The Link Between Disarming the People and Genocide

By Cathy Geibel TLB staff writer/reporter 

Most of us while growing up hear stories told by our parents. Generally they are stories about what it was like for them growing up, high school, childhood stuff.  I am lucky enough to have two parents with distinct experiences of growing up during WW II.  My mother grew up in California USA, my father born in the USA but with parents who bought the Nazi promise of hope and moved back to Germany before the war.  

gun pointed at fish

Let me tell you about the goldfish.

When my mother was 6 years old my Grandparents, mother and aunt moved to Sacramento, California.  Their neighbors were a lovely Japanese family who had what was called a “truck farm”, raised and sold vegetables and eggs and became close friends with my grandmother. It was the type of relationship where Easter and Christmas gifts were exchanged.  My mother tells stories of frequently walking to their farm, she was perfectly safe.  These people were no threat to anyone yet the heartbreaking day came when they were led away to what was essentially a prison camp.  My mother was the beneficiary of their pet goldfish.  That goldfish has stood out in my mind since MY childhood.

As I said my father was raised during the Nazi occupation of Germany.  

From my father I heard stories of watching bodies float down the Rhine River, old German men disappearing in the night, friends who were castrated for not being the “perfect German type” and of course how Germany had been disarmed giving Hitler and those behind him free rein to reek havoc globally.  The German people, during a time of monetary unrest, were promised “hope”.  That should sound familiar, reminiscent of the past 8 years of this Obama presidency.  And why did none of the German people not rise up when it became apparent they were as much at the mercy of these ruling elite as the Jews?  Why did that genocide go unchecked? In large part because the people had been DISARMED!!

I use these as personal examples of how fragile our freedoms can be.  Americans go around with this Pollyanna viewpoint that what happens in other parts of the world can never happen here.  Well… it HAS and it can again.  Let me reference the Native Peoples specifically Wounded Knee.  And more recently a patriot, LaVoy Finicum, who did nothing more than have strong opinions about the Constitution was gunned down in cold blood.  I and others feel our government would have preferred THAT to end in another mass shooting blood bath to further their anti Gun agenda.  You think only the Japanese can be interred… think again.  Any ideology or belief structure that differs from the agenda of the ruling elite can and WILL be subdued.  I think it is quite interesting that during the Obama presidency we have had more false flag shootings than under any other.  Mass shootings have sky rocketed either by design or opportunity.  Yes, I DO believe many if not all of these shootings has government manipulation somewhere in the wings.  There is an agenda to disarm America sanctioned by the United Nations.  The Global Ruling Elite NEED to have the United States disarmed to finalize their Agenda of total world domination.  I reference Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030.  But I digress.  This commentary is about the dangers of Gun Control. 

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”

The Constitution for the United States of America and it’s amendments was drafted in response and to further prevent tyrannical practices of a government   The Second Amendment supported by the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees our rights as free people to bear arms, not just for hunting as anti-gun proponents would argue, but instead as insurance against tyrannical rule by our government or any other.

The following video is one of the best, most comprehensive accounts of how disarmed peoples are subject to genocide at the hands of their own governments.  The experiences of my family of origin substantiate these facts.  What I see currently happening in the United States gives me chills.  The massive push by both our government and the world should be a sure sign that we MUST maintain our right to bear arms.  I fervently feel we, the United States with our “obsession” over guns is the ONLY thing stopping total global domination by a ruling elite that wants nothing more than to commit the largest scale genocide the planet has ever seen.  Am I wrong?  I hope so.  But we shall see.  Watch this video and make up your own mind.


Cathy is a registered nurse and mother who lives in rural Oregon.  She describes herself as a Constitutional Conservative dedicated to preserving our freedoms and liberty in a world where tyranny manifests in our skies, foods, vaccines, banking and government.

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