It’s Now Clear: Obama Intends to Use Drone Strikes to Kill American Journalists and Political Enemies

President Obama plans to use military drones in the skies over the United States to assassinate journalists, patriots and critics of his administration. That’s the inescapable conclusion from the emerging pattern of evidence now publicly available — keep reading for details.

Front and center in this pattern of evidence is the 16-page memo that was just released by Obama’s lawyers in the Department of Justice. This memo puts forth a “legal justification” for the President to order the drone assassination of any American citizen he names — anytime, anywhere, for any reason. This new power claimed by the President has no basis in federal law or the Constitution. It is an invented power of absolute tyranny that puts the power to decide who lives and who dies in the hands of one man. This document essentially legalizes the President acting as a serial murderer.

It is claimed that the purpose of this new power to simply name any American the President doesn’t like and immediately have them struck by a Hellfire missile launched from a drone is designed to “protect America.” Yet the 16-page memo that claims to justify all this was intentionally written to include Americans on U.S. soil as potential targets.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano explained just a few days ago on Fox News:

“This 16-page white paper is written so vaguely that the logic from it could… permit the President to kill Americans here in the United States.”

That’s the whole point, actually. If Americans on U.S. soil were to be excluded from such drone assassinations, such language would have been made readily apparent in the memo. But no such language is found in the memo. In fact, the tone of the document quite clearly states that the President has the authority to order drone killings of U.S. citizens anywhere in the world, under any circumstances.

This legal manipulation even has U.S. Senators worried. Democrat Senator Patrick J Leahy and Senator Charles Grassley sent a letter to Obama on Friday, stating, “The deliberate killing of a United States citizen pursuant to a targeted operation authorized or aided by our government raises significant constitutional and legal concerns.”

That’s the understatement of the year.

U.S. Senators are trying to create an “oversight committee” so that a few of them are part of the illegal, unconstitutional decision process of which Americans the U.S. government should murder next. As Kurt Nimmo reports with

Feinstein has proposed “legislation to ensure that drone strikes are carried out in a manner consistent with our values, and the proposal to create an analogue of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to review the conduct of such strikes,” in other words a secret tribunal that will hand down kill orders for Americans the government believes are “suspected militants.”

If drones are to be unleashed under the values of Feinstein — an outright traitor to the nation and a serial violator of the U.S. Constitution — then God help us all. Remember, Feinstein is the Senator who has already said she wants all Americans to turn all their guns in. She literally wants the entire U.S. civilian population disarmed so that government has all the weapons, including drones which Feinstein wants flying over U.S. cities, ready to strike named American citizens at any moment.

The American “battlefield” doctrine and the NDAA

In defending the drone assassination powers of the President, you might hear language used that says drones will “only be used on the battlefield.” That seems to imply they will only be used in the Middle East, right?

Wrong. The USA has been legally defined as the new “battlefield” by the NDAA. That’s the National Defense Authorization Act which also allows for the arrest and indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, without legal representation and even without them ever being charged.

The USA is the new “battlefield,” and when you combine the NDAA and the DOJ’s new drone killing justification memo, you now have the claimed legal framework for any American on U.S. soil to be arrested, detained, tortured or blown to bits without warning and without even a single shred of evidence being presented against him.

Yes, this is America today. Right now. You are living under a military dictatorship and most of you don’t even realize it yet. Even liberals and progressives are starting to wake up to Obama’s tyranny, by the way. On Democracy Now, Daniel Ellsberg recently described Obama’s actions as a “systematic assault on the Constitution.”

Who are the terrorists?

Of course, anyone who raises these points will be immediately dismissed with the claim that all this new power in the hands of the President will only be used “against terrorists.”

Okay, then who are the terrorists, exactly? It turns out they are YOU!

As Judge Napolitano recently explained:

The [Janet Napolitano DHS] memorandum said that people who are pro-life, people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, returning veterans, people who think the government is too big and the IRS is too powerful, could be characterized as domestic terrorists. That could characterize two-thirds of the country. (Click here to see related video.)

Another DHS report named as terrorists anyone who opposes illegal immigration, abortion or federal taxes.

The pieces of the puzzle

So now it all becomes clear:

1) The NDAA legalized the federal government arresting, detaining and torturing American citizens if they were classified as “terrorists.”

2) The DOJ drone-killing memo legalized the President murdering anyone he names by simply claiming they might be associated with “terrorists.”

3) The DHS announces that anyone who isn’t an absolutely Big Government boot-licker and Obama worshiper IS A TERRORIST.

And there you have it: The full circle of justification to use military drone strikes against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Simply call them terrorists, and the rest of the legal framework backs you up.

I repeat: All that is necessary to justify the murder of American citizens without trial is labeling them “terrorists” even with no evidence to support such a claim. The drone killings require no evidence. They only require the signature of one man.

Who is likely on the drone strike target list in the USA

So who is most likely to be assassinated by President Obama once drone strikes are fully unleashed in the USA?

• Journalists.

• Political opponents.

• Anti-government protesters. (One Hellfire missile takes ’em all out.)

• Online activists.

• Veterans.

• Gun owners and gun shops.

• Constitutionalists and libertarians.

Drone strikes are completely silent because the Hellfire missiles arrive faster than the speed of sound. You don’t even hear the missile until after the explosion. The blast radius of a Hellfire missile is 15 – 20 meters, and everything inside that radius is completely obliterated. This is more than enough to destroy entire homes, apartments and office buildings, not to mention vehicles and even light bunkers.

World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah actually voiced his concern about Obama being reelected, saying that he believed Obama would “kill journalists” if he won a second term. Farah is not being paranoid. He’s right on the money with where this is going. Click here to read his articlepublished right before the 2012 election.

Drones are weapons of tyranny

In the history of America, rifles are the weapons of liberty, and in any war limited to just rifles and similar weapons, the People will always achieve victory over tyranny.

But tyrannies tend to rise up when specialized, highly-complex weapons come onto the scene, creating an imbalance of military power that suppresses the People. Drones are that new weapon: There is virtually no citizen defense against drones, and drones can strike targets anyone in the country with zero warning. You do not get called to appear in court, you do not get arrested, and you do not receive a warning. You’re simply murdered by the U.S. President without warning and without a trial. That’s the new America.

The cover story: Drone strikes that actually take out the homes of Obama’s political enemies can even be explained away as “bombings” using conventional explosives. A convenient cover story can keep drones out of the news, even while drone strikes are taking out journalists, activists and critics of the criminal Obama regime.

You might wonder, then, what is the strategy for defending against drones? It all comes down to men with rifles raiding drone airfields and taking them over. Once again, rifles become the single most important tool of resistance in the face of tyranny, which is exactly why the government is right now desperately seeking to register and confiscate all rifles in the hands of U.S. citizens. The MQ-1C Warrior drone has an operational range of 675 miles, meaning that drone airfields must be relatively close to intended targets. The airfields are the weak link, and this is what Americans must take back if drone mass murder is unleashed against American citizens (by any president, now or in the future).

There are also some high-tech defenses against drones. Iran appears to have hacked a drone by feeding it false GPS signals, guiding it to land on an Iranian runway where it was then taken into custody by the government there. This sort of GPS hacking appears to be relatively simple to accomplish, but the technique has never been proven in an actual military conflict.

Another defense against drones is to stay on the move. Don’t hole up in fixed locations for long periods of time. Drone strikes are only effective if the intended target’s location is known with certainty. In a resistance war against a tyrannical government, resistance forces will of course remain very mobile and unpredictable in their locations and movements. This will cause the government to waste lots of Hellfire missiles blowing up empty houses and likely killing the wrong people.

Every drone strike against U.S. targets will, of course, enrage the population even further, resulting in yet another mass wave of recruitment into the resistance. The more Americans Obama (or another president) kills with drones, the more powerful the resistance becomes. This spiral continues until there is either a violent armed overthrow of the government or the entire resistance movement is mass murdered by the government itself. In the case of the latter, that’s how we end up with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictatorial tyrants who assume power in the aftermath of blood running in the streets.

Stop being so naive — this is happening NOW!

If you think any of this seems outlandish, you aren’t paying attention. The 16-page drone assassination memo has already been published. The NDAA is federal law. The DHS memos are real. All of us who question government, who own firearms, and who believe in the Bill of Rights have already been named terrorists.

The stage is being set to wage an all-out war with the American people. That’s the reason DHS has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. It’s the reason DHS is buying 7,000 full-auto assault rifles. All these weapons and ammo are for exclusive use inside the United States of America, on U.S. Soil.

This is why thousands of bulletproof roadside checkpoints have been purchased by DHS. It’s why steel cable dividers are being installed on highways, so that you can’t turn around when approaching a TSA checkpoint. This is why talk of shooting gun owners is openly tolerated and even encouraged in the mainstream media and on social networks.

We are witnessing a full-on ramping up toward total war with the American people. This war will be caused (false-flagged) by the government itself, and it will be waged on U.S. soil, using drone assassinations, nationwide gun confiscation, FEMA camps and of course a declaration of Martial Law to justify it all.

The end game is a complete takeover of America by socialist / communist / fascist forces and the outright abolition of liberties and firearms in the hands of citizens. America is scheduled for termination, and people like Obama have been placed in power precisely because he can fool enough people for a sufficient amount of time to get this plan underway without popular resistance. Obama is seductive and hypnotic, so his followers will think he’s helping America even while he’s actually destroying it by design.

Drones are terminators in the sky, controlled by one man — a tyrant who sits in the Oval Office and respects no boundaries of either the Constitution or federal law. He makes law up as he goes along, betraying his oath of office and violating the very tenants of justice upon which this country was founded.

Obama is a traitor to America and a danger to us all. For the sake of America’s future, he must be impeached, thrown out of office and replaced with a President who actually upholds the Constitution and respects the laws of the land.

By: Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

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  1. The 3 Stooges- CLINTON-BUSH-OBAMA!

    America is a laughing stock of the world!

    Clinton ran around the White House with his Willie in its hand, looking for a Blow Job!

    Bush was sooo stupid, he made Homer Simpson look as if he had an IQ of 300.

    Obama invited all his anal fixated friends to the White House & forgot where he was born!



    They are fed CRAP through the media!

    They are fed CRAP through International Food Chains!

    They can’t THINK! They can’t WALK!


    The couldn’t make a decision to save their lives!

  2. RUN, you yellow belly coward!

    Thousands of American soldiers have died for BIG OIL, but none of you have the BALLS to die for your country!

    What will the history books say about your generation? NOT MUCH!

  3. If a bunch of Arabs with Tea Towels on their heads & bed sheets wrapped around their bodies, carried out 911, what the F–K are you Americans waiting for, to remove the Terrorist in the White House & his Gang of Thugs?

    Who are you waiting for? ROCKY 007?

    Get up off your arse & eliminate the source of your problems – NOW!

  4. They have no right or authority to infringe on your 2nd amendment rights and those of you out there that give up your guns are giving them power that they do not posses. Your Senate is out of order and unconstitutional in trying to make laws, your legislators is where you can fight these unconstitutional laws. The House are your Reps. tell them you will not comply with this usurpation of the 2nd amendment and of the peoples rights to bare arms. You need to find your closest Militia of the people and get involved with them. Evidently they think they have you all surrendered to the Marxist agenda out in the great divide. It ain’t about hunting it is about usurpation that we have the right to bare arms. It is for this very kind of tyranny that you speak of that we have the right to bare arms. They have no right or authority to disarm you, they know this and so they use these unconstitutional tactics to try. If the people of Colorado go along with this they have chosen to surrender to Marxist ideology and have given up their Bill of Rights and are helping to destroy liberty.

  5. I truly agree with this article. I would like to say one thing about the Government gearing up for war on our own soil. I believe it proves that they fear us, those of us that they have listed as the terrorist anyway. Their fear of us is a good thing at least for now because, when the Government fears the people there is liberty. I believe they fear us so much because they are in breach of their oat to uphold the Constitution. This is being done deliberately to usurp and overthrow our form of Government and bring us into their Marxist 21st Century Utopia dream of theirs. They know that they have at least half of the population so hypnotized and following this pied piper or so dumped down and asleep that they do not care, so they are gearing up now. They think with only half of us aware and only half of the aware armed, it is to their advantage to their power and force as a threat. A roaring lion seeking to devour whom it may so to speak. They want and need our fear, for when the people fear the Government there is tyranny. They would love our surrender, a laying down of arms by those of us who are in the resistance, so that they can say, “see our way” is better. Obama is a wimp in reality, he has the drones to use against us but, it is just like the Chicken poop sadistic Jihadist who set roadside bombs and bomb crowded shops and forms of transportation. They do not fight a battle face to face, they are chickens, wimps that know they would lose the battle very fast in a real war. Obama is the same kind of wimp, the drones are his saber rattlings and his power. Yep, taking out the drones is key.

  6. This man isn’t smart enough to make life changing decisions. He is being led and guided by those who would destroy America and its freedoms. Run for the bunkers, you ain’t seen anything yet!!!

  7. It is a sad day here in Colorado…This once was a sportsman’s paradise…Not any more…The Democrats have captured the Senate and are using their power to do the bidding of the Tyrant sitting on his throne in Washington DC…hey are using Colorado as a poster state to enhance gun laws againt responsible gun owners…Once the laws are passed Obama will use Colorado as an example of how other states are supposed to vote…Our Governor Hickenlooper is a whimp and is in on the fix along with the Senate Democrats who are working diligently to take away our guns right as guaranteed to us by the sencond amendment…Colorado is now home of the Communist elitist and no longer the proud sportsman’s state it once was…Obama and Feinstein plan to destroy the constitution and all 10 amendments know as the American Bill of Rights…The Democrats have become slayers of our fought for freedoms and the liberties which we have enjoyed for so many years!

    the gun rights of Colorado citizens

  8. Black??? I wouldn’t give a damn if he was purple! I’d have him impeached without given it a second thought!

  9. I agree he needs to be impeached. I believe the reason no one is stepping up to get the ball rolling is because he’s black and no one will risk it because of the implications, further more, the media is in his pocket and no one has a chance. I believe fully that is why impeachment proceedings have not been started.

    If this were Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George “Sr.” or any other president, he’d be gone.

    I wish there were men with the courage and moral fiber to stand up against President Obama and impeach him. I fear there are no such men or women.

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