What Trump’s ‘Retribution’ Really Means

February 13, 2024 0

What Trump’s ‘Retribution’ Really Means By: Matt Kane Many have discussed a second Trump presidency revolving around “retribution.” Trump’s Republican primary opponents have claimed that Trump, if re-elected, would be consumed with “personal grievances” at […]


In 2024, Donald Trump Is Our Last Hope

February 7, 2024 0

In 2024, Donald Trump is our last hope By: Bob Weir We the people of these United States have been thrust into a nightmare scenario as we go through, arguably, the strangest era in our […]


The Extortion Of Donald Trump

January 28, 2024 0

The extortion of Donald Trump By: Clark Wren President Trump has been robbed of his freedom of speech. None of this has happened by accident. There has always been a political purpose behind the laws […]


The DOJ Quietly Prosecutes The Covid Resistance

January 26, 2024 0

The DOJ Quietly Prosecutes the Covid Resistance By: Brownstone Institute Midwives in New York and plastic surgeons in Utah didn’t close schools, shutter businesses, or add trillions of dollars to the national debt, yet they […]


The FBI – The Dog That Turned On Its Master

January 12, 2024 1

The FBI — the Dog That Turned on Its Master By: John Green Feedback is a fundamental principle of control theory. All systems, regardless of whether they’re technical or social, require negative feedback to maintain […]


House panel demands J6 documents from Cassidy Hutchinson

January 9, 2024 0

House panel demands J6 documents from Cassidy Hutchinson Panel questions her previous testimony surrounding Jan. 6, including then-President Trump’s alleged frustrations with Secret Service that included an attempt to lunge at personnel & take control […]


KEN’S CORNER: Truth at 04:00

January 4, 2024 1

KEN’S CORNER: Truth at 04:00 By TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive Preface: One of the most amazing people I have ever met is Anthony Robbins. His take on life is truly inspirational. I remember something […]

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