By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

June 26, 2016

Just as there’s a difference between the living man; :john-henry: and the PERSON; JOHN H. DOE, there’s a difference between the Republic; state of New-Hampshire and the de facto foreign, bankrupt, private corporation; STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.  

Private corporations in bankruptcy are DEAD in the water, and cannot make law.  They can make rules for their EMPLOYEES/PERSONS/INDIVIDUALS.  That’s about it.  The only way they can expand jurisdiction to others is if they have criminal B.A.R. Attorners writing the rules for PERSONS, then they enforce these commercial rules/codes upon the people as if they’re the PERSONS, with the help of dumb Cops, and the help of the dumb population.  These criminal Pirates will prosecute the living people in their Admiralty Maritime, Military Tribunals that they call “Courts.”  Again, the dumb Cops and the dumb population actually fall for this fraud.  

Those Cops are not peace officers.  They’re commercial Code Enforcement Agents.  The Foreign B.A.R. Agents aren’t Judges.  They’re Bankruptcy Administrators, holding the dumb population as collateral for the DEBT to the Crown – Vatican – Swiss Banks that they created.  

Do you wonder why your State Representatives never do anything about the crooked State Agencies, or their crooked courts?  That’s because the STATE is run by the criminal B.A.R. Association.  It’s in the Constitution!  The B.A.R. is NOT allowed to hold offices of trust, but they do, and worse, the dumb population can’t read, so what good are the Constitutions?  Well, the Representatives can’t read either.  There are a few who know this, but most don’t.  

All we can do at this point is acknowledge that the Reps. aren’t going to honor their contractual obligations so we have no choice but to prosecute them.  There is a way, too.  This isn’t the place to expose the method, YET!  It’s coming!  

Year after year after year the people go into the House and Senate Committee Hearings Chambers to express their concerns about how the STATE is harming them, but the mixed nuts in the Committees can’t seem to hear the people.  They can’t read their own Constitution, so why would anyone think they could hear?  

The majority of  the Reps. and Senators don’t know people from persons, statutes from law, rights from privileges, and they can’t seem to get it through their impenetrably thick skulls that they have no authority to sic their police upon the people and their kids.  They can’t comprehend that British Accreditation Registry Attorners/Brokers are Foreign Agents who have oaths to the Crown and the people?!?  How’s that for STUPID!?!  

If THE UNITED STATES is a Foreign Corporation, and all their Courts are Foreign Agencies, why can’t the Reps. comprehend that the STATE, a corporate subdivision of U.S., is also a foreign entity?  What was that word?  STUPID!  Willfully STUPID, without hope of listening or reading.

The few Reps. and Senators who do get it are generally amazed at how comatose the other Reps. are.  I hear them voice their frustration, over and over.  How can anyone get anything good accomplished while both Houses are populated with anti-constitutionalists?  It’s just not easy.  The message below from a friend to the Legislators might give you the readers here an idea for how out to lunch the people and the Reps. really are.  There are House members who are Attorneys who hate the B.A.R. but they are supposed to renounce their B.A.R. affiliation.  They are few and far between.


This is from Gary, a New-Hampshire friend who gets it, explaining to the State Legislators that they have no real status:

First, if I may, there are no State Legislators seated anywhere in this Nation, because it’s impossible.  All they are is a Committee, “period” with no lawful authority to do shit.  How do I know this?  By their admission to my affidavit that I sent to many of them … and another thing just by the fact that you have someone that you do not know personally and have them represent you and as someone you look up to, well that shows you are incompetent, if you find this crazy, then send the below to one of your heroes Under the Organic Constitution of the state of New Hampshire.  

ARE the legislators committing treason on the people by misrepresentation for unjust enrichment for the Bankrupt Corporations?

These matters need to be addressed:

1.)  They are not getting paid in lawful money, just IOU’s, as there are no contracts, therefore they are operating as slaves.

2.)  The legislature is listed in the yellow pages as a business registered under Dun & Bradstreet.

3.)  Under Title 50 U.S. Code, you are considered “enemies of the State,” a belligerent enemy combatant.

4.)  There are British Foreign B.A.R. Association Agents operating in committees with an Oath, Pledge, and allegiance to the Queen and to the Vatican in those de facto offices (see the Organic Constitution of the state of New Hampshire, and the original authentic Article XIII-Titles of Nobility).

5.)  By way of Registered COLB (certificate of live birth), persons are actually DEAD entities under this corporative construct rather than a living contract.

6.)  Title 46 U.S. Code states that Legislators are commercial vessels operating in commerce on the seas under Maritime Law.

7.)  No Legislator holds a lawful Government office to the people; their allegiance is only to a de facto corporate government.

8.)  They are not land owners in the state of New-Hampshire.  Their private property deed (color of title) states that they’re merely a TENANT.  

9.)  Since there is no lawful money in existence, and because all corporations are operating under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so there can be no law, no Codes, no Rules or Regulations, and no Statutory Law other than that which applies to UNITED STATES CORPORATE CITIZENS, or a “Certain Class of People.”

10.)  Legislators operating in committees, functioning illicitly as committees, cannot write Law.  Committees can only write codes, rules, and regulations for a Certain Class of People.  Therefore, PERSONS = Corporate Vassals, citizenship for government Employees only.  When you register to vote you just gave up your Sovereignty, and become a “National State Citizen” on a ship under Maritime Law!  When you register to vote you become a “14th Amendment UNITED STATES  citizen,” a slave, a PERSON.  The constitution says that at the age of 25 you “become of age” and are therefore able to vote as an elector; but nowhere does it state that you have to register first.  And then when you register again you have given up your rights and your possessions.

11.)  Legislators can only serve one term, but can run again after sitting out the second term.  How many people know this?

12.)  If the voting people are considered Corporations, Dead Entities, Vassals, and Enemies of the state, how can their votes count for anything?!

13.)  According to Rod Class v. North Carolina, there are no legitimate government seats filled today for the people as there are only government seats for corporations.

14.)  Under the Organic constitution of the state of New Hampshire, a lawful Legislature SHALL meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of whatever months they are required to meet.
By reviewing the court case Carrol Bond v. USA 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that the “Organic Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.  ALL others are null and void!  If this is true and there are other cases like it, so then what the hell are you doing?! One possible answer is that you are creating more codes for People to break so the Corporations can CHARGE us as Persons liable for providing currency for their private benefit from the public coffers, thus putting us into more debt, which creates more debt, which makes debt an asset on their double entry bookkeeping scam.  The B.A.R. attorneys are there to see to it that it happens.  If all the legislators woke up they would have to quit!  So if there is no lawful money, “ there is no law,” and we are operating as a corporation under the Maritime Law of the Sea, Title 46 U.S. Code operating under PUBLIC POLICY / PUBLIC LAW / “The COLOR of Law,” (see Title 18 USC 242 dealing with rules, regulations, and CODES that only apply to a Certain Class of PERSONS).  Why codes?  Because under Title 50 U.S. Code you are actually a belligerent enemy combatant whether under Title 28 U.S. Code, as corporations, or under Title 46 U.S. Code applying to shipping and commercial vassals, or under Title 49 U.S. Code pertaining to commercial vessels that operate on tracks as railroads.  In the Uniform Commercial Code, it states “we / you / me” are the national bankers; and as the living contributing beneficiary, the Principal American Bank[er] becomes Creditor to my debtor ROBIN HOOD in your world of fraudulent unjust means of exchange.

This is our sovereign state Seal on the Organic Constitution of New-Hampshire.  This is the seal of the CORPORATE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Notice the ship in on land with its oars down, meaning they brought Maritime Law onto the land with a corporate flag in the back, even though the flag appears to have no fringe it is still a corporate flag. Betsy Ross made that flag when George Washington became the first corporate president of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES.  If you look at your fraudulent constitution as contained in the handbook that you pass around, both seals are on the cover, but which one is under the other? What Seal are you under?!







Chapter 586 Repealed – Entire Chapter was repealed
[Repealed 1973, 532:26, XVI, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.]



  1. The lawyers do what they do, because they have created a corporate STATE within a State that does not have a valid constitution, just guidelines for their own employees… a “country” of the lawyers, by the lawyers, for the lawyers… and use deceit and fraud to trick everyone into following… “if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes “truth” (everyone believes it, but it is still a LIE)

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