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June 13, 2016

The article below by Ni’i’ Ne’e of the Di’ne’Yah Nation (also known inappropriately as NAVAHO NATION INC.)  should remove all doubt within you about how we are all in danger of land piracy by the continuing criminal enterprise called the Crown Temple B.A.R., the Inns of the Court, Middle Temple, in CITY OF LONDON, the Attorners/Brokers for the Satanic Zionist-Jesuit Crown-Vatican-Swiss Banking Cabal.  This is why these bankruptcy Administrators are called Attorners and Brokers.  

How do they do this?  By fraud, deception, lack of full disclosure, presumption, or as I call it, the tentacles of presumption upon the P.O.W., a.k.a. the Enemy of the State under Martial Law, which is the U.S. citizen/PERSON/OFFICE OF THE PERSON.  Again, the U.S. citizen is the STRANGER/DECEDENT/DEAD ENTITY/DEBTOR, and again with emphasis, claiming U.S. citizen status is beyond stupid, as it means RESIDENT ALIEN, held as collateral for the DEBT by the Captor/Occupier on the District of Columbia.  

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 4 has already timed out through 3 bankruptcies, therefore is forever under water.  Does Admiralty Maritime Law come back to mind?  The B.A.R. Attorneys are perpetrating Barratry, and  Press-Ganging as they coerce you into the OFFICE OF THE PERSON.  You’re not the DECEDENT, but that’s who the dirt bags commit land piracy against when they take the living man, ;john-henry: Doe and force at gunpoint into the OFFICE OF THE PERSON, JOHN H. DOE.  Do not waste any of your energy listening to the Attorners lying to you.  They’re foreclosed from parity with the tangible, so they rape you in the name of the DECEDENT.  Every B.A.R. Attorner who does this is a criminal bastard, who should be hanging from a rope.  

Get your nose into the material below so you can see what they do.  There has never been a treaty of peace after the War of Northern Federal Aggression of 1863.  Attorney Abraham Lincoln was truly a despicable piece of garbage, serving his Lord and Master, Rothschild.  There was never any lawful authority for Attorneys or the B.A.R. to participate in Constitutional government, so what is in place today?  A military coup d’etat by the Crown Banksters and their foot soldiers, the Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorners.  

White men make the best slaves, because they believe they’re free.  Correct your status.  Take a laxative, and drop that U.S. citizen status in the toilet.  U.S. citizens relinquished their rights for “benefits.”  What good slaves!  They pay taxes they don’t even owe.




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What they’re doing in these courts is all about Bonds. When you go into the courtroom after you’re arrested, they use two different sets of Bonds. What they do when your arrested they fill out a “Bid Bond”. The United States District Court uses 273, 274 & 275. SF = “Standard Form”. Standard Form 273, Standard Form 274 & Standard Form 275. This is the United States District Court.

There is another set of Bonds and they are all put out by GSA = General Services Administration. I’m just talking off the top of my head because I have all of this stuff memorized. GSA Form SF24 is the “Bid Bond”, everyone should have a copy of the Bid Bond. The “Performance Bond” is SF25. The “Payment Bond” is SF25A and put out by the GSA.
O.K. So, what are they doing with these Bonds? What’s going on in the courtroom is that they are suing you for a debt collection. If you look at these Bonds, everyone of these Bonds: the “Bid Bond”, the “Performance Bond” & the “Payment Bond”, all have a “PENAL SUM” attached to it. The reason for the “Penal Sum” is if you don’t pay the Debt, you go into “Default Judgment”.

That is what is going on in the courtroom. That is why all of these guys are sitting in prison wondering what’s going on! If you go in and argue jurisdiction or refuse to answer questions that the judge or the court addresses to you, they will find you in contempt of court and they will put you in jail. What they do is arrest you, then they hold you, basically until the suit has been completed. Once they get “Default Judgment” on you because of your failure to pay the Debt, they put you in prison. The attorneys are there to create a smoke screen.
What attorneys have been trained to do is to lead you into “Dishonor” or “Default Judgment.” Then the court puts you into prison then they sell your “Default Judgment.”
Who do they sell it to?

Believe it or not, the U.S. District Court buys all of these State Court Judgments. I don’t know why no one has found this out before.  There are about 300 “re-insurance” companies that buy these bonds. They are all ‘insurance” companies. These are the people that are buying these Bonds when you went into “Default Judgment” and they cannot buy these Bonds unless they are Certified by the Secretary of the Treasury.

What are they doing with these Bonds?  They have regulations governing these Bonds – there are 2,000 regulations governing these Bonds.

Commercial Paper; Negotiable Instruments – anything you put your signature on is a Negotiable Instrument under the Uniform Commercial Code which is the Lex Mercantorium. It’s Mercantile Civil Law.

The reason they use Lex Merchantorium in the court room is because everyone of you are Merchant’s at Law and Merchants at Law is anyone who holds themselves out to be an expert.Because you use commercial paper on a daily basis, you are considered to be an ‘expert’. This is also why they are not telling you what is really going on in the courtroom. You are presumed to know this stuff because you hold yourself out to be an expert by using commercial paper every day.

Every time you put your signature on a piece of paper, you are creating a Negotiable Instrument. Some are Non-Negotiable and some are Negotiable. Every time you endorse something, you are acting as an accommodation party or an accommodation maker under UCC 3-419.

An accommodation party is anyone who loans their signature to another party. Read UCC 3-419, it tells you what an accommodation maker is and what an accommodation party is. When you loan your signature to them, they can then re-write your signature on any document they want and that’s exactly what they are doing.

What the Federal Courts are doing is they are buying up these state court default judgments, called ‘criminal cases’ to cover up what they are doing. Actually, they are civil cases.

If you read “Clerk’s Praxis”, you find that what they call ‘criminal’ is all civil, they just call it criminal to cover up what their doing. If you don’t pay the debt you go to prison, bottom line.


How many of you have heard of REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust or PZN which means Prison Trust? Prisoners are real estate? They own all the real estate because they hold the Bonds on them. You haven’t redeemed your Bond, so they didn’t close your account.

Here’s what goes on: A contractor comes in or any corporation could come in and tender a Bid Bond to the US District Court and they buy up these court judgments and anytime you issue a Bid Bond there has to be a reinsure. So they get a Reinsurance Company to come in and act as Surety for the Bid Bond, then they bring in a Performance Bond. All of these Bonds; Bid, Payment & Performance are all Surety Bonds and anytime you issue a Bid Bond it has to have a Surety guaranteeing or reinsuring the Bid Bond via issuing a Performance Bond.

Then they get an underwriter and that would be either an Investment Broker or an Investment Banker. They come in and underwrite the Performance Bond which is reinsuring the Bid Bond.

What does the underwriter do with the Performance Bond? The underwriter takes the 3 Bonds and pools them and creates what is known as Mortgaged Backed Securities. When you pool these MBS, they are called BONDS and are sold to a company called TBA, which is the Bond Market Association – this is an actual Corporation.

These converted Bonds, now MBS’ are investment securities and being sold the international level. CCA is one of the tickers on the NY Stock Exchange. Others include; CWX, CWD & CWG. When it goes to Frankfurt = CWG, when it goes to Berlin = CWD and so on.

Remember, everything is commercial. 7211 7 CFR says that all crimes are commercial. If you read that carefully it says kidnapping, robbery, extortion, murder, etc. are all commercial crimes. Thus, you are funding the whole enchilada simply because you got into Default Judgment when you went into court and failed to redeem the Bond.
This is why people don’t win in court; cause they don’t redeem the Bond. You are the Principal upon which all money circulates, but you don’t want to start arguing with the court about that.

They are drafting you for performance. So, anytime the court asks you to do something they are drafting you for performance and if you don’t perform, you get into dishonor by non acceptance.They are making a formal presentment under 3-501 of the UCC so they can charge you and they USE the word “charge”. They use the same commercial words on your Indictment, Information and Complaint. They use the word “charge”, i.e., “the following charges”, “…he has two counts of charges”, etc.

Be as gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent. You can’t act like an insurgent or belligerent. If you do, they will treat you like one; they’ll beat you up.

What you want to do is settle the account…go to full settlement and closure; you’re running the account, you’re the Fiduciary Trustee over the account – tell them what to do. You’re the Principal and owner of the account, tell them what to do – tell them you want full settlement and closure of the account. You have to do this from the get-go.
In order to win in court you have to redeem the Bond.

Here is where to begin: Start with what we call a conditional acceptance.
With the conditional acceptance you can say: “I’m more than happy to give you my name, if you can show that charging papers have been put into the court record. I have not seen any papers that show any charges exist.”

That’s a “Negative Averment”. What you are doing is rebutting the presumption that they have charges against you. They work off presumptions. They don’t have to have anything. You must rebut their presumptions.

I went down there and asked them for the Bid Bond. I said I want the Bid Bond back. I asked for full settlement and closure of the account. It’s your money that they create and the same thing is going on in the Banks and with these Bonds – they monetize these Bonds.
Then ask for legal counsel. The reason why you have to have an attorney, and I cannot emphasize this too strongly, is because the attorney while in a courtroom is they are working on the public side and you are working on the private side. The court cannot talk to you except through your attorney. You need a mouth piece; a microphone. That is what attorneys are – a mouthpiece. Everyone on the Public side is insolvent and bankrupt. You are not.

This is situation is called a Fiction-of-Law. They will not allow you to defeat this “Fiction-Of-Law”. Why? In Admiralty Maritime Law everything is colorable. It has the appearance of being real but is not real.

They will appoint legal counsel for you. You then instruct the attorney that you are doing a “LETTER OF ROGATORY” or letter of advice. This is also called an “Acceptance for Honor” and you want an accounting of what the total amount of the Bill is post settlement and closure of this account.

Then you give your CUSIP and AUTOTIS number and your case number.
Here’s the wording you use: “I accept your charge(s) for Value and Consideration in return for Post Settlement and Closure of Case # , account# 123-45-6789 [put down your 9 digit social security number] and put down CUSIP# [your ssn] & AUTOTRIS# [your ssn w/o dashes]. Please us my exemption for full settlement and closure of this account as this account is prepaid and exempt from levy. (Date it and endorse it as the Authorized Representative.)

(AUTOTRIS means Automated Tracking Identification System. This is the same as your social security number without the dashes. When I said that they didn’t even want to talk to me…when you say CUSIP & AUTOTRIS they know exactly what you’re talking about.

CUSIP is The COMMITTEE ON UNIFORM SECURITIES IDENTIFICATION PROCESSES. . CUSIP uses your Social Security Number to identify you because the Birth Certificate is a Security. It is an investment security and they have all the original Birth Certificates which are registered at the State level with the Department of Human Recourses and then they go to the Department of Commerce and the Federal level and then to the DTC (Depository Trust Corporation).

Judges and lawyers don’t understand commercial law.  They do not teach commercial law at law school.  They have a special school for them and it’s on a “need to know” basis.


(a) If an instrument is issued for value given for the benefit of a party to the instrument (“accommodated party”) and another party to the instrument (“accommodation party”) signs the instrument for the purpose of incurring liability on the instrument without being a direct beneficiary of the value given for the instrument, the instrument is signed by the accommodation party “for accommodation.”

(b) An accommodation party may sign the instrument as maker, drawer, acceptor, or indorser and, subject to subsection (d), is obliged to pay the instrument in the capacity in which the accommodation party signs. The obligation of an accommodation party may be enforced notwithstanding any statute of frauds and whether or not the accommodation party receives consideration for the accommodation.

(c) A person signing an instrument is presumed to be an accommodation party and there is notice that the instrument is signed for accommodation if the signature is an anomalous indorsement or is accompanied by words indicating that the signer is acting as surety or guarantor with respect to the obligation of another party to the instrument. Except as provided in Section 3-605, the obligation of an accommodation party to pay the instrument is not affected by the fact that the person enforcing the obligation had notice when the instrument was taken by that person that the accommodation party signed the instrument for accommodation.

(d) If the signature of a party to an instrument is accompanied by words indicating unambiguously that the party is guaranteeing collection rather than payment of the obligation of another party to the instrument, the signer is obliged to pay the amount due on the instrument to a person entitled to enforce the instrument only if (i) execution of judgment against the other party has been returned unsatisfied, (ii) the other party is insolvent or in an insolvency proceeding, (iii) the other party cannot be served with process, or (iv) it is otherwise apparent that payment cannot be obtained from the other party.

(e) If the signature of a party to an instrument is accompanied by words indicating that the party guarantees payment or the signer signs the instrument as an accommodation party in some other manner that does not unambiguously indicate an intention to guarantee collection rather than payment, the signer is obliged to pay the amount due on the instrument to a person entitled to enforce the instrument in the same circumstances as the accommodated party would be obliged, without prior resort to the accommodated party by the person entitled to enforce the instrument.

(f) An accommodation party who pays the instrument is entitled to reimbursement from the accommodated party and is entitled to enforce the instrument against the accommodated party. In proper circumstances, an accommodation party may obtain relief that requires the accommodated party to perform its obligations on the instrument. An accommodated party that pays the instrument has no right of recourse against, and is not entitled to contribution from, an accommodation party.


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  2. The Zionist-Jesuit Banksters are the ones doing it. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits was a crypto-Jew. Rothschild is a Jesuit Knight of Malta. The Crown is Vatican. The FEDERAL RESERVE is Vatican. The District of Columbia is Vatican.

    Paragraph 1 in the Article: “Satanic Zionist-Jesuit Crown-Vatican-Swiss Banking Cabal.” “ZIONIST-JESUITS” took over the Vatican.


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