The Dangers of a Hepatitis B Vaccination for Your Baby

By: Katherine M.

Brand new one day old babies are routinely injected with the hepatitis B vaccine in US hospitals, yet it can be very dangerous and is completely unnecessary. Hepatitis B is a disease spread most often by unprotected sex and infected drug needles neither of which the average newborn will participate in. The disease is about as hard to catch as the HIV virus yet no where near as dangerous. 90-95% of all hepatitis B cases completely recover after a few weeks of symptoms such as headache, nausea and fatigue. The disease is far from deadly and the people who are at risk of getting hepatitis B are IV drug users, prostitutes and other adults with multiple unprotected sexual encounter, prisoners, and babies born to infected mothers. Pregnant women are tested during pregnancy and unless they are positive carriers of the hepatitis B virus, their newborn should not have to receive this vaccination. Yet since 2002 this shot has been added to the recommended immunization schedule and many US hospitals give it to newborn babies before they even leave go home.

Common reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine among those who can communicate include headache, nausea, fever and fatigue oddly the same symptoms as the hard to catch disease. As for more serious side effects, the Hepatitis B vaccine has also been reported to cause a variety of immune and neurological health problems. There have been persistent reports of the vaccine being related to sudden infant death syndrome which is most likely to occur at 2 months, 4 month and 6 months exactly the same time as the hepatitis B vaccine series is often given. Other reports indicate such adverse reactions such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, and multiple sclerosis as well as immune system dysfunction including chronic arthritis. Some speculations have also come about insisting on a connecting with Autism and the hepatitis B vaccine as well as several more on the recommended immunization schedule.

There has been an alarming number of newborn and infant deaths following the injecting of the hepatitis B vaccine. The immune system is quite complicated and no one really knows exactly how it functions and yet brand new babies are guinea pigs for this unnecessary vaccine. That’s right; your newborn is a tester as no studies have been done to prove that the vaccine is safe for a 1 day old infant, or a 6 month old for that matter. Studies were done on 5 and 10 year old children and revolved around efficiency, not safety. And effectiveness can also be questioned as many as 50% of those vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine will lose their antibodies within 7 years. And 60% or more will lose their immunity within 12 years. So just as your child reaches adolescents they will need to be vaccinated again if immunity to hepatitis B is desired, just at the time when there actually might be a potential, yet still unlikely, threat of the disease. One of the dangers in the hepatitis B vaccine, mercury, was removed from most but not all vaccines a few years ago but sadly was replaced by aluminum which is yet another potential neurotoxin. Aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s in older victims and what it can possibly do to assault the newborns immature central nervous system is very much unknown.

So why on earth is this dangerous and unnecessary vaccine given to babies before they even leave the hospital? The logic is flawed but one reason is that hospitals assume that the new mother wasn’t adequately tested and they are safeguarding the newborn. Another is that the baby may go home to live with chronic carriers of the hepatitis B disease and somehow catch it themselves. Another reason is simply to “catch them while they can” and begin childhood immunizations while they are there in the hospital in hopes of better compliance of the CDC’s recommended schedule. The sad truth is that the biggest factor is profit. That’s right, follow the paper trail. Each year, Merck, the maker of the hepatitis B vaccine makes over $1 Billion dollars in sales because of this. That’s a lot of money and money talks when influencing public policies. The biggest pusher of this vaccine is the Hepatitis B Coalition who not surprisingly, gets a huge amount of funding from the pharmaceutical company Merck itself.

So what can we do? Tell every pregnant woman you know about the dangers of the hepatitis B vaccine and just how likely her newborn is at risk of actually catching the disease. Encourage her to research on her own the amount of cases of hepatitis B each year, the CDC keeps a record including age groups and outcome (hospitalization, death, etc) and have her read up on the ingredients of the vaccine and search VAERS for reported adverse reactions. Also look into the actual efficiency rates and how long any so called immunity lasts. If parents are still convinced that the hepatitis B vaccine is necessary at least insist that they wait until their child is a teenager and their immune system is more developed. When having your baby in the hospital decline the hepatitis B vaccine, include this info in your birth plan and refuse to sign any consent forms. Just say NO, your newborn will thank you for caring enough to inform yourself before blindly allowing the hospital staff to inject poisons into their tiny body.


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  1. I have always found it vey interesting that the Hepatitis B vaccine was first recommended in the U.S. in 1992 which is exactly when the number of cases of Autism dramatically started to increase. This is a no-brainier for God’s sake! Wake up, people! As far as the studies go, I don’t trust any study that contradicts the relationship, either. Those who fund these studies also have business relationships with the pharmaceutical companies and receive dividends for each vaccine sold.

  2. Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate? Formaldehyde? This is what is being injected into little babies in their first hours of life. Parents need to research and educate themselves to what these vaccines contain. Big Pharma is making and selling-while MD’s, nurses etc. are injecting this garbage into infants as young as 12 hours old. If the child should acquire a vaccine injury the “good doctor” will be nowhere to be found! They have no answers. Everything falls on the parents. It is a heartbreaking journey. Please educate for our injured kids and for your kids too!

  3. Parents do need t state on their birth plan that they don’t want the hepatitis B vaccination on their birth plan, but it is also important that the mother-to-be has an assertive support person (husband, friend or relative) with her at all times to make sure the birth plan is being followed and that the baby isn’t jabbed while the mother isn’t looking or taking a nap! The support person also stays by the baby’s side should the baby be taken anywhere to keep an eye on things.

    Go to for information about birth (and school) exemptions in your state.

    I also invite readers to look up my website:

  4. Agreed Allie. Clearly unbiased independent studies into the long term safety & risks of the vaccines and their highly questionable ingredients are needed. But who will fund them? Very sad day.

  5. Esto no es más que la puritica verdad! Lo que importa es el negocio de las casas farmacéuticas! Gracias por compartir esta información.

  6. hi, I have a 8day old baby girl, i refused the hep b vaccine for her at birth because i have herd so many bad things including causing (sids) but the doctor and midwife insist i end up getting it done at 2months and say its very important to have it done. i dont know what to do weather to risk it and not get it done and the chances of her catchin it or to get it done but im so worried and scared too. does the hep b in australia contain the same ingredients as the us? please help dont know what to do!!!

  7. CDC is NOT a source for balance, they parrot the pharmaceutical industry. It would be good to have third party studies for balance that do not benefit from the vaccine makers or gov. or over zealous vaccine haters.
    Currently we do not have this set up to protect the people.
    Sad day.

  8. HEP B is not concidered to be a sexual transmission but by contact with feases containing it. Very dangerous. Hep c was concidered a sexually transmited Virus but years of information and research proved it was more likely Blood products most commonly recieved in transfusions.
    Hep A is the most Dangerous in that there is/was No medication to treat it. Only vaccine is for Hep B. The virus is of course given to the person to develope immunity to it. Variables i.e Alcohol in pregnancy, excessive intake of chemicals while pregnant, could lead to the child being unable to develope immunity, Problems will/can arise. All of these viral infections can be deadly, and certainly carry years of progresive illness. The most likely sourse of contaminatiion for hep B is flooding. Sewers can contaminate flood water, Even when dispersed the contamination remains on the ground where children play.
    These points might be helpful in concidering the does and don,t s of each personal case sinnerio.

  9. Neonatal jaundice. Incidence. Liver involvement. Hepatitis B vaccination. Excessive Vitamin K injected. Pitocin induction. Research. Screen parents. No Hepatitis B in parents = low risk of infection. Delay Hep B vaccination.

  10. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. New parents are particularly vulnerable to the pressures of this vaccine while in the hospital. It’s dangerous and unnecessary. You may have just saved a life!

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