Trump – Sanders Combine Forces. Be afraid, Hillary!

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“Things have gotten so bad for Hillary Clinton that she’s refusing to debate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders before the California primary on June 7, realizing there’s a good chance she’ll lose again — both in the debate and the primary.”

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If she refuses to debate Sanders, though, Donald Trump is going to make sure that Clinton’s primary rival doesn’t go away. During a press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, on Thursday, Trump announced that he would like to face off against the self-declared socialist before the Golden State’s primary. And not only that, Sanders was all in, as well.

According to Newsmax, there’s an even bigger problem for Hillary: Trump said he plans to donate the proceeds from the debate to women’s charities, underlining Clinton’s war on women yet again.

“I’d love to debate Bernie. He’s a dream,” Trump said during the press conference.

“I said I’d love to debate him but I want a lot of money put up for charities,” he said. “So what we’ll do is if we can raise for maybe women’s health issues or something, if we can raise $10 or $15 million for charity, which would be an appropriate amount.”

Trump also used the occasion to blast the rigged nature of the Democrat Party nomination process.

“I understand the television business very well. I think it would get very high ratings,” he said. “It should be in a big arena somewhere, and we can have a lot of fun with it. I’d love to debate Bernie. The problem with debating Bernie is he’s going to lose because honestly, his system is rigged just like our system is rigged.”

When it comes to debating Trump, Bernie Sanders was all in.

This is Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare. She’s been trying to push both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump out of the public’s consciousness for months now, thanks to the fact that they remind America how corrupt Hillary is.

Now, not only are they both going to be in the spotlight, it will be on the same stage — possibly in front of tens of thousands of people in America’s most populous state.

Be afraid, Hillary. Be very afraid.


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