A Different Take on Alex Jones

A Different Take on Alex Jones

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Lucille Femine

I don’t like Alex Jones and I don’t listen to him. At one time I did because I felt he was exposing lies in the government and the media. He was a “freedom fighter”, and exposer of truth that was denied us by the mass media.

Recently, after his ban on most of the social media platforms, I had to take another long, hard look at this man and his motives in particular, but only as a secondary look, the issue of banning him. And I’ll explain why.

I’ve seen written so many times by many others that they don’t like Alex Jones either and don’t watch his videos but…his ban violates free speech. Point taken. But then others come back and say – not true since these platforms are private companies and can do what they want in regard to monitoring their content. They are not government agencies who could be accused of violating free speech.

Is this really the point?

Yes, it’s true the government should keep their nose out of our rights. Absolutely! That interference has been a major source of our turmoil. But I’m not going to argue that one way or the other here. I have a different point to make.

When people are angry as the prevailing emotion in their communication, they lie. *The reference below outlines the “Tone Scale” which explains emotions at different levels.

One major case in point is the Sandy Hook massacre which Jones, in anger, says was a fake. This is an outrageous lie and I call his reasoning insane with its twisted, exaggerated facts to fit his alarmist nature.

For one thing, there have tragically been many mass shootings which have never been attacked as fake and manufactured by the government. Why this one, you might ask? This begs the question: Did Alex Jones help manufacture it? And why?

This goes back to my point. People who are angry, lie. I invite you to consider experiences where you had to endure someone in anger and think about whether or not they were telling the truth.

Hitler’s violent hate speeches? Is it true all those thousands needed to be wiped out? When I watched Jones’s angry rants, they are horribly similar. He looks like a madman. For example, his statement that Robert Mueller should be assassinated is pure anarchy, regardless of Mueller’s views and activities.

Argue against Mueller and others like him, yes. Legally attack, expose, yes. But assassination?? Again, anarchy, the stock in trade of chronically angry people.

As has been said by others, in particular my good friend, Roger Landry, founder of The Liberty Beacon, there is a bit of truth in every lie. For example, there is convincing speculation that 911 was created by the government and there’s many holes in the official explanations. This is one giant ace in the hole Alex Jones waves at his audience as proof he speaks truth and protects his listeners.

However, how does Alex speak that truth? Let’s take an example: A man is sitting in a theatre behind a woman with a big hat. He could tap her on the shoulder, smile and politely ask her to remove it so he can see. Or…he could say – Goddammit! Take off your stupid hat so I can see the goddamn screen!

In both instances, there is some “truth” to it. But what effect does each have? In the first, she might smile back and take if off. In the second, she’s likely to get pissed off herself, adding to the bad scene and even disturb fellow theatergoers. She might not even take off her hat!

My conclusion is Alex Jones takes little or no responsibility for the effect he is having on his followers. His rants are self-served, probably stemming from his own inner turmoil.

Emotions, negative or positive, affect others. Many take his altered truths and run with them, passing on alarming, frightening statements, many with flimsy proof.

Alex Jones has the “credibility” of professional online newscasting. But other than that, he is no different than anarchists and mobs in the street, inviting more fear, anger and possible violent revolution.

One should associate with people who make you feel BETTER, not WORSE, regardless of their intelligence and knowledge.

So I don’t disagree with him being banned. The more he lies, twists and exaggerates, the more he has to prove them with more of the same.

One can be justifiably angry at a situation and yet, be rational, truthful and passionate to change it for the better, offering solutions.


TLB Note: Lucille is a longtime friend and contributor to TLB. She is also an author, writer, researcher, podcast show host, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE


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3 Comments on A Different Take on Alex Jones

  1. Sorry you feel that way, Endika. I felt the same until I actually read the material. There’s a lot of false data out there about him and his works. My life is immensely changed.

  2. Endika … We agree wholeheartedly, but he does have a scientifically based method that relates to this topic (as stated by book and chapter). Please remember he was also a world renowned author and researcher (so not an idiot). Even the Devil screws up and says/does something truthful/helpful on occasion …

  3. I agree with this. The thing that prevent me from re-posting is the
    advertisement of L Ron Hubbard Science of Survival. He was one of the biggest liars of them all.

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