exonerated just recently:

    Listen to this Dr Andrew Wakefield interview on new evidence that refute fraud findings, his side of the story (Don’t skip this one!!)

    Campaigners said they were ‘deeply concerned’ that at least 19 experts had interests in firms supplying the triple measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

  27. I used to think in America we were protected as citizenry from all the bad diseases out there with ever changing & mutating virus,, but large amounts of money changed it all,, people of renoun buy their way out of ,or into propositions that have strictly capital gain with NO reguard to moral standards or health benefits,, welcome to American LLC corperations,,,then its shipped to another country to be manufactured where there are NO standards of inspections or research,,,sent back and administered as sound medical practice,, We are at the mercy of capital gains & LLC co-op’s,, good luck future generations unless you wake up,,,

  28. I got my degree in microbiology in 1974. One of my professors in microbiology told us at the time that they were watching our generation for an increase in cancer cases because they knew that we had all been inoculated with SV 40. It is irritating to realize that they kept giving it to children through 1999. Idiots. I was also the victim of another vaccination attempt as a young child. I was around 5 years old when the Army lined all of us Army Brats up to give us the very first experimental Chickenpox vaccine. It gave us all a whopping case of Chickenpox and I am still told every time I go to the eye doctor that I have scars from this inside my eyeballs. Now, I have rheumatoid arthritis and several other autoimmune diseases. I have to wonder if that chickenpox vaccine had anything to do with setting me up for all that. I would love to find other military brats who got that vaccine to see if they have autoimmune issues from it. I have been suspicious of all vaccines ever since I got my degree. The makers may claim to have the best intentions, but they make plenty of mistakes and we pay for them with our lives and health. Did you ever wonder why the vaccine makers (of the flu vaccine) demand to be protected from being sued? It is probably because they KNOW that people will be injured and they do not want to lose any profits because of it.

  29. Gardasil – Unanswered questions:
    Whether it prevents cancer, necessity for boosters, if it increases risk of cancer, if it increases risk of cancer due to aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA, if Gardasil vaccinated may donate blood without the aluminium bound recombinant HPV DNA causing serious health consequences for the recipient, if there is increased risk of autoimmune disorders due to the recombinant HPV DNA, if HPV is necessarily an infection transmitted by sexual intercourse, whether it causes genotoxicity, targets the relevant virus strains in different demographics,if the strains change in the course of time, adverse events due to concomitant administration with other vaccines, true extent of serious adverse events, long term serious side effects, what the results would be if a true placebo had been used in the clinical trials, what the results of clinical trials would be if Merck had not used their own exclusion criteria, if there is increased risk of blood clots when it is combined with oral contraceptives, if there is an increased risk of brain damage, consequences of “bridging” – extrapolation of study results from one group to another, potentially serious consequences if it is not thoroughly shaken, if it will increase risk of infertility, whether polysorbate is carcinogenic, health consequences due to combination of polysorbate and l-histidine, if aluminium adjuvant is safe, consequences of presence sodium borate, if it will increase risk of miscarriages, stillbirths or babies born with anomalies, if it is excreted in human milk, complete list of ingredients, whether possible benefits outweigh the risks.

  30. Michael – your information is out of date – Dr. Wakefield did not falsify anything. You need to do more research to understand how & why they went after Dr. Wakefield.

  31. What happened to US(A)? In 1946, the Nazi Scientist’s were brought here by our Gov’t and Industrialists/Bankers (Operation Paperclip), so that the Nazi Scientist’s could “continue their work”. Consisting of Brain-washing-Propaganda (mind control)(consumerism) & dumbing-down society (our education system sucks; 14years to get a good 6th grade education); extermination/control of human masses; conducting chemical (Phake-Phoods) and medical & chemical experiments on humans (Fluoride & Aluminum in our water!)(chemical Rx‘s); Nazi’s advocated Animal Rights while planning the extermination of the Jews and other “undesirables”; eternal War(s) for Empire; Rocketry/Weaponry (drones); weather control/modification (“Global Warming” is deliberate)(Monsanto sells drought resistant seeds/plants) and much more. … 67 years later? Welcome to America….

  32. Additionally, the ONLY alarming fact is your apparent naivete; proof of, that the lie repeated one thousand times BECOMES the “truth”. Courtesy of Joe Goebbels, an old, experienced master….

  33. 60 independent studies ARE more than “grain of salt”; you, however appear to exhibit telltale signs of coolaid intoxication. Wake up, there’s no good guys there, if there were any FDA will make sure that they’re labeled as disgruntled former employees, wholly crazy & off their rockers!

  34. There are a lot of “hot button” facts posted here, many of them really aren’t portrayed in the proper context such as the above “As of December 13, 2010, 20,915 adverse reactions had been reported in the United States alone, including 89 deaths, 297 miscarriages or stillbirths, and 370 reports of abnormal pap smears post vaccination.” The events that happened after the vaccination may have occurred anyway. The quote does not indicate that a causal relationship. I can kiss my husband good night, and a few days later come down with a cold that he never gets — It doesn’t mean he gave me the cold. The same goes with these events. They are reported so researchers can find the true side effects of the vaccine/drug that may have missed in testing. The fact there are some deaths, miscarriages, or abnormal pap smears is only alarming if the rate significantly went up after the vaccine which this article doesn’t state.

    This document is full of info presented out of context. I’m not saying the facts are wrong, not saying Guardasil is wonderful drug. Just saying this seems to be an alarmist presentation of the facts and one should take it with a grain of salt and question it more thoroughly.

  35. Also Dr. Andy Wakefield’s work in the 1990s suggested issues with the MMR vaccine that needed further investigative research. Has anyone pursued it? No. Why? Because the industry made sure.

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