TLB Week In Review: Featured Articles & Shows From Across the TLB Network (Video)

TLB Week In Review: Featured Articles & Shows From Across the TLB Network

By TLB Staff Writer & Film Producer: Pam Jones

Who Am I & Why Am I Here

If anyone had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing as I approached the age of 60 I would have answered them, “traveling around the country in my RV seeing the things I didn’t have the time nor money to see.”

As a single mom of four, here I sit today in front of a piece of electronic equipment that is constantly zapping me with harmful radiation etc.. trying to teach myself how to compose and edit videos, write news articles and spread the truth!

See, I mimicked what my parents did. I went to school, learned some basic math and English, graduated high school went on to college and then did what a good American woman was supposed to do, get married and make babies! As my parents did before me, I just assumed all was well in the Land of Oz and that the so called great elected politicians had everything under control and that the last thing my country needed was my participation. Boy was I WRONG!

As the curtain started to be pulled back and the ‘Real’ Land of Oz was revealed, I found myself in a complete state of shock! Everything was Fake, Rigged and a BIG Fat LIE! Not only had the supposed elected leaders of our once great country been lying, stealing and cheating it’s people, they too are involved in the complete take-down of America, steering her toward total and utter collapse.

How could I just sit back and not do or say anything? I couldn’t. Here I am today working side by side with a NEW breed of Great Leaders. These however are not elected, they were chosen by a higher power with a calling to stand up and speak up against the tyranny that is crashing down on America and the world. They are what I like to call the New Paul Revere’s of our day and they are everywhere. The TLB staff is a fine example of today’s new hero’s and it is an honor to work with them and so many others every day. TLB is working tirelessly around the clock to report the truth as you will see in this weeks video, warning the country and the planet of the corruption and tyranny that is slowly and silently destroying and enslaving humanity.

I have a unique opportunity right now as I put together and edit the Top TLB Headlines every week.. arranging them in a fashion that tells a story, giving them life through movement and sound.. all in an effort to hopefully awaken people to the truth that is behind the curtain. It is an honor and a privilege to do so on behalf of the TLB Team and at the request of the Founder Roger Laundry, whose calling started many years ago and which led to the launch of The Liberty Beacon on April 19, 2012. I hope to grow and evolve in what I now consider to be my ‘Artist’ phase in life and bring honor and integrity to TLB, along with knowledge and Truth to Humanity. Be patient with me as I stumble and learn to develop my new skills.

How I ended up here in this moment I’ll probably never really understand. But until the destruction of all that is precious is stopped, I will continue to sit behind this electronic contraption called a computer and write truthful news articles, while teaching myself to create videos that will hopefully open some eyes to the Truth!

And please don’t do as I did when I was young… assume all is well in The Land of Oz. Get Involved and PARTICIPATE!

Enjoy this week’s TLB Top Headlines video!

Be Blessed


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