7 Ways Bush Benefited From 911

(AP Photo) Following G.W. Bush, his family and friends benefiting from 911 with continued impunity thanks to Barack Obama, Bush’s memoir book tour is perfect opportunity for sign-carrying, pesky do-gooders who still believe in American values and Christian principles. such as “Thou shalt not kill,” to get their message across: “Indict the war criminal.” That is what is planned by these scary terrorists, the kind the FBI is after of late, raiding their homes with SWAT teams in early hours and such, as though the US had turned into a fascist state.

Ray McGovern says Bush’s book is presented for him to resurrect popularity. But would his plan stand a chance if truth be known about who benefited most from 911 – or are Americans now so pacified and thus complicit, the Rothschild’s finally have the whole world in their hands?

Bush boasts in his book that he responded to the CIA query about whether they should torture by saying, “Damn right!”

“For such a frank admission of high-level criminality, we can say, with ample justification, Shame on Bush,” writes Ray McGovern in Common Dreams.

“But that shame also sticks like Saran wrap to the rest of us – and especially to the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), which has soft-pedaled the significance of Bush’s confession, and to his make-nice successor, Barack Obama, who has refused to demand any accountability.”

McGovern says “if we are still a democracy, we are all complicit.”

“Bush has brought the issue of torture to a head. Shame on us all if we allow the recent history of waterboarding and other torture techniques to go unchallenged and to end up defining us.”

If the reader is not ready to join the ranks of do-gooders who oppose illegal, amoral practices and believe in accountability, a recap of conspiracy facts in terms of who benefited from 911 might spark a buried desire to take action for good over evil.

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