Oregon TV Reporter Mike Emery Arrested by The Fed

Preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff

Tyranny comes in many forms. Much of the time it is disguised as a benevolent action taken by a government agency or government contractor. Other times it is as overt as the “toxins” being applied to the population via the air, water, food and vaccinations. If that was not bad enough, Tyranny goes well beyond toxins and surrounds us under the heading of the Military-Industrial-Complex. Included in this is the Perpetual War machine, the Federal Reserve “Banksters” and a corrupt and failing Legal System. Law Enforcement, not all departments or jurisdictions, must be included in the latter.

This past week saw another Tyrannical action taken by, what is to be reported,  a Federal agency in the arrest of Oregon TV Reporter Mike Emery. Here is a short clip of where Emery has some dialogue with Federal agents in Burns Oregon in front of a compound occupied by them before his arrest:

For more of a “time-line” the blog below will fill in the details. (RE)

by Warnings For Americans Future blog

Feds Arrest Mike Emery TVOI News Reporter in John Day while Sheriff Palmer out of town!

The Cowboy and the Lady
1 hr ·
MIKE EMERY ARRESTED AT 5:30 AM RAID AT GUNPOINT BY FBI.His house has been cleaned out! All his computers and documents taken, believed to be held in Deschutes County!!! Did he get to close by outing Les Zeitz? What is there to hide that is so critical the FEDS would kidnap Mike Emery, private citizen and reporter for TVOI NEWS!!(https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceofIdaho/?fref=ts) NO WARRANTS! PHONES TAKEN FROM HE AND HIS WIFE BOTH. IS LES ZEITZ A PAID UNDERCOVER FBI INFORMANT? EMERY uncovered things and reported about Zeitz this week and remember last week Zeitz was thrown out of Sheriff Palmers by the court bailiff!!  What information do they think Emery has???
Mike hit a nerve and it is a big one called Zeitz!!! Seems many locals who used to respect and believe in Zeitz are now hiding in embarrassment knowing him.
Becky is safe at this time but she has no way of contacting anyone.
The committee of correspondence has been doing their due diligence and getting the truth out. COULD EMERY HAVE BEEN IN POSSESSION OF THAT BACK PACK?

READ: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-cowboy-and-the-lady/have-the-feds-been-lying-about-owning-the-land-at-the-malheur-refuge-the-people-/1048146468588405

TVOI News shared Maureen Peltier‘s post.
2 hrs ·

Michael Emery of TVOINews has been picked up by the FBI….

UPDATES: Major confirmed updates regarding Michael Emery from The Cowboy and the Lady:


Just confirmed his house and devices (i.e computer) where all searched.
No idea if they had a warrant or not.
Still pending more info.

Just got confirmation that Michael Emery (The Voice of Idaho) was picked up by FBI.
No idea if he is under arrest or being detained for questioning. Situation is fluid and many unknowns.
~SSG MoeThis is Michael Emery and his wife Becky Hudson FB page: https://m.facebook.com/The-Voice-of-Grant-County-Oregon-90…/


He is to be held in Deschutes tonight and then be taken to Lane County tomorrow in Eugene Oregon.

UPDATE 8:00 pm pst Becky Hudson
12 mins ·

FBI took my husband michael on a rouse this morning. they showed up at our 5th wheel at the john day fairgrounds rv park, with michael gone on a phone call, from the john day fairgrounds on a lie and me left at our 5th wheel alone with our dogs.
4 minutes after michael left for the office, at their request, 8 agents showed up in full tacktacle screaming” at me in my bathrobe to ”put your hands up”
they took michael’s computer, our full password list…websites, email, fb.., both our address book, michael’s phone, which they added he would not be getting back.
Kicked our dogs, tore 3 doors off their hinges, destroyed our house, everything was thrown on the floor, and to top it op our flyer COMMITTEE OF CORRESPONDENSE was found on my bathroom floor CRUMPLED UP.
i was handcuffed for 3 hours in the cold morning hours in my robe, after i responded to a snide and rude little punk ass fbi agent. We are TVOINEWS.COM TVOI News on fb

FURTHER: Maureen Peltier Update: Ok, this just in from a reliable source that spoke with Deschutes County Sheriffs’ Office. He was charged with possession of machine gun (weapons charges) 2 specifically. However, both have all required permits for both weapons.
But the feds conveniently did not check for the weapons registration & permits.
So they went in there looking for weapons.
And came out with all his computers, phones and other items.
Rest of the details of their harrowing experience above in Becky Hudson ‘s post.

UPDATE 7:55 pm pst. we have news that last evening Mike released inside documents about a LEO in the Jack Yantis case, that the department was attempting to hide. (see article here http://tvoinews.com/the-jack-yantis-case-revisited/) The information had to do with abusive behavior, we will update further as we know and confirm.


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