No Room At The Inn

By Pam Jones | TLB writer/reporter &

Local Congressional Candidate Teresita Andres and her escort/advisor, 30 year Veteran John Essex were Denied access to yesterday’s 3/24/16 California Federation of Republican Women event held at the Ramada Inn in Fresno California. Essex, said he made reservations to the event nearly a month in advance.

Kato 30 vet

Veteran John Essex / photo credit Chris Johncox

“Since this affects my hometown and I am a supporter of “Tess for Congress”, I decided to do a little investigating myself.  What I found was just more of the same old story of the so call leaders who “I Know Nothing” about nothing.  Isn’t it the job of a “Leader” or a President of a major organization such as the CFRW to know what is going on inside their organizations or are their positions and titles just about stroking their egos and fattening their pocket books on the backs of  We the People?  You be the judge. 

When I called and spoke with Shirley Mark, President of the CFRW, I got a very polite lady that knew nothing… well maybe a little bit… knew enough about it that she didn’t want to comment anymore and obviously wished she had stuck with, “I Know Nothing.”

When I called the Ramada Inn’s Banquet Manager Lydia Arce, she explained that the hotels policy is to just “ADD”  a few chairs to an existing table or even set up another table with chairs when requested to do so.  However, according to Ms. Arce, no such request came from CFRW organizers.
Teres for Congs Congressional Candidate Teresita Andres
As for the little guy or gal who is running for such an important position as Congress… and when you are DENIED access to such an important event, are your chances not null and void?  This is a travesty in my opinion and every American should call this organization (916) 442-4084  and demand they apologize and hold another event to compensate for their unorganized failed behavior.” (PJ)
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