The Biden Titanic

July 21, 2024 1

The Biden Titanic Joe Biden’s escalating dementia and the long media-political conspiracy to hide his senility from the public are the least of the Democrats’ current problems. By Victor Davis Hanson | American Greatness Biden’s […]


USA: Past, Present, What Is Its/Our Future…

July 20, 2024 0

 By: Joseph M. Lenard USA – past, present, what is its future? Is the USA still the Constitutionally Limited (Judeo/Christian) REPUBLICan form of Government our Founders created? As Franklin said “A Republic, IF you can […]


Has China Inherited Trump’s JD Vance Problem?

July 18, 2024 0

Has China Inherited Trump’s JD Vance Problem? Expect Senator and whisperer JD Vance to make trade wars great again with China. William Pesek writes for Asia Times Trump’s JD Vance problem is now China’s, too Raining on […]

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