Globalism: When did profit become more valuable than People?

Editors note: This report by Bobby Tharp is important, as it demonstrates how members of our “younger generation” are becoming aware of the dangerous changes occurring in our society and the tyranny we are experiencing at the hands of the power elite and the driving force of the military-industrial-corporate complex.

This is Mr. Tharp’s first report to WeaponizedNews as a contributing writer and reporter.  He comes by his “drive for the truth” from a family member who is a prominent writer, publisher and global activist.

This report is also significant as it exposes how American Tax Dollars are going to support Mexico’s 3rd largest retailer (just under Wal-Mart) operating in the U.S. and Mexico. ~ Ralph Ely (TLB)  


by Bobby Tharp | WeaponizedNews.Com

(Fresno California)  Boycott El Super! While out driving around town I noticed some gentlemen outside protesting the new store I haven’t seen before.
The store is called “El Super” a new food chain headquartered in Mexico! I spoke with the gentlemen outside, they gave me the following documents;

document 1

document 2

I did some research on this corporation that is stated to be the third largest food chain in Mexico with profits exceeding 4.9 Billion (2012) in revenue annually. On the documents you will read about the following: With over 900+ health code violations and counting El Super isn’t so Super. Chedraui is a publicly traded Mexican grocery store and department store chain also operating stores in California under the name El Super. It is traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the symbol CHEDRAUI. Chedraui was founded in 1927 in Xalapa, Veracruz by Lázaro Chedraui Chaya and his wife.
Image 2Playing in the same sand-box as Wal-Mart

In 1971 it opened the first supermarket in Xalapa, Veracruz. In 2005 it bought 29 supermarkets from Carrefour in Central and Southern Mexico. Chedraui’s primary competition includes large grocers and hypermarkets such as Soriana, Wal-Mart and Comercial Mexicana. According to Hoover’s, it is “Mexico’s third-largest retailer (after Walmart and Soriana), the supermarket giant sells groceries, apparel, and non-perishable items in more than 212 stores, being 136 Tienda Chedraui, 40 Súper Chedraui, 2 warehouse Chedraui and 5 Selecto Chedraui. The California operations began in 1997, and were later expanded to Nevada and Arizona. The stores there are branded El Super, and operated by Grupo Chedraui’s Bodega Latina Corporation, headquartered in Paramount, CA. It operates about 40 stores aimed primarily to Hispanics. In addition to retail, the group has a real estate arm.

A Health Inspectors nightmare

It is one of the dirtiest stores in California! They have been found selling products like “Gerber Baby Food” at El Supers store #5 that was expired! The baby food was purchased on July 24th, 2015 and expired on November 2014. California AB688 states the following: Prohibits a retailer from selling or permitting to be sold after the “Use By” date infant formula or baby food that is required to have this date on its packaging pursuant to federal regulation” On July 29th 2015 at El Super store# 24 “Dried chicken meat residue was found on the side of a chicken case on adjacent floor!” On July 22nd 2015 at store# 39 “Gnats in the fruit juice prep area!”  Also on June 2nd 2015 at store# 37 “Slime build up inside the ice machine & old food scraps buildup on the can opener”.

A days work for a days pay

El Super UFCW members have been fighting for respect and a fair contract for nearly two years! El Super has finally agreed to return to negotiations, on August 18 and September 18 for the first time in more than a year. For El Super to return to the table, the Federal Government had to get involved. On August 7, the company entered into an agreement with the U.S. Government to settle charges that it violated workers’ federally protected rights. The settlement includes reinstatement of fired union activist Fermin Rodriques, and a commitment to make workers whole for unilateral changes to its vacation policy. The agreement also includes a commitment by El Super to bargain in good faith.

As a wise man once said! “If there are no absolutes by which to judge the thoughts and actions of a society, they the society becomes absolute!” – Francis Schaeffer. This becomes dangerous for a society because if a society passed laws meant to protect that society and they are ignored and disregarded this is the result! Chaos & Despair for the society and its citizens! “Men cannot be the measure of all things” – Francis Schaeffer. Meaning when men measure their own thoughts and actions and impose them on the society in whole, what is stopping the next person or corporation to do the same against the society without their consent?

Image 3
With the advent of Globalism we continually see the erosion of our National Sovereignty & Individual Sovereignty. We see the multinational corporations replacing our laws meant to protect our workers and our citizens. They are replacing them with corporate rules and regulations that they are lobbying with big money to destroy the local businesses and small mom and pop stores. Americans, Mexicans and every other peoples around the world need to stand together and fight the monster these multinational corporations have become before they destroy everything left.

Another interesting aspect in this story is the fact these stores accept EBT/WIC/Food Stamps. So a Mexican headquartered multibillion dollar business is hiring illegal aliens mostly from Mexico and exploiting them for the gain of the corporation. While at the same time taking American tax payers money that is given to these illegals so they can buy food. So instead of this money helping the local economies and the people here, it is going into the pockets of the multinational corporation based in Mexico. We have plenty of Americans that can’t get these benefits and are put on waiting lists while these people are exporting the hard earned tax payers money to Mexico.

You can make the difference

How about we help the people here? How about we grow our local economy? Why don’t YOU stand against Globalism and help put an end to the exploitation of people world-wide for the benefit of the rich running these corporations? Join in today on the Boycott against El Super and other multinational corporations! Help support your local farmers, local businesses, and people in need of your help down your street!



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