Trey Gowdy counted at least seven significant lies that Comey told in his recent interview with Bret Baier. Perhaps he’s attempting to lay a foundation for his defense…

by Rick Wells

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Tucker Carlson notes that Bret Baier had just completed an interview with James Comey and brought the unpredictable, enigmatic Trey Gowdy for his perspective on what transpired. Gowdy seems to have successfully navigated from the Mueller “witch hunts are wonderful” camp to the pro-American Trump camp, at least for as long as it takes him to deliver his rebuke of Comey. Carlson starts off by asking him what he learned from the interview.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Gowdy replied, “A couple of things, number one that Page and Strzok, he would have fired immediately, which means the two agents that were leading both the Clinton and Trump investigations should have been canned.”

He continues, “Director Comey’s recollection is flawed. If he does not remember telling Congress that his agents told him that they didn’t think Flynn was lying, then he needs to get his lawyers to go back and look at the transcript. We did not mishear, maybe he misspoke, but that’s in the transcript.”

And the double standard that he’s had for the last couple of weeks still exists,” says Gowdy. “You know, Clinton can lie and she ought to be President, McCabe can lie and he’s still a standup guy, but Trump, boy, if he tells any lies at all then impeachment is too good of a remedy for him.”

Carlson asks if Comey’s claims that he doesn’t remember when he first heard about the Steele dossier and who told him is plausible. He answers, “No, because he knew that Republicans paid for it even thought that’s inaccurate, so if he learned about it in the fall of 2016, and it was already known that the Democrats had picked up on that work, so whoever briefed him – why  would you just say the Republicans started but not also include the Democrats finished it?”

“And the part about it not being part of the FISA application, not a significant part, then, Tucker, why did you use it at all? Gowdy points out, “And I’ve actually read the application and he’s just wrong. It was an indispensible part of the application. Period.

Carlson notes that the first tactic employed by Comey in the interview was to rely upon the secret nature of the information, telling Bret Baier and other civilian Americans in effect “you can’t prove me wrong” because you don’t have access to the information. Gowdy has had access and seen it, saying, “There are three parts of it. This is one of the parts, they led with it” and he remembers it occupying a disproportionately large part of the application.”

Gowdy dismisses the likelihood that Comey or anyone else who has had any dealings with Carter Page would consider him spy material, characterizing him as more of a sad clown. He includes the FBI agents who interviewed him in that number.

Gowdy also dismisses Comey’s ridiculous definition of a leak as being of a nature that “no one else has.” What he says is a leak is what the rest of us call a felony. Leaking is disclosing a confidential conversation, which is exactly what he did.”


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