A Case for Pro-Life

Babies-4-Life[1]By: TLB Contributor L. Femine.

Pardon me if you think I’m extremist but I’ve always found it odd that there is even a debate about whether or not a woman should have the right to destroy a growing life in her body. Essentially, how is it different from an argument about whether or not one has the right to kill an adult? That is, for any other reason than capital punishment? And, of course, even that is hotly debated.

Yes, how IS it different? First of all, let me be clear – I’m not talking about a pregnancy that threatens a woman’s life or results from rape or incest. There are other exceptions I’m sure people will add, but those are the primary ones.

With that in mind, the first explanation might be that this developing human being is not seen by the naked eye; in fact, these days fetuses are now being referred to here and there by only its exterior description – a “bump.”

Like one on your head? How about a tumor? A damaging, malignant growth in the body can and should be removed because it has no useful life and is life-threatening. It’s a parasite, destroying your life to save its own.

Does that describe a baby? I’m sure women and doctors do not literally refer to a fetus as a tumor or malignant growth of some sort, but I could surmise that abortions are being performed, in many cases, from the same viewpoint.

To expand on that, we humans tend to justify acts performed that don’t meet the criteria of high moral standards – meaning no-nos. So, to consider a growing, living human on the same level as a malignant growth would be a good example of such justification. In other words, finding ways to make things OK that aren’t.

Here are some illuminating facts about prenatal life:   18 days a Baby’s heart beats   8 weeks all organs function   9 weeks has individual fingerprints   10 weeks a baby can feel pain   12 weeks a baby can smile

Please note the above – a baby can feel pain at 10 weeks. Although 88 percent of abortions are performed in the first 12 weeks, that still leaves quite a few painful abortions. However, that’s not to say physical pain felt by an embryo or fetus is the only moral qualifier.

The pain comes from suction instruments – literally sucking the life out of the baby – or, in second and third trimester abortions, from a knife or forceps with sharp points which chop him/her to pieces. See the graphic video.

Compare that to the great care taken in this country’s prisons when executing criminals to ensure they feel no pain. Why is it not horrifying to kill and inflict that much barbaric pain on a defenseless baby who is innocent of any crime?

In a tragic turn of events, there are now “partial-birth” abortions being performed, as you can see dramatically portrayed in the video. Although these are in the minority, that doesn’t make them less shocking and depraved. The first legal one done set a terrible precedent.

It gets worse. Planned Parenthood is now in defense of after-birth abortions. To explain, this means, in a botched abortion attempt when the baby is born alive, the mother and/or doctor have the right to kill the baby and not administer life-saving support. Makes you wonder how many women get to view these babies before their lives get snuffed out.

“While much of the devastating truth may never be known, what we are able to know is startling.  According to the ACLJ’s research and statistics recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 362 babies born alive following a botched abortion have died in the last decade.”

In a similar video I saw a few months ago, it clearly showed a fetus being knifed to death but not only that – the baby tried to run in fear when he sensed the approaching knife which had barely entered his environment. So this pain is not only physical, it is emotional. After that, I became pro-life.

Granted, pregnancy does not in all cases cause women to blossom with joy. Hardships exist, most of which are youth, finances, being unmarried or needing to work. These issues deserve compassionate attention from family, friends, unbiased doctors and counselors. Still, is abortion really the answer for these women?


In a study noted in lifenews.com, it says about 80 percent of women who have abortions regret it and experience some sort of mental disturbance, including severe depression and guilt. It seems the supposed relief and freedom sought by aborting a child could easily turn into an aborting of one’s own joy in living. Often the solution to a problem is another problem.

While it’s true many women happily go on to have children after an abortion or continue to enjoy the children they already have, many claim the stigma still exists. Practically speaking, is it worth it?

One very happy piece of news, however, is there are an overwhelming number of women who are now choosing not to have an abortion after seeing a sonogram of their babies in the womb. It’s becoming a kind of prerequisite for pregnant women looking to abort.

Abortion is not an isolated issue. It’s one indicator of just how much life is valued or not valued. If Obama and his friends can send thousands of young people to die in wars, if food and drugs are made to kill, all for corporate profits, then abortion is simply a branch of genocide. All contribute to the death of a society.

That is not a religious viewpoint; it’s a sign of where we are headed.






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