A Further View of 5G & the Coronavirus

A Further View of 5G & the Coronavirus

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Lucille Femine

Last night, I received a very calming fact from a very reliable source: In Kansas City where I live, there are only seven cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) among three million people in the state of Missouri.

These are the kind of facts we cling to in this surreal environment we are all subjected to. However, it fights with the data predicted by doctors and government experts who talk at White house briefings. Simply by urging us to practice “social distancing”, a very distasteful term, we are thrown back to worry and fear. More basically, such a prohibition tears at the very core and joy of life – the sharing, loving and communicating in close distances with others, often OUTSIDE OUR HOMES.

Possibly I am devaluing the emergency and being too rebellious, but I just keep working, going shopping without considering at all I might get infected. I don’t even think about it. I see my friends and don’t distress at how many inches I am from them. We want to be and act normal. We are an affluent country and, in particular, we don’t worry about buying all the food we need. I didn’t, even after hearing about the insane plunder at groceries stores.

That is, until I arrived at Trader Joe’s yesterday and Costco, soon after. Empty shelves after empty shelves of all the foods I needed and wanted. We stood there gaping and turning slowly from one aisle to the next. I didn’t live through the Great Depression or any other time of extreme scarcity but I was strongly reminded of it. How long will this go on was my uppermost concern.

At Costco, we had to wait in a single line outside the store until enough people left the store so no one would get infected. Geez! This LOOKED like a terrible disaster but I had to almost laugh – if I wasn’t so pissed off. I uttered a record number of “damns” and “this is bullshit”.

I examined my ridicule and realized it’s because my thought keeps going back to: what is the true source of this virus? Recently I wrote an article for The Liberty Beacon featuring a video about the installment of 5G in Wuhan and the occurrence of the coronavirus not long after. This led me to the question: how many people actually are getting ill by contagion? In other words, since exposure to 5G does cause real flu-like symptoms, are these a secondary cause of contagion which includes people who have had no exposure to heavy 5G?

The related question I have searched for and not yet found is how many people infected had been in contact with someone who had been overseas? All we see are statistics of how many people are infected and how many have died. The percentages are very low but that doesn’t stop many newscasters from predicting thousands or millions will get ill or die from it. That’s more fantasy than thinking it’s natural – fantasy laced with rumor-mongering.

I’m presenting this view because, first of all, who really believes this virus is “natural”? Whether it comes from 5G or some other source, it’s absurd or naïveté to think it came from Mother Nature. That’s like saying an artificial arm is natural. I’d like to think I am too fact-based now to be conspiracy-inclined. Well, at least I have learned from my incidents of accepting sensational explanations with not enough attention to exploring it’s truth.

However, does it make you wonder: Is this intentional? Do the evil bankers and friends start chewing their knuckles at the horrible thought of citizens in many places dropping all the arguing, hating and disagreeing in favor of honest, real live talk, harmony and respect? Are they terrified of all the signs of a spiritual revival? Do they have nightmares about it?

Religion always grows in times of disaster. As well it should. And they hate that. It’s their greatest enemy and one thing they try to banish, along with marriage, true art, human rights, free speech and a healthy, independent economy where we can all prosper. These things don’t make slaves.

Are they terrified of this country continuing to become miraculously more prosperous in the coming years as Trump leads the way? Something had to give, right? It’s real to me that the very real possibility that Trump’s re-election was a shoe-in had to be dealt with.

Whether this virus was the trigger to create this threatened destruction is not certain but the forces against him are very apparent, as we know. I’m reminded of the prosperity Kaddafi created for the citizens of Libya before he was brutally assassinated. I shutter to think this will be repeated at the crux of overcoming oppression occurring now.

The last thing I want to present is a fascinating, short video which also talks about 5G and the virus. Only this one goes further with its historical cause. After I watched it, I wondered if the dangerous amounts of electromagnetic fields is the product of pure stupidity or outright evil, especially after it has been proven to be destructive to bodies. I’ll leave that up to your own conclusions.


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