By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

April 19, 2016


One cannot be a “sovereign” and a “citizen” because it’s one of the intolerable oxymorons.  Those who use the term “sovereign citizen” are usually meat-puppet POLICY ENFORCEMENT CONTRACTORS, otherwise known as Police.  Quite often, Leftist/Statists in MEDIA, use the term, as they are also meat-puppets.  They don’t report NEWS.  They’re nothing more than liars for their Bankster bosses via the F.C.C.  These labels used against living, sovereign people are extremely deceptive and ultimately dangerous because the Police are taught by the MOSSAD to be violent, just as they are on Palestine.  D.H.S. and the Patriot Act require Police to be trained by these Israeli Sadists in exchange for their funding.  It’s good to see this is leaking out to the people, thanks to Internet.

Here on this land, sovereigns are the living people, who are above the public SERVANTS.  When public servants act as if they’re sovereigns, that’s treason, insurrection, and a cause for alarm, which is exactly what those foreign agents are perpetrating now.  They’re the real problem.  They’re the ones robbing and harming everyone.  

Citizens are PERSONS, SUBJECTS, DEAD Entities, CORPORATIONS, without rights.  Only those who don’t know better claim to be U.S. citizens.  As mentioned here many times, a U.S. citizen is the Belligerent Inhabitant.  To claim such status is how one relinquishes all rights for BENEFITS.  It’s a growing trend and it’s eating America from within.  Why would anyone want to be in contract with an evil empire?  Of course, they’re lost and without the desire for freedom.  They’re tax slaves at best.  Shame upon them for being so slow to learn from what’s under their noses.

Below is a six hour video.  It’s packed with very important material.  It’s not for entertainment purposes.  It’s a massive volume of critical data for your freedom.  Download it onto DVDs so you can keep it, or store it on a hard drive.  The SEDM web site is extremely valuable.  Please spread this to others.  It’s hard to be free if everyone else is a slave who thinks you’re wrong.  Awaken your friends and relatives, as well as the Police.  Please be active!  Don’t let foreign Crown Temple B.A.R. Agents, foreign Banksters, and Rome control you and your loved ones.  They control citizens, NOT sovereigns.  Freedom comes with responsibility, so guard it with jealous attention.  Arm yourselves with knowledge.  

Avoid lying buffoons, such as the SLPC, the ADL, the MOSSAD, CIA, NSA, TSA, D.H.S., ALPHABET gangs in general, POLICE with the I.Q. of a fish, socialist/communist Statists, post-modernist deconstructionists, B.A.R. Attorners, Democrats, RINO Republicans, UNITED NATIONS, Satanic Zionists, Bankers, Royal families, Vatican nibs, anti-constitutionalists, and/or any other threat to America.  FYI, foreign invaders are not illegal aliens, undocumented citizens, or any other euphemistic description.  They’re foreign invaders.  



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